Lamar Jackson: If we had executed on third down, there wouldn’t have been a fourth-down question


With Sunday’s game against the Bills tied at 20 midway through the fourth quarter, the Ravens elected to go for it on fourth-and-goal from the 2-yard line instead of kicking a field goal.

At the time of the snap, there was 4:15 left in the game. Quarterback Lamar Jackson’s interception in the end zone allowed the Bills to start from their own 20 instead of under the shadow of their goal post.

Head coach John Harbaugh said he made the call to go for it instead of kicking a field goal because he felt it gave Baltimore the best chance to win. Jackson said after the contest he was fine with his coach’s choice, too.

“If we had executed on third down, there wouldn’t have even been that question. Nobody would be disappointed,” Jackson said in his press conference. “Next time we’ll get it.”

After Jackson completed a pass to receiver Devin Duvernay on first down, the Ravens had second-and-goal at the 1. That’s when J.K. Dobbins was stopped for a 3-yard loss. And on third-and-goal, Jackson didn’t find a receiver and scrambled up the middle for a 2-yard gain.

So, the Ravens elected to go for it and once again Jackson couldn’t find anyone open and that led to the pick.

“Tall defensive lineman with his hands up,” Jackson said of his view on the fourth-down play. “I was trying to see around him to see where my guys were, but I saw Duvernay late. If I would have seen him right off the bat, that would have been a touchdown. The lineman had his hands up and was bull-rushing a little bit and got in my peripheral.

“So, I couldn’t really see what was going on and the play was breaking down. I tried to get back some more but it was too late.”

The Ravens are now 2-2 and have a significant divisional matchup against the Bengals in Week Five on Sunday Night Football.

11 responses to “Lamar Jackson: If we had executed on third down, there wouldn’t have been a fourth-down question

  1. Lamar Jackson isn’t close to the QB that Josh Allen is. Harbaugh putting that game on Jackson’s arm in that situation was dumb. Kick the FG and hope your defense can hold Allen to a tying FG at best.

  2. The Bills are just a better team and probably the most complete team in the NFL. I only see Mahomes’ greatness preventing the Bills from winning the AFC.

  3. With the rain and wet conditions, it really did favor the running team and the running QB – no way a team that has no running game except for Allen, down 17 points should be able to claw their way back and win the game.

    Poor execution by the Ravens as a whole

  4. As a Bills fan there is too much disrespect for Lamar.
    The guy plays his heart out every game, and should be feared accordingly.
    Aside from Buffalo and KC, the other 29 teams would consider Lamar an upgrade.

  5. Jackson and Allen have a couple things in common. Their teams are utterly dependent on the QBs to win and the both have a large group of haters waiting to pounce when they play mediocre. There no other QBs that have the same level of responsibility for team success.

  6. More being made of this than needed. I’d have taken the points with automatic Tucker. But I see Harbaugh’s point too.
    It was a tough Ravens loss to a good Bills team. Both very good teams, and likely playoff-caliber.

  7. If they would have executed the second half AT ALL they wouldn’t have needed the fourth down. This offense has disappeared completely in both losses, pinning the hopes on the defense and bad coach decisions. We’re in trouble folks.

  8. In Baltimore, all the talk is about Harbaugh’s 4th down call and Lamar’s pick. I want to know when someone is going to bring up Greg Roman’s inability to adjust his plan when needed.

  9. Every time Harbaugh plays to win,they lose. Stop with the analytics and put some trust in your guys. You just knew that Lamar’s pass was trouble the second that it wobbled out of his hand.

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