Myles Garrett: I’m grateful to be here after car crash

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Browns defensive end Myles Garrett spoke to reporters on Friday for the first time since a Monday car crash that sent him to the hospital.

Garrett’s Porsche flipped during the crash and a burst blood vessel in his left eye was visible as Garrett incurred spoke to reporters during the press conference. Garrett also suffered injuries to his shoulder and biceps, but he said that he’s “recovering pretty quickly” from a harrowing incident that left him feeling like he has a “guardian angel” looking over him.

“I’m grateful to be here. From what I saw right after, the pictures . . . It was a hell of an event,” Garrett said.

Garrett was cited for driving at an unsafe speed after the crash and he has accrued several other speeding tickets during his time with the Browns. Garrett said that he understood the danger he put himself in by speeding and that the crash was a “call for me to be more safe with my driving” in the future.

Garrett did not practice at all this week and is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against the Falcons. He said “if it was up to me, I’d love to go” but that meetings with medical personnel over the next 24 hours or so will guide the ultimate decision about his status.

29 responses to “Myles Garrett: I’m grateful to be here after car crash

  1. C’mon Myles. That response is boring and unlike you. What else? You must have been out-running an alien abduction? Wasn’t there a tank in the road? Patch of summer ice? Give us something!

  2. Take his driver’s license away for life. That should be his last get out of jail free card. He can afford a driver. Glad he didn’t hurt anyone else. Has he ever heard of Henry Ruggs?

  3. ‘Grateful to be here’ after something so silly that was his fault and could’ve killed someone else. This guy’s comments – every week he’s saying something it seems – never cease to amaze (or disappoint)

  4. it always seems to be something with Myles .. would love to see him traded while he has some value .. his act has grown old..

  5. I have little sympathy for someone who puts themselves and others in a life threatening situation because of their repeated reckless conduct.

  6. Now that its clear that he and his passenger are okay, I can’t help but wonder how many miles were on that Porsche when it crashed. Such a waste.

  7. A more appropriate statement would be:

    “I want to thank those engineers and factory workers at Porsche. They design and build a hell of a good car that saved my life.”

  8. Can’t fix stupid and that is a special kind of stupid, especially with the money to higher a full-time driver. DT and Ruggs should have been examples. Since he has already been significantly suspended maybe give him the rest of the year off as a repeat offender for being stupid.

  9. Miles should give Henry Ruggs a call. Speak with him about what happens when you can’t handle your high powered sports car.

  10. Maybe a better statement would be that he was grateful his habitual irresponsibility and indifference to the safety of others hasn’t led to him killing and innocent person who isn’t driving out of control like he is but had the random misfortune to cross his path…yet. Just another spoiled athlete whose fame and production on the football field give them a free pass on acting like an adult.

  11. Does this guy understand the danger he imposes on the public. What a self centered A Hole.
    Garrett and the Cleveland Groper. How can anyone root for the Browns. they went from the most likable to most hated pretty quick.

  12. Thought he would’ve come up with something better, like saying that he saw Rudolph leading a clan rally off the side of the road which caused him to speed up and lose control

  13. How many times has he been cited for excessive speed? He should have been in Ohio long enough now to know how many animals frequent the roadways.

  14. I’m certainly not excusing Garrett’s reckless, selfish, and dangerous driving. I hope he has finally learned his lesson. I’m very happy his passenger was not seriously injured.

    However, anyone equating it to Ruggs’ driving while very intoxicated is off-base.

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