Joe Burrow: I had all the time I needed in the pocket

NFL: SEP 29 Dolphins at Bengals
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The Bengals’ issues protecting quarterback Joe Burrow have been well chronicled, but things have been on an upswing the last couple of weeks.

Burrow was sacked twice in the Week Three win over the Jets and he was dropped just once by the Dolphins in Thursday night’s 27-15 win. It’s the first time Burrow’s been sacked less than twice in a regular season game since Week 7 last season — the Chiefs only sacked him once in the AFC Championship Game — and Burrow had nothing but compliments for his blockers when the game was over.

“All day the protection was awesome,” Burrow said, via Mitch Stacy of the Associated Press. “I had all the time I needed in the pocket to find the guys I needed.”

Burrow was 20-of-31 for 287 yards and two touchdowns and both that performance and the offensive line’s outing are ones the Bengals would sign up for on a weekly basis.

13 responses to “Joe Burrow: I had all the time I needed in the pocket

  1. You only won this game for 2 reasons. The starting QB went out in 1st half and the starting CB went out just after halftime.
    Otherwise you wouldn’t be smiling at the podium after this game.

  2. He’ll probably have all the time he needs next week also. Oweh looks lost out there. Hope JPP still has something left in the tank.

  3. Aww listen to the bitter Dolphins fans. Tee Higgins embarrassed one of the “best” corners in the league all night long. He had to fake his injury because he couldn’t stop him. You got beat by a better team, nothing to be ashamed of.

  4. Every pass was under 5 yards? except the bomb to Higgins, the bomb to Chase, the deep double move by Boyd. Plus Teddy didn’t play worse than Tua before he was out. Tua got 6 points on the board in 26 minutes. But sure. That’s why the Bengals won.

  5. skcusoirolf Really? because looked like the Dolphins played the same even with out Tau only scoring 3s…

    Phins never should have even had him in the game and just threw the season for it.

  6. Salty tears from the frontrunning Phins fans are great! Bengals beatdown in all phases just say good game and move on.

  7. He had time because he played a poor defense. Phins are overrated on the offense but there D is below average.

  8. Miami played just as good with Teddy as Tua. Just proves the team they put together on offense is why they are looking better. Sam Darnold could win with those Wrs.

  9. Tua had a rating in the 50s and was 8-14 0 tds and 1 int. They were also losing when he left but hey, whatever you need to feel better about your season dolphins fans.

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