Baker Mayfield’s self-bet is going bust, so far

NFL: OCT 02 Cardinals at Panthers
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Fans love it when a guy bets on himself, in large part because it’s not our money.

For Baker Mayfield, who reduced his 17-game guaranteed salary in Cleveland of $19.9 million to $15.358 million in order to facilitate a July trade to the Panthers, the best is going bust. Through four games, he has yet to perform in a way that will position him for a significant new contract in Carolina, or elsewhere.

He has a passer rating of 75.0, which needless to say is not good; the only two starters behind him are Mitch Trubisky (who may not be a starter any longer) and Justin Fields. Mayfield is completing 54.7 percent of his passes, with an average yards per attempt of 6.4 (26th in the league). He has four touchdown passes and three interceptions, and he ranks 27th among all quarterbacks in yardage, with 747.

It’s far from franchise-quarterback numbers. It’s bad enough to potentially get him benched, once Sam Darnold is ready to return from an ankle injury. It’s also bad enough to keep Mayfield from getting a free-agent contract to be a starter — unless a team signs him to be a placeholder until it drafts someone in round one.

The separate question is whether a team would even want Mayfield to be the veteran presence while a rookie gets up to speed. Would he embrace that role? Would he believe it’s beneath him?

Would he want so much on the open market that no one will even offer him a contract?

Mayfield entered the league in 2018 with extreme bravado and the ability to back it up. So far in Carolina, he’s not. And it’s not too early to wonder whether he’ll even be on a team next year at this time.

Yes, he’s good enough to have a roster spot. Between his financial expectations and his personality, however, it may be a Cam Newton-style situation where there’s simply no good fit for the first overall pick in the 2018 draft.

47 responses to “Baker Mayfield’s self-bet is going bust, so far

  1. I’m personally not rooting for him to fail, I just didn’t think much of him as a leader.

  2. Ferengi First Rule of Acquisition, once you have their money… you never give it back.

  3. They should bring Sam back into the fold ASAP after he’s cleared to return.

    His numbers in Carolina behind a worse offensive line before McCaffrey got hurt blow Mayfield’s out of the water. Baker can’t cut it with a healthy McCaffrey and a far better O-Line, and has made DJ Moore look like a shell of the player he was with Cam/Bridgewater/Darnold playing QB.

  4. I think Mayfield is better than Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart as a football analyst.That’s where his future (more immediate than he knows) lies.

  5. Mayfield should be demoted. At least the next guy up has had an extra year to work with receivers and is taller.

  6. It doesn’t help that Matt Rhule is his head coach and Ben McAdoo is his OC. He should have known he was going into a bad situation there.

  7. He can head out door along with the coach. And the GM? I would think the owner stays 🙂

  8. I’m not sure he is good enough to be on a roster going forward. Nobody will sign him as a starter or developmental prospect. Can he be a reliable veteran backup? He had 9 balls batted down yesterday and that’s not out of the ordinary for him. Offenses just don’t run smoothly when he’s in the game and that’s something teams look for in veteran backups

  9. Put MayField in the same room with Darnold. Do a Vulcan Mind Meld. Put Baker’s ability to improvise with Darnold’s height and better throwing skills and you have a good QB. 🙂
    BTW, about 0 improvs yesterday from MayField that were obvious.

  10. Majority of the comments here will be Browns fans, proving what a loser mentality they still have.

  11. Baker Mayfield might not be an NFL starting QB. Sam Darnold is definitely not an NFL starting QB.

  12. Glad the Seahawks passed on him. Mayfield is fine but Geno Smith is better. Geno is a top 10 QB so far this year, and leads the league in completion %. Hawks have problems, but QB isn’t one of them.

  13. Worst QBR in the NFL right now. Once again has a team with a lot of talent like Mcaffrey, DJ Moore, Robbie Anderson, Hubbard and consistently blows it when it matters.

  14. I expected him to be better than he has shown. 4 weeks in he hasnt had a single game to show thats what i can do here. With that all said, he isnt what was holding the browns back.

