Christian Wilkins fined for play Josh Allen ripped off Wilkins’ helmet


Bills quarterback Josh Allen was penalized for ripping off Dolphins defensive tackle Christian Wilkins‘ helmet after a sack. Allen pleaded his case to officials, pointing to his groin.

Allen said in his postgame interview that “there were some things that [I] didn’t appreciate going on” during the pile. A video showed what Wilkins did to Allen.

As Allen noted, it’s something Wilkins “has been known for . . . going back to college.”

The NFL saw what Allen was talking about, fining Wilkins $13,261 for unsportsmanlike conduct. Allen was not fined.

9 responses to “Christian Wilkins fined for play Josh Allen ripped off Wilkins’ helmet

  1. Allen got flagged and yet the funny thing is that penalty was more costly than the fine Wilkins got.

  2. Perhaps a few of his teammates need to have a heart-to-heart with Wilkins. Those tactics are not what I want my team to be known for.

  3. I’d like to see these two guys get into the ring. Josh Allen would kick his butt.

  4. Groin stuff deserves a harsher fine than $13k. Sometimes the unwritten rules of baseball are there for a reason. Sounds like football players could use a couple of unwritten rules that the players monitor.

  5. Pistol Pete says:

    He’s a dirty player. Just another suh
    Wilkins is in his fourth season and had only been fined once before this. Not exactly a another Suh.

  6. Wilkins saw what Allen did to Ramsey and wanted the same thing. That was way off asking for it

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