Jamaal Williams fined $13,261 for touchdown dance


The NFL fined Lions running back Jamaal Williams $13,261 for his touchdown dance Sunday against the Vikings. Williams celebrated by pumping his hips following a 12-yard touchdown run.

Williams said after the game he was stunned that officials penalized him for unsportsmanlike conduct.

“Man, I’ve been doing that forever,” Williams said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “That’s why I was trippin’. I thought it was a holding call or something. I’m like, did they just flag me for doing the dance that I’ve been doing forever? Literally forever.”

Williams had 20 carries for 87 yards and two touchdowns in the loss to the Vikings.

11 responses to “Jamaal Williams fined $13,261 for touchdown dance

  1. NFL Officiating has gotten worse year by year.
    Williams has been doing that exact dance since we had him in GB.

  2. Whatever happened to the players that saw scoring as simply doing their job and expect to score.TD celebration should not be a “look at me” thing anyway. If the rest of your squad wasn’t doing their part you wouldn’t be there. Congratulate and thank your teammates instead of making it all about you.

  3. I hate the NFL for doing this its almost not fun to watch the games anymore. This doesn’t hurt anybody let the players have some fun. No Fun League for sure. How do they figure 13. 261 and who gets the money??

  4. What he did was disgusting and those that nock the NFL for fining him have serious problems of there own .

  5. He can dance all he wants, the important thing is his team still lost the game.

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