Justin Hollins, Takk McKinley get into it on Rams sideline

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers
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Two Rams players were caught by the ESPN broadcast in a heated argument on the sideline.

Linebacker Justin Hollins and defensive lineman Takk McKinley exchanged words and bowed up on each other before several teammates intervened, separating the two players.

Director of football affairs Jacques McClendon got McKinley away from the position group for a chat.

It is unknown what started the disagreement.

Things have heated up on the field between the division rivals, too, with some extracurriculars.

The 49ers lead 17-9 with 8:38 remaining after Robbie Gould missed a 42-yard field goal. The Rams are 0-for-3 in the red zone and the 49ers are 0-for-1 in the red zone.

The 49ers have ruled out defensive lineman Arik Armstead, who entered the game questionable with a foot injury.

13 responses to “Justin Hollins, Takk McKinley get into it on Rams sideline

  1. Amazing how Stafford was able to break a career of being a loser last year and then coming full circle back to loser this year. But he will always have that ring despite the other 18 years or so of losing in the league.

  2. Thomas Dimitroff has had some terrible draft picks and some big-time busts since he arrived in Atlanta before the 2008 NFL draft, but Takk McKinley will go down as the biggest bust of the Thomas Dimitroff era

    He was often injured and always with a terrible attitude. He was so toxic that many simply blamed an undiagnosed mental illness for his outbursts – especially those seen on Twitter.

  3. He’s been on the team what, two-three weeks? Ain’t been there long enough to talk to a teammate like that

  4. The most overrated Super Bowl winner of all time. They will be lucky to make the playoffs. 9 points??

  5. Things like this make me wonder if we ever again will see a “dynasty” NFL team in my lifetime. The price an organization pays for that one year’s trophy has become so incredibly high and it’s virtually impossible to sustain. Even getting back to the Superbowl a second year in a row seems like a monumental accomplishment any more, regardless of whether a team wins or loses.

  6. McKinley is new to the Rams. I suspect he’ll find his way to the curb relatively soon. That kind of nonsense isn’t tolerated by the Rams organization.

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