Jerry Jones uncertain on when Dak Prescott will be able to grip the ball

Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys
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Dak Prescott and the Cowboys have targeted Week 5 for the quarterback’s return to the lineup, but owner Jerry Jones said Sunday the team doesn’t know whether that will happen or not.

“I don’t have any way, have no way, by talking to a doctor or even by talking with Dak, I have no way to assess whether he’s going to be able to play this week,” Jones said after the Cowboys’ 25-10 victory over the Commanders.

Prescott underwent surgery Sept. 12 to repair a fracture in his right thumb, and Dallas has gone 3-0 with Cooper Rush filling in. Jones, who said immediately after Prescott’s injury that he hoped for Rush to play well enough to have a quarterback “dilemma,” didn’t hesitate Sunday when asked whether Rush’s performance in Prescott’s absence factors in when Prescott will get back in the lineup.

“There’s no thought about that,” Jones said.

Instead, Prescott’s return is predicated on his ability to grip the football. He has not practiced since the injury, throwing only some soft tosses last week.

“I don’t know. I really don’t,” Jones said when asked about Prescott’s return. “I know that he does need to be able to grip and control the ball, and he does need to do that so that the pain won’t keep him from doing it, so I don’t know if that’s going to happen [this week] or not. I do know that he’s making great progress. He’s certainly [doing] everything that I can see that we hoped when we didn’t put him on IR. I’m glad we didn’t have him on IR. He’s getting practice this week. He’s going to evolve more and more, so that’s good. It also feels good to know that Rush is playing at this level.”

Jones said the bone in Prescott’s hand doesn’t need to be completely healed for Prescott to play because of the plate that was inserted during surgery.

Now, the only question is when Prescott will be able to grip and control the ball. When that happens, Rush will go back to the bench despite what he has done in the starting quarterback’s absence.

13 responses to “Jerry Jones uncertain on when Dak Prescott will be able to grip the ball

  1. Why is Jerry even talking about a player, yes he’s the “OWNER,GM,+BEHIND THE SCENE HEAD COACH”.Can’t
    understand why someone would even want to coach the cowboys when the owner+gm is the true coach.
    They do what he says ,and if it don’t work THEY GET FIRED “and have there coaching record look bad”.

    JERRY YOU COACH THE TEAM , take all the blame there’s no reason to throw others under the buss for your stupidness.

  2. Jerry Jones loves attention whether people like it or not. He’s the GM, Owner, Coach, and the Dr for the team. It’s his way or the highway 🛣. It’s not fair on the Coach or Players to let him dictate everything inside or outside the team. He’s also very unpredictable on everything to include who will be the coach, players and etc. Look what happened to Jimmy Johnson, that tells everything about Jerry Jones!!!!!!!.

  3. Dak is gonna demand to come back too early like Brees did when Bridgewater was 5-0 replacing him. Rush has proven that Dak is an average QB at best

  4. These comments are stupid. If Jerry is asked about the players he is going to answer. If he is asked about the medical status’s of a player he will answer. If he answers and repeats what a doctor says, now everyone thinks that’s his diagnosis, if he comes out and says he has no idea, he is asked why is he even talking about players. Y’all realize this man lives and dies by the STAR right? He knows every player and probably knows their families as well. Yes no other owner is like him, but he is like no other owner. He isn’t even the GM anymore, anyone that pays attention knows that his son Stephen has been running the show for probably 4 or 5 years now. Jerry used to get crap about going into the sideline in the 4th quarter.. how many of y’all remember that? Probably not a lot cause you’re too young. He has been hounded since he bought the team. Nothing will change, not even when he dies.

  5. If Dak looks bad, Jerry looks bad for he is the one that paid him a huge amount of money while a backup and sometime practice squad player looks and plays better.

  6. I would hate to work for Jerry Jones, he would always want control of everything I would try to do or say.

  7. I’m curious what happens if Dak comes back and plays poorly…. How much patience will they have with Dak knowing Cooper Rush can win…

  8. Well I remember ’97? When the Chiefs were winning with the backup Rich Gannon. It was Marty’s decision to start Grbac in that playoff loss against the Broncs, but guess who was the QB coach? One Mike McCarthy. Wonder if that is playing on his mind?

  9. Dr. Jerruh has consulted with GM Jerruh and said there is no need to rush Dakota’s recovery. Rush is already installed.

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