Commanders don’t think the ship has sunk after 1-3 start

NFL:  Washington Commanders at Dallas Cowboys
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The good news for the Commanders is that Carson Wentz wasn’t sacked nine times by the Cowboys on Sunday, but the bad news is that they were still on the wrong side of a 25-10 final score.

The loss leaves the Commanders with a 1-3 record on the year and it’s not easy to go from there to the postseason under any circumstances. It’s all the more difficult when you only score 18 points over two weeks with a quarterback who doesn’t look like he has made any significant improvements over the last couple of seasons.

While others may be ready to write the team off, right tackle Sam Cosmi said that nothing has been decided after four weeks.

“Everything’s fixable,” Cosmi said, via Ben Standig of “The ship hasn’t sunk.”

The situation may be fixable, but the question of whether the Commanders have the right tools to do so will remain very much in doubt until they start rattling off wins. Even if the ship is still afloat, there’s little sign that’s around the corner.

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  1. In the immortal words of Micheal Ray Richardson from years ago: “The ship be sinking….”

  2. Nobody who watched last season’s “Hard Knocks In Season” featuring the Colts would have traded for Carson Wentz. This season is shot in Washington. The only play is to give Sam Howell the start and see what he can do. He showed flashes of brilliance during the preseason and he may have a future. One thing is certain: Wentz will be gone by next season. Odds are pretty good that the Rivera regime will be history as well. He’s a great guy but it just hasn’t worked out. The problem is, it’s an institutional malaise that holds on-field performance back. The other day I saw a list of the ten coaches most likely to run WFT next year. Not one man on that list seems ignorant enough to be willing to tie their career trajectory to Dan Snyder and the dysfunctional front office. Is Jim Zorn available?

  3. The Commanders ship (The Oblivious), has been collecting barnacles (the sum of Synders misdeeds) since Captain Dan first set sail. Unwilling to take it out of the water to clean the hull (properly maintain and upgrade his investment), Captain Dan continues to make way with an unfit First Mate (the Riverboat guy), Party Guests (those still suffering from the Glory Days hangover), a crew (the coaches), and the players. The first underwater structure The Oblivious hits (the current investigation or “the next” Synder snafu) will pretty much sink it. Look for salvage dive tickets adverts appearing on soon.

  4. It’s definitely sunk and those awful all black funeral uniforms were fitting for the occasion.

  5. As I long time fan, the ship has sunk… Not much difference between 9 sacks and 9 penalties, the results are similar. The team cant expect to let established starter quality players leave the team and replace with a established backup quality player and expecting better results. Especially when these starting quality players go to other teams and become stars! Don’t look for new players at the bottom of the ocean!

  6. Let’s see … Replace Wentz with Heinike, fire Del Rio and if that doesn’t work, fire Rivera. Worse case, the season is lost, you get the top pick and a new QB.

  7. Everyone, except Washington decision makers, knows Wentz is NOT the guy to lead and WIN in the NFL….switch your QB and you may win a few games.

  8. This quote is going to age very poorly at the close of a 4-13 season. If Snyder had owned the Patriots for the last 25 years they wouldn’t have won a single Super Bowl.

  9. Life long Washington fan here… didn’t watch one down yesterday and that’s saying something (being a Dallas game). Between the corny name change and the all black uniforms I’m officially done.

  10. Aside from the obvious problem of Carson Yutz being as dumb as the marble that he’s made out of, Yutz compounds his negative attributes like velcro. He is not a leader and brings the entire team down with him because he cannot separate on-field issues from himself. Great QB’s can make a mistake and come back and win. Even average guys like Heinicke can throw an interception and then drive the team down the field in 17-18 plays and score a go ahead touchdown.

  11. If Howell can play, it might be fixable.

    Pittsburgh decided yesterday they had seen enough from Mitch. Rivera had better make the same call on Wentz soon if he wants to save his job.

  12. No the ship has not sunk but has rather been entombed and such sorrow for a lost generation of washington fans due to problems with the organization and of course ownership …. yet the league and fellow owners will not take “dynamic dan” on due to the hey I got dirty stuff on you all too ya know … does nothing as the franchise is continually run into the ground.

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