Najee Harris: Media questions about offense are breaking us apart

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
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In Pittsburgh, the performance of the offense has become a major early-season focal point. Despite a healthy smattering of weapons, the performance isn’t there.

And so the questions have come. Is it the play caller, Matt Canada? Is it the quarterback, Mitch Trubisky? Is it the offensive line?

Asked by a reporter on Friday about the comfort level of the offense given the questions about Canada and Trubisky, running back Najee Harris was blunt.

“I think it’s just the social media and the interviews or interviewers like you guys, not trying to put you guys in that category, you guys are just making the — just kind of breaking us apart in a way,” Harris said. “Because you guys keep asking questions like this. Like we’re at a point where we’re building right now. We’re working on it. But you guys come in here and ask questions of all the receivers and all the guys and Mitch about what is not working. That’s not how you build, and that’s not how you get better. You guys are breaking us up, and we need to find a way where we can just stay together and come together as a team and focus on what needs to matter most. Play calling . . . all that is fine. It’s just us executing. You guys keep blaming other people, it’s us in this locker room. We all need to come together and focus on what we need to improve on. Every week, every day we go out to practice. It’s not going to be perfect, but as long as the trajectory is going forward, that’s all that matters.”

Earlier in his session with reporters, Harris tried to deflect blame for the running game from the offensive line.

“I just need to trust them more,” Harris said. “We got some really good guys. They’ve done a really good job of getting better, and they are good. We do have a good O-line. Too much I see in social media and all that is, you know, how bad they talk about our O-line, but it’s not. You know, I mean it’s me. So we need to just stop focusing on them, start focusing on me.”

Harris has only 128 rushing yards through three games, and he’s averaging 3.2 yards per carry. He has another 48 receiving yards, on 10 catches.

The Steelers rank 31st in total offense, with only 818 yards. Harris may not like the questions that the players are getting, but with that kind of performance, the questions won’t be stopping, simply because he thinks they’re breaking the offense apart.

27 responses to “Najee Harris: Media questions about offense are breaking us apart

  1. I’ve seen this happen many times. A decent team gets a new QB after they’ve enjoyed the services of a first ballot HOF QB for more than a decade, and they start to get all worked up before the new QB and the coaching staff get familiar with each other. In this case, the Steelers actually have a solid QB in Mitch Trubisky. Everything will be alright. It just takes a few games. But also in this case, the Steelers drafted another HOF type QB, and Trubisky is just playing until the new guy is ready to take over. Just enjoy the ride people. I promise you this story has a happy ending.

  2. Sure blame social media and reporters for having a dysfunctional offense. The Oline has played better but the play calling and execution stinks. If you don’t like being asked everyday about do better.

  3. The Steelers need to take a page out of Belichick’s book and block the outside noise. Figure it out in-house. The media has the right to ask those questions,and they are not to blame because the team can’t get it together. That’s on Tomlin and the players.

  4. Najee Harris is one of the most overrated players in the game. Good back. Nowhere near great.

  5. The Media is breaking the offense apart? Are you guys seriously that weak that you let the media effect your performance. Wow!

  6. Harris career is being wasted because Tomlin/Colbert haven’t drafted an O lineman in the first 2 rds, since 2014. You can tell Harris doesn’t trust them – dancing looking for holes like Lev Bell. Just hit the seam, Najee. Backup Warren is, and his numbers are better than yours.

  7. Did you know that Mike Tomlin has never had a losing season? That is super important. No playoff wins in the past 5 seasons and only 3 playoff wins in the past 11 seasons while wasting over half of Big Ben’s career but still …. never below 8-8.

  8. Team criticized for being overly involved in social media is upset when media is critical. Color me shocked.

    Najee Harris is an over-drafted back who hasn’t improved since day 1. He’s playing behind an inconsistent offensive line and with wideouts more focused on generating YouTube catches than downfield blocking. They are who the media says they are unless they choose to be someone different.

  9. Who cares what the media says or thinks? If it’s bothering you so much just give them generic answers for a while and answer yes or no whenever a closed ended question is teed up.

  10. If he really thinks the answer is inside that locker room then it doesn’t matter what the media says. If the media talking can influence their building process then they’re soft. Shouldn’t be that way.

  11. The media is great at blowing things way out of proportion. The reality is that we are only a couple of badly blown calle from being undefeated. As always, the Black and Gold will be good to go come playoff time.

  12. xney says:
    September 30, 2022 at 9:26 pm
    I was told here Trubisky would be awesome, and that Bears fans were idiots
    Trubisky being less than awesome does not prove that Bears fans are not idiots…just sayin’

  13. touchback6 says:
    September 30, 2022 at 9:48 pm
    Millennial whining
    Um, Mr. Harris is not close to being a millennial…

  14. Beware the Alabama running back… it’s so easy for these guys in college basically running behind a pro line. Most of them end up being busts, and Harris certainly fits that category

  15. Who drafts an RB in Rd1 unless on the verge of winning a sb, needing a good rb?

    Pitt is nowhere near contending for a sb. They did the same thing with MeVeon Bell.

  16. Nice of him to protect his O line teammates. They really are horrible though. Steelers need to draft a lineman in Round One. They never bottom out enough to pick high so they need to hit when they do make a selection.

  17. I didn’t hear any whiny from Najee but I did from a troll. Listen to a Q and A session sometime and tell me the media isn’t pretty obtuse …I mean not all but a lot really have no clue like so many who claim players are whining

  18. Dont blame the media. Stop interacting with the media. Identify the individuals trying to cause team strife and dont give them the mic. Too many ppl think they “entitled” to whatever they want. Many posts above this think the same. Marshawn had it figured out, “I gotta be here but I dont have to talk”. The media lives to break, destroy and cause whatever damage they can to whatever they can.

  19. Oh was there another draft I missed? Who is this HOF caliber QB you speak of? Soooo many Steeler fanboys on this site.

  20. There are a lot of problems in Pittsburgh starting with their coach who doesn’t even know the rules around touchbacks. He showed that in week 1.

  21. Oh was there another draft I missed? Who is this HOF caliber QB you speak of? Soooo many Steeler fanboys on this site.

    I think you missed more than a draft. This thread is about the Steelers intelligent people would expect it to be popular with Steeler fan boys….thinking is really hard for some people…don’t get hurt tying it.

  22. Steeler fanboys….what should be on here ? It’s about the Steelers knucklehead….come on…..smh.

  23. Kolo Jezdec says:
    October 1, 2022 at 10:39 am

    Trubisky being less than awesome does not prove that Bears fans are not idiots…just sayin’


    that’s true 😀

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