Monday Night Football: 49ers run away from Rams, 24-9

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers
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The 49ers recorded their seventh consecutive regular-season victory over the Rams, winning 24-9 on Monday Night Football.

Both teams are 2-2, as are the Cardinals and the Seahawks in the NFC West.

San Francisco had 327 yards to 257 for the Rams. The 49ers sacked Matthew Stafford seven times, dominating the Rams’ makeshift offensive line hard hit by injuries, and forced him into two turnovers.

Stafford now has taken 16 sacks this season.

He was 30-of-46 for 241 yards and threw an interception that Talanoa Hufanga returned 52 yards for a touchdown. The pick-six gave the 49ers a 24-9 lead with 6:27 left.

It was the 28th pick-six of Stafford’s career, including the four he threw last season in his first season with the Rams.

Stafford’s lost fumble with 1:49 remaining ended the Rams’ final comeback hope.

The Rams went 0-for-3 in the red zone, had a long play of 18 yards and couldn’t find a consistent receiving threat outside of Cooper Kupp and Tyler Higbee. Kupp had a career-high 14 catches but for only 122 yards, and Higbee had 10 receptions for 73 yards.

Samson Ebukam and Nick Bosa each had two sacks for the 49ers, and Ebukam forced the fumble that Stafford lost.

Deebo Samuel starred on offense, with six catches for 115 yards and a touchdown. His score covered 57 yards and was one of the top plays in the league this season.

Jeff Wilson had 18 carries for 74 yards, including a 32-yard touchdown run.

Jimmy Garoppolo went 16-of-27 for 239 yards and the touchdown pass to Samuel.

31 responses to “Monday Night Football: 49ers run away from Rams, 24-9

  1. Great game!

    Without overlooking Deebo’s highlight play and Wilson’s run, so much has to be said about the defense.

    For a lot of you this is your first time seeing our emerging star Safety- Talanoa “Huff” Hufanga. Kid is a baller. The D-line as always shined and I’m glad to see the offense get into a rhythm on a few drives.

    Still early, still tempered, always Faithful.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  2. Niners complete dominance of the rams continues.

    Aaron Donald = overrated and still pretending not to know who Deebo Samuel is.

    Jalen Ramsey = OVERRATED

    Rams are trash.

  3. Nobody’s surprised that they lose to SF again. But the Rams have bigger problems than always being run over by the Niners.

    Rams have Van Jefferson coming back, and maybe Odell at the end of the year. Maybe that will inject some life into their offense.

    But right now they have the league’s worst running game and their offense has more turnovers than touchdowns on the season.
    Offensive line injuries, only two reliable receivers and Stafford playing poorly.

    Must be also said that Allen Robinson is just taking up space on the field. Rams player acquisitions have usually worked out, but this looks like an awful free agency decision.

  4. Looks like a new superbowl champ this year in the long run of one n dones … who was it n when that somebody had gotten two in a row ??

  5. Congrats Clara on your regular season win. Clearