Derek Carr: Win validates some of the things Josh McDaniels emphasized

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Raiders fell short in their first three games of this season and that meant Josh McDaniels had gone nearly 12 years without winning a game as a head coach heading into Sunday’s game.

McDaniels piloted the Broncos to a 49-29 win on November 14, 2010 and then lost three straight games before being fired in his second season on the job. On Sunday, McDaniels was able to end that long drought in a game against his old team.

After the 32-23 win was done, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr said it meant a lot to get McDaniels into the win column.

“I think for him, he’s trying to preach the right thing,” Carr said, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “He’s trying to teach us how to do it and the way that he’s seen success. I think now it validates some of the things he emphasized, and I would let him talk about what he emphasized. But the things he emphasized in the game, we did it in practice and then we did it in the game, and we won. I think it validates it for him. I didn’t even think about it being against his former team, but I gave him the ball at the end. I kept that for him and I said, ‘I know that you got a lot of wins at the other place, but it’s your first one here.’ I was able to do that, and that was a special moment for me to be able to hand that to him.”

McDaniels is the sixth head coach that Carr has played for since joining the Raiders and the hope in Vegas is that there will be a lot more wins to follow the first one. If not, it seems unlikely that Carr will still be around for a seventh coach to make his debut.

10 responses to “Derek Carr: Win validates some of the things Josh McDaniels emphasized

  1. OMG give it a rest this isnt a game changer. Mcdaniels sucks as a coach he will be fired after 2-3 years and the Raiders will have to start over again. Rinse and repeat I’ve seen it for almost 30 years now.

  2. It’s 1 win Derek, you guys are still in a huge hole right now with KC up next.

  3. No surprise here against the leagues #1 D. With all that went on last season and then a new coach with a new (very complex) system, they’ve been a bit off balance, yet in every game with a chance to win. This win simply illustrates that the bugs are out and they are now running on all cylinders. KC will be another close game.

  4. It’s like the old conspiracy theory with Gruden being maliciously taken out right when things were finally back on the right track.

  5. LOL….Denver is not the leagues #1 D. The only thing it illustrates is that they were able to outlast a team that is in even worse shape than they are.

  6. Even after the loss Denver is tied for 5th in scoring, 4th in yardage, 5th in passing yards, 1st in forced fumbles and 6th in sacks on defense.

    The only thing they are below average at in defending the run. But, giving up 212 yards on the ground Sunday doesn’t help that stat.

    They may not be #1 but they are in the top 6 in several defensive categories and gave up 25 points, 8 over their average on Sunday.

  7. Yeah ok, getting your first win in week 4 means only one thing……The Raiders suck!

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