Lions on pace to allow the most points in NFL history, and to score the second-most

NFL: OCT 02 Seahawks at Lions
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Good news: The Lions’ offense is on pace to score more points than all but one other team in NFL history.

Bad news: The Lions’ defense is on pace to allow by far the most points of any team in NFL history.

Through four games, the Lions have scored 140 games and allowed 141. That puts them on pace to score 595 points over 17 games this season and allow 599.

The NFL record for points scored in a season was 606 by Peyton Manning and the Broncos in 2013. If the Lions keep scoring at their current pace, they’ll fall just short of that record and move into second place, just ahead of the 16-0 2007 Patriots

The all-time record for most points allowed was 533 by the Baltimore Colts in 1981. If the Lions keep giving up points at their current pace, they’ll blow past that record in the 16th game of this season.

Lions games have certainly been entertaining this season if you like high-scoring football, but the 1-3 Lions have a lot to fix on defense if they want to avoid an entertaining but disappointing season.

6 responses to “Lions on pace to allow the most points in NFL history, and to score the second-most

  1. Aaron Glenn is the worst DC in the NFL and it’s by a wide margin. If you didn’t know better you would think he’s purposely trying to let the offense score points. His scheme is easily exploited by any average OC and QB as yesterday proved once again. His bend and then break defense is an embarrassment. Playing man on third and long and zone on third and short is beyond head scratching. Every game this year the same plays work against the Lions defense because Glenn has zero ability to adjust. Campbell needs to show him the door NOW if he wants to salvage a season that’s quickly going down the drain because of the putrid Glenn defense.

  2. That undefeated Pats team was the easily the greatest team in NFL history.

  3. Dan Campbell is 9-23-1 as a head coach. 4-16-1 as Lions head coach. He is the worst Lions coach since Marty Mornhinweg who had less wins at this point in his Lions tenure. But hey like the media keeps saying…Campbell is well liked and his players play hard for him…only thing is they NEVER WIN.

  4. The Lions D just doesn’t have enough horses yet, but having said that, you have to question the defensive schemes, particularly Glenn teaching the outdated clutch-and-grab DB style of play that results in so many penalties.

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