Fifteen of 16 games were within one score in fourth quarter this week, a record

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers
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For the first time ever, 15 games in a single week of NFL action were close in the fourth quarter.

As noted this morning, 14 of 15 games had a one-score margin in the fourth quarter. As Joe Buck pointed out at the outset of the fourth quarter from Levi’s Stadium, the 14-9 margin entering the final 15 minutes made Rams-49ers the 15th of 16 games to have a one-score difference (eight points or fewer) in crunch time.

It’s still as one-score game as of this posting, with the 49ers leading by eight, 17-9.

In all, the first four weeks of the 2022 season have featured 50 of 64 games with a one-score edge for one of the teams in the fourth quarter. That’s also a record.

10 responses to “Fifteen of 16 games were within one score in fourth quarter this week, a record

  1. Parity….Goodell….Why Goodell was hired. Brady was asked to leave NE due to a diva problem, the harrassment by Goodell and the owners for years and years before that……..The NFL model doesn’t like dynasties. They’re bad for business and the model.


  2. I’m not sure the league “doesn’t like dynasties.” Of course dynasties are good for the game. Everyone likes to dislike teams, good way to vent.

  3. The WWNFL, Entertainment Giant getting what they want. Ratings, sponsors, and keeping everybody watching right to the end of every game.

  4. It’s not remarkable. The salary cap and draft order tend to level the league. High-scoring games have been the exception. With no meaningful preseason play from starting offenses, and defenses geared towards limiting big plays, points are tough to come by. Too many FG attempts. Punts routinely net the kicking team 45+ yards of field position. Games are usually close but often poorly played.

  5. It might be entertaining, but its not good football.

    If they don’t give these coaches longer leashes, and if they don’t start developing QBs, the product is going to get worse and worse.

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