Congress turns its attention to the Tua Tagovailoa situation

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A high-profile NFL controversy will attract the attention of a wide number of people. Inevitably, members of Congress will become involved.

Bill Pascrell, Jr., a Democratic member of the House of Representatives from New Jersey and the head of the Brain Injury Task Force sent a letter on Friday to Commissioner Roger Goodell and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross regarding the controversy arising from the Sunday and Thursday incidents involving Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

“I want to know how the hell he was on the field last night,” Pascrell tweeted on Friday, while posting his September 30 letter to social media.

The letter poses multiple questions to Goodell and Ross. Several of the questions, quite frankly, reflect a fundamental misunderstanding of the league’s policies and procedures. For example, Pascrell asks whether the league will cooperate with the NFL Players Association’s investigation regarding Tua’s return to play on Sunday. The investigation, by rule, occurs jointly.

Regardless, the situation has the attention of Congress — as it should. As Pascrell writes, the incident “raises grave questions about the progress that the NFL and its teams purported to have made on this issue and how seriously the NFL is taking its commitment to player safety.”

Pascrell concludes his letter with another accurate statement: “This moment demands answers — and actions.”

Indeed it does. As explained in Playmakers, the NFL is notoriously reactive, not proactive. In this case, the NFL luckily avoided a worst-case scenario. The question now becomes whether affirmative steps will be taken to ensure that there won’t be another situation that features obvious evidence of cognitive harm followed by the inexplicable decision to allow the player to return to action in the same game — and to play again four days later.

The easiest fix is to remove the loophole that allows players to return to a game despite showing gross motor instability. We’ve asked the league whether that change will immediately be made. We’re still waiting for an answer.

41 responses to “Congress turns its attention to the Tua Tagovailoa situation

  1. Can’t think of anything else that might require their attention more than this so sure.

  2. Memo to congress: I wish you worried more about inflation, rising crime and cutting taxes like you do about NFL issues. Good Lord, no wonder people think you folks are bozos.

  3. The NFL would to well to cooperate with congress. We have OSHA laws to provide for a safe workplace. ow many NFL teams want OSHA inspectors crawling over their facilities and workplaces.

  4. Great to see where the priorities are for these clowns in Congress….lets worry about sports while there are an endless amounts of fires burning like the economy, the border and crime and inflation. Great to see that this clown has time to worry about sports.

  5. Haven’t heard him say anything about Griner, Ima or even Saver. If u want to focus on sports do them all but you should be working on better things

  6. This congress just doesn’t get it. They weren’t sent to Washington to solve the NFL’s problems. Unless everything else in the country is running perfectly, do your job. I really believe the Democrats would rather be in the minority. They remind me of that team that always played against the Harlem Globe Trotters. They pretended like they were trying to win, but it was just part of the show.

  7. I can’t believe, but I’m not surprised, that people are salty about someone who’s the head of something called the Brain Injury Taskforce being interested in a supposed brain injury that the entire country is talking about.
    If you don’t think the NFL is going to do anything , why aren’t you glad that a higher authority wants to get involved?

  8. In 1978 as a kid I remember Jim Youngblood knocked Viking qb Tommy Kramer unconscious and he convulsed, flopping on the turf. It was more brutal than the Tua hit

  9. notaloon says:
    October 1, 2022 at 7:31 pm
    Memo to congress: I wish you worried more about inflation, rising crime and cutting taxes like you do about NFL issues. Good Lord, no wonder people think you folks are bozos.

    7913Rate This


    You do realize that consumer fraud is about you and I, the NFL customer, correct?

    Are you millionaire? Why do you defend corruption and corrupt
    decisions that hurt people’s health? Why?

    You people are so weird. Inflation is a worldwide, more recent issue.

    Goodell’s antics of corruption and looking the other way (while framing the Pats) is about financial gain and keeping his job at the risk of hurting others.

    What educated person defends Goodell at thia point?

  10. Gosh i dont think they have anything else that’s more important than this to focus on. I know I love paying 3 times as much for everything. Not sure about you guys.

  11. Geez this is getting a bit out of control

    Exactly how many NFL issues does Congress feel the need to explore.

    Must be election season-can’t focus on crime, inflation, or any of the million other problems. We have to focus on why a multimillionaire was allowed back into a football game.

