Tyreek Hill says a Bengals coach “disrespected” him: “I’m gonna come find you”

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals
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Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill was angry at a Bengals assistant coach after Thursday night’s game.

Hill said a coach whose name he doesn’t know said something objectionable, and that Hill plans to find the man and address it with him.

“Whichever coach that is, I’m gonna come find you bro,” Hill said, via Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN. “Me and you gotta have a mano a mano conversation. ‘Cause at the end of the day I felt disrespected as a man.”

As angry as Hill was at the coach, Hill was magnanimous toward Bengals defensive lineman Josh Tupou, who threw Tua Tagovailoa to the turf, causing a head and neck injury that resulted in Tagovailoa being stretchered off the field.

“The Bengal player who made the sack, he wasn’t trying to do anything dirty, he was just playing ball,” Hill said.

Hill had an outstanding game on Thursday night, catching 10 passes for 160 yards. Hill currently leads the NFL with 477 receiving yards.

72 responses to “Tyreek Hill says a Bengals coach “disrespected” him: “I’m gonna come find you”

  1. Tyreek needs to get some help. He has a history of violence off the football field, and him saying this needs to be addressed by the Dolphins and league.

    And I don’t expect the Dolphins franchise to do anything given its recent track record, so your move Park Ave.

  2. Hill leads the league in receiving in addition to leading the league in games played. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Hey everyone look at me , Tyreek !

    I’m not happy unless all the passes go my way !

    It’s all about me on and off the field .

    So will his coach remind him that openly threatening other NFL coaches is a bad look?

    Eventually he’ll do something or say something that will get him suspended. Watch

  4. Respect is overrated. Ask Tyreek Hill how many mortgage payments he’s made using the respect he gets. I bet it’s zero.

  5. The only thing that runs faster than Tyreek’s feet is Tyreek’s mouth. You lost dude. Get On the plane and go home. Nobody gives AF that you feel ‘disrespected’

  6. Won’t be long before he’s out of Miami. Shame he can certainly ball, just can’t seem to shut his mouth.

  7. Hill is just acting all tough in his head….hate that ‘disrespected’ garbage. Just enjoy making 30 million dollars playing a kids game.

  8. “I’m gonna come find you” were fighting words where I come from. Maybe it is different now with smallish receivers. Just tough talk.

  9. People least worthy of respect as a human being are often the ones demanding the most respect. You gotta earn respect, bro.

  10. I’m going to guess that, after a week of Hill running his mouth, the coach got him with a zinger after that L.

  11. Why are there always problems surrounding Hill? I have a feeling life is going to be tough for him when he’s done playing unless he makes some changes.

  12. Can someone please tell Tyreek to stop watching Jerry McGuire and trying to be a real life Rod Tidwell. It’s cringeworthy to watch him try so hard to pump his brand persona and he’s just embarrassing himself. It’s no wonder he feels disrespected – you get what you earn.

  13. baddegg says:
    September 30, 2022 at 8:10 am
    Based on his history, I’d recommend you take this threat seriously…

    Clearly, you don’t actually know his history

  14. Doesn’t take much for Tyreek to feel disrespected. The chiefs treated him very well his entire time in KC, and he says they disrespected him too.

  15. Hill needs to attend anger management classes. He’s always looking for a reason to go off on someone.

  16. Football players don’t know the meaning of the word “respect.” They think just because they’re in the NFL that they automatically deserve it. Respect is earned. What has Tyreek done to deserve respect? ✌🏻

  17. Winfield jr……remember that now famous picture in the Super Bowl when he gave YOU the peace sign?….it was best ,and that Tyrekk is disrespect at grand level!

  18. cant that be taken as a criminal threat based on his past behavior? but the league will let this go as well, if you can swing and hit a player with 2 helmets and not get in trouble why would a threat cause a stir ion the new nfl?

  19. He lost the game,he had his quarterback hurt,he had a great game ,and this is what he prefers to talk about?being disrespected. Mr. Hill,life isnt a bowl of cherries and you aint in the hood no more so let it go,everybody has been disrespected at some time in life and threats wont make people respect you more,respect is earned and you right now dont deserve any respect with that kind of talk,at least away from the hood dude.

  20. Tua was taken off the field on a stretcher and all Tyreek Hill can talk about is being “disrespected”? And he waited until he was a safe distance away before making his threat. I’m sure the coach that allegedly hurt his feelings will lose lots of sleep over the little man’s threat! Bwahahahahahaha!

  21. “Hey Tyreek? You’re not the fastest guy in the league anymore”………..

  22. On a night when it became clear that his new team mishandled his new QB egregiously over the past 5 days, he has *this* on his mind?

    Come on, ‘Reek.

  23. I know KC is missing him on the field, that much is evident. But ever since that trade, we’ve been getting drip feeds as to how he may have been in the locker room.

    Goes to show you that despite talent, there’s only so much someone is willing to pay to put up with.

  24. I suppose I should reserve judgement until I know exactly what was said, but I am so sick of hearing about people feeling “disrespected” and no group of people uses that expression more than diva WRs, with their oversized egos. Just shut up and play

  25. I loved how Hill came strutting into the facility last night in his shades and leopard skin outfit. It’s like AB 2.0. How could this mystery guy who supposedly disrespected him take him seriously? Someday soon, Hill will wind up exactly where AB is now…nowhere.

  26. I would point out that Mano a Mano means hand to hand, not man to man. I say that I would but I’m not … I don’t want to disrespect him. I’m actually thinking about rewriting the dictionary as a sign of respect. If that sounds good let me know, we can have a hand to hand conversation.

  27. Unless the man used a slur or disparaged someone in your family then grow up slick. You threw your then-pregnant girlfriend around like a rag doll and then your 3 year old was removed from your care and placed into temporary care after he broke his arm. You were recorded responding to your fiancee after she said the child was afraid of you that she should be too. Stay classy, scumbag

  28. “I know KC is missing him on the field, that much is evident.” You do? How? Appears that not focusing on Hill & Kelce all the time is working out pretty well for Mahomes.

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