Browns rule out Myles Garrett

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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Browns defensive end Myles Garrett will miss Sunday’s game in Atlanta after injuries sustained in a car accident this week.

The Browns announced today that Garrett won’t be traveling with the team to take on the Falcons.

Garrett suffered bicep and shoulder injuries when he flipped his Porsche this week. Police cited Garrett for failure to control his vehicle and said he was driving over the speed limit.

The Browns did not make any announcement about defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, who is listed as questionable for the game, which indicates that he will make the trip to Atlanta and his game status will be decided after pregame warmups tomorrow.

Cleveland also signed tight end Miller Forristall to the active roster, making him eligible to play on Sunday.

17 responses to “Browns rule out Myles Garrett

  1. In 3 games Garrett has 7 tackles. How will the Browns ever replace that All-World type of production?

  2. Oh great! Now Myles can use the whole weekend to find an even faster super car. Residents of Cleveland have been warned.

  3. Amazing how this guy got a complete pass from the media and the league for lying about being called racial slurs and throwing someone under the bus like that to save yourself.

  4. Why is he not in jail? He was speeding and had a crash that almost killed 2 people. Oh, hes rich and famous we cant arrest him.

  5. Hopefully,he gets it now that driving like an irresponsible teenager is a bad idea. Speed can kill.

  6. The most dangerous place you can be in America is on our nation’s highways. When Garrett was caught speeding in excess of 100mph the first time, his license should have been suspended for 6 months and his car should have been impounded. At this point he should go to jail and his license revoked indefinitely.

  7. Garrett needs a reset in life before he kills somebody like Henry Ruggs. He’s been cited 6 times for excessive speed . Twice cited for over 120mph. When he does kill someone the people who agreed to his continuous plea downs should be held partially responsible.

  8. Marcus Mariota breathes a sigh of relief…he doesn’t have to worry about being swung at with a helmet now.

  9. It’s okay. Mike McDaniel now informs us that it’s only a minor back injury that the team hasn’t disclosed and Mike has cleared him to play!

  10. Garrett needs to go to a credited driving school and learn how to drive, he is missing a game and collecting a paycheck for his ignorance

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