Is Odell Beckham Jr. in play for the Giants?

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The Rams keep waiting and waiting and waiting to re-sign Odell Beckham Jr. There continues to be a chance that they’ll wait too long.

Josina Anderson of CBS Sports reported on Monday night that OBJ has visited with the Giants. In a subsequent tweet, however, she seemed to retreat from characterizing it as an official visit.

“OBJ was able to say hi to a number of his former teammates while in the area, including Sterling Shepard,” she wrote. “For those asking, yes free agent opportunities in the future will include exploring multiple teams, including his last one. I think he’d welcome wherever he’s loved.”

Beckham was a first-round pick of the Giants. He eventually wanted out, however. Coincidentally, it was an interview with Anderson, when she was with ESPN, that seemed to lay the foundation for his trade to the Browns.

The last line of her second tweet really says it all. Last year, it was the Rams who made the full-court press to get Beckham, and it won him over. If/when another team makes a similar push this year, they could get him.

The Giants obviously need help at receiver, due to the season-ending injury suffered last week by Shepard and the overall struggles of the best options (like Kenny Golladay and Kadarius Toney) to contribute.

Given that Beckham openly called for all fields to be grass after Shepard’s non-contact ACL tear, and in light of the general concerns regarding the quality of the surface at MetLife Stadium, a team that plays its home games on grass could have a built-in advantage.

Beckham continues to be recovering from a non-contact ACL suffered on the artificial surface at SoFi Stadium in the Super Bowl. When he’s healthy, he can be a huge contributor for a contender. The Giants have surprisingly emerged as an early-season contender, with a 3-1 record.

UPDATE 10:30 p.m. ET: Ralph Vacchiano of Fox Sports reports that Beckham did visit the facility, but that he didn’t meet with any coaches or executives. So it doesn’t count as an official visit.

14 responses to “Is Odell Beckham Jr. in play for the Giants?

  1. Beckham wanted out of New York because he got sick of Eli’s noodle arm. I don’t think he would want to play with Daniel Jones.

  2. Would it matter? I can’t see how Kupp receiving 15+ targets is a recipe for any kind of long-term “team” success – kinda sad.

  3. Ralph’s really good at his job but seriously, he talked to someone just to get in. I’m also told he was helping some of the young Receivers. It doesn’t mean they will try to sign him but no way that happens without permission.

  4. Seems like KC would be a great fit for one year contract. Not sure Juju and MVS are quite getting it done at the WR position.

  5. When ready to sign …Odell will look for the team with the best chance to make the Super Bowl and try to sign there.

  6. Bechham is waiting until he’s healthy to sign with a team. The Rams are doing everything they can to let him know they want him. They’re even keeping his locker waiting for him. If he goes to another team, I expect he’d join his buddy Von Miller in Buffalo.

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