  15. Panthers have been an unmitigated disaster since the new regime bought the team. Baker is just the latest in a long line of Panther failures. The team needs to clean house

  16. I totally forgot about MCcadoo as the OC Baker never had a chance. What fool hired him? certainly not the new owner. Funny how these retreads keep getting jobs when the were fired for a great reason!

  17. Baker isn’t as good a QB as he thinks he is. He’d be a good backup QB for a long time and make a lot of dough. If and only if he could keep his ego in check.

  18. I said it back then and I stand by it. Mayfield should have done the same as Garappolo, stay put and wait for free agency after the season. Instead, he pouted and got dealt to a losing team for less money. He’s a lower echelon starter, so there will be a place for him next year; either as a bridge QB or a high end backup. If he stayed and won games before Watson returned, I think his perceived value would have been a bit higher. He’d still be the same QB, just valued a bit higher. I think Mayfield had more value than Garappolo prior to this year—I believe Garappolo will or already has jumped above him.

  19. He could join Flo and Jamie on the Progressive insurance team. He would be much more successful doing TV ads…

  20. It’s not like he signed some sort of veteran’s minimum prove it deal. He gave up a small percentage of his salary to get a starting job. The alternative was getting cut. This was less of a self-bet than self preservation. He had to get a job somewhere.

  21. As a Bears fan it is very deflating to see the only quarterbacks with a worse passer rating than Mayfield are a former Bears quarterback and the current Bears quarterback.

  22. Baker is headed for a change in career … from starter to backup. Those TV commercials sure didn’t age well.

  23. at some point, the panthers coaching staff has to shoulder some of the blame too (offense was ugly last year too)

    not that baker is a world beater, but hes better than this

  24. Since 2018, only 2 NFL QBs have thrown 50 or more interceptions. Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold. Carolina wins the Quinella.

  25. Nothing against Baker but he’s just too short. 1/2 of his passes seemed to get batted down yesterday and he never made any adjustments.

  26. Look on the bright side, at least we don’t have to watch Mayfield in those horrible commercials anymore. Pretty soon, we won’t have to watch him at all.

  27. He was already getting paid. His delicate ego did him in again. Better to have sat and let some people believe you are not good enough for the NFL than to play and remove all doubt.

  28. Mayfield is a disaster and a train wreck just like the Panthers. They have no direction are are headed to the bottom of the league standings. Simple as that.

  29. Mayfield is the rare QB would actually deserves the dreaded “can’t read defenses” label. He is always late on first read then has no idea where to go next and tries to improvise. Only problem Is he lacks the athleticism and arm strength to make any plays.

  30. Nine (9) batted passes against the Cards. Nine. He’s short, but he’s not Russell Wilson or Kyler Murray short. He has a tunnel vision issue – he panics and telegraphs at the first whiff of pocket pressure.

  31. He would have had more money in his pocket and better employment prospects for the future if he hadn’t left the Browns.
    That’s pretty much the definition of losing a bet on yourself.
    Funny that Rosen, Darnold and Mayfield were huge busts while Allen and Jackson have balled out. It just goes to show the pitfalls of the “herd mentality” school of drafting.

  32. If I heard correctly Mayfield, in his last game had 9 passes batted down at the line of scrimmage? That was an issue with him in Cleveland.

  33. I believe the 17 time Grey Cup Champion Toronto Argonauts still own his CFL rights. Time to move north Baker, time to move north. ARRRRGOOOOOS!!!!

  34. warfieldhof says:
    October 4, 2022 at 2:52 pm
    If I heard correctly Mayfield, in his last game had 9 passes batted down at the line of scrimmage? That was an issue with him in Cleveland.
    Yes it was an issue but not nearly to that extent. Maybe part of the problem is the O-line, part of is play-calling and the remaining being Mayfield. I’m not sure of the %s because I’m not watching the games.
    No QB deals well with pressure and Mayfield is worse than most with defenders in his face.

  35. Wait a minute, the internet experts that watch All 22 film all day said Buster Mayfield would win MVP? What happened

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