  12. So this is Goodells fault too? I think Goodell is wrong on a lot of things but this isn’t one. What was the NFL’s response to concussions before Goodell ? Smelling salts? He doesn’t sit and write these policies by himself. He isn’t there clearing Tua to go back in. Whether it’s concern for player safety or fear of lawsuits doesn’t matter. The fact is they keep making changes to keep trying to make it better. Is it perfect? Absolutely not but as long as they keep making progress and constantly make improvements as they see problems there is no reason to keep beating dead horses. This was Miami’s fault not Goodell.

  13. Congress has a hard enough time running the government, and over the last three years they’ve destroyed what was a thriving economy, and now suddenly they think they can fix football? Wahahaha

  14. So the US Congress has a brain injury TASK FORCE and the first order of business for the Chairman of said task force is to question whether a millionaire with a dedicated staff of highly trained specialists is receiving appropriate health care?

  15. Memo to congress: Maybe worry about how millions of Americans will be able to afford to keep warm this Winter.

  16. Worlds on the brink of melting due to environmental neglect and congress is focusing on Tua. Solid work by voters.

  17. Congressional brain injury task force. I bet the chairman couldn’t tell you if the postural contractions seen in poor Tua’s hands upon impact were decerabate or decorticate. May as well spend our tax dollars on a hangnail task force too. Sorry, no slight against those who have suffered a Traumatic brain injury,but i didn’t realize it was a national crisis.

  18. Never mind the killer hurricane, thousands homeless and billions in damage, let’s worry about Tua!

  19. The Congressional Brain Injury Committee should worry more about the people who are getting the crap beaten out of them in New York City by some dudes with mental illness than NFL players getting hurt playing a game.

  20. Thank God Congress is getting involved. They’ll certainly get to the bottom of this, by golly.

  21. This is definitely a multi faceted problem. Goodell is usually number one when it comes to the most brain dead decisions on things, but lets not pretend it would be in better hands in congress. And you know how bad things are going to get (and already are) when it’s a month before elections and this is the only deflection they’re trying to use to keep you distracted.

  22. God forbid congress cares about a black man that got hung out to dry and had his life possibly changed for the worse. Meanwhile MTG and Hooker Boebert are praising the Facist ruler in Italy…gotta get them priorties straight and prey for the downfall of a free country and not care about a human being and stuff

  23. Congress. Doesn’t everything they do ends up being messed up? Yea. Let’s let them take a leadership role in this.

  24. This has been long past due. Some serious tightening up is needed with the protocol. It could literally save guy’s lives.

  25. Call me crazy,but I’m pretty sure that America needs congress to be focused on about 1,000 other things that are far bigger to us than Tua getting tackled hard!

  26. I feel bad for Tua that was a scary injury. It is also not logically impossible to believe that and to also believe that congress is a waste of time and money and this just further proves it. Bunch of self interested fools who are famous for screwing up.

  27. THIS type of nonsense is why the founding fathers tried to put in safeguards to limit federal (tyrannical) overreach. When your federal government gets itself involved in very specific health issues of a private business, and frankly small potatoes by the gov’ts scale, you know your federal gov’t is way (way, way, way, way, way) too large. No one in Congress seems to be too concerned with kids, women, elderly, etc getting brutalized as our country, thanks to Congress, has become a haven for crime, but one guy in the NFL gets a (nasty) concussion and they spring into action. 100% media show concern, 0% public concern; that’s our Congress. If we don’t change it, starting with term limits, we’re done. Wake up my fellow citizens. Don’t care what side your on, but if our Congress gets any less effective, we’re all done for.

  28. Asking for forgiveness instead of permission.
    It’s the American Way.
    Good luck getting people to change.
    Some people just love to live in the Grey Area

  29. Damn dude, the government has to be put in check. Worry about nuclear war and oil reserves

  30. For all those complaining about congress constantly wasting time and our money, I sure hope you vote red in November.

  31. The Brain Injury Task Force should look for cognitive issues within Congress before branching out to the NFL.

  32. The clowns in DC have an opinion on everything and a solution for nothing.

  33. Congress should take care of our country’s interests first. Our people have real headaches dealing with inflation, illegal immigration, price of electricity and gas etc. Let the NFL deal with its issues.

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