Teddy Bridgewater will remain the starter, until Tua Tagovailoa is cleared

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals
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Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa won’t be available to play until he clears all appropriate concussion protocols. Given recent events, the protocols applied to Tua will likely be as rigid and exacting as they ever have been.

As Dolphins coach Mike McDaniels put it on Friday, “You’re in the protocol until you’re out of the protocol.”

McDaniel said that, in the interim, Teddy Bridgewater will start at quarterback.

“Teddy would start and guys have a lot of confidence in him and guys have confidence in our whole quarterback room, really,” McDaniel told reporters. “It’s one of the strengths of our football team and I think guys rely on that. Tua, Teddy and Skylar [Thompson] have performed in a great working group and our guys believe in all three of them.”

Thompson, a rookie who played very well in the preseason, is now one injury or extended ineffectiveness (in theory) away from playing.

“Skylar has been what you guys know Skylar to be,” McDaniel said. “He’s just working constantly and when he’s on the field, he’ll make some plays. He’s in a great spot, too. I feel very fortunate to have those two guys.”

Bridgewater played well last night, well enough to win the game, frankly. In the end, a defense that had been on the field for 90 plays four days earlier seemed to run out of steam.

14 responses to “Teddy Bridgewater will remain the starter, until Tua Tagovailoa is cleared

  1. “cleared” for what?

    We were told it was his “back”. Hmm? Also, why this is snake oil salesman, “Dr. Sills”, telling us Tua was “checked and cleared” last Sunday, if it was his back?

    Why the two orders? Colonel?

  2. Actually I am getting sick of all the hype around certain flavor of the week individuals. All we heard for the experts and analysts was how cute McDaniels was and how great he was – now who is the big reason that Tua played – just look at the coach. Now if there is a coach ( and training staff) that is ultra ultra conservative – erring on the line of safety it is Lafleur. But the final analysis in the Miami fiasco is McDaniel as he should have just stepped in and said NO – you do not play – I mean he saw him staggering around and he saw him ( or at least should have) up close and in his face as he came off the field at the end of the first half when he banged his head against the Bill. So What was he thinking????

  3. Um,I saw Bridgewater last night overthrow several balls just like he did at every practice and preseason. Miami was winning when he came on the field and Teddy failed to complete passes to sustain drives. That wasn’t on the tires defense. The defense held the score low and Bridgwater failed to take advantage. He wasn’t prepared and he’s inaccurate. He’s got a long way to go before we play New York. We could lose that game!

  4. Fascinating. I had no idea that the NFL had a “protocol” for a player who experiences “injured back” then “medical clearance” then sack-tackle-ignore-seizure then repeat “medical clearance” then happy flight home with smiles all around.

  5. canadapacker says:

    So What was he thinking????
    I believe he was thinking that the NFL and NFLPA protocol cleared Tua for playing in a game. Why would he override that?

  6. I hope Tua recovers and is fine. He’s a good player, and seems like a good dude. I remember Tommy Kramer had something similar happen to him, I think it was 1977…yeah that was awhile back. You can look it up. He turned out alright, a real friendly guy.

  7. If that was a Miami spec teams player, the guy would still be not playing. “QB in big gm vs division rival? Hmm…better get back in there, Tua.”

  8. Miami wanted him to desperately play even know everyone knew he was coming off a concussion. What could have been him taking a single game off is now months.

  9. The defense was gassed. QB got hurt. 2 games in 5 days. If the Bengals used those excuses theyd just be excuses. Hold the L and move fwd. They were beaten by the better team who were missing their best defender.

  10. The person who cleared him a third party doctor. He uses the nfl protocol to clear them. Obviously there’s no way he passed it.

  11. All of the doctors on here commenting are clueless. Tua will probably miss the next 2 games which will give him almost a month to recover.

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