Joey Bosa underwent groin surgery Friday

NFL: SEP 25 Jaguars at Chargers
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Chargers edge rusher Joey Bosa underwent surgery Friday to repair his groin injury. Dr. William C. Meyers, a Philadelphia-based specialist in core muscle injuries, performed the operation.

“He’s still there now,” Chargers coach Brandon Staley said Friday afternoon. “Successful. One day closer. Like I said, we got good news because we’re looking forward to seeing him at some point this season. He’s on the road to recovery. It was successful. Again, we’ll keep you posted as we go.”

The Chargers placed Bosa on injured reserve this week. He will have to miss a minimum of four games but is expected to need longer than that before returning.

Bosa has seven tackles, 1.5 sacks, four quarterback hits and a forced fumble this season.

8 responses to “Joey Bosa underwent groin surgery Friday

  1. Umm, he’s gone for the year. This whole element of TJ Watt and over-muscled Bosa as well, beating mother nature when it comes to tears of a ligament and how fast they can come back, is really cute.

    Just accept these guys are walking injury prone players because they’re not pliable due to over producing with whatever it is they’re using and lifting too many weights. They need to change their tranining style.

    There have been so many people like this through the years. Aidan Hutchinson is probably next.

  2. No way in Hades Joey returns this year. Impossible, regardless what Coach Staley says. By the way Coach Staley won’t be coaching LA in three months, Sean Peyton will be. For those thinking Sean would actually coach in Dallas, well that’s just ridiculous.

  3. Man I hate to see anyone get hurt..I hope he recovers quick…the game is brutal to the human body. I like Bosa and hope he comes back strong either this year or next.

  4. Little puddle jumper, piston-popper airplanes like Cessnas and Pipers have engines with really loose tolerances so they’re reliable in flight. Not a lot of hp for their size. Top fuel dragsters are the opposite. They create amazing amounts of horsepower but need to be rebuilt after every race. Modern football players are becoming like top fuel dragsters. Amazingly strong and fit but becoming more and more delicate. Something has to give. The muscles won’t so there goes the tendons and ligaments.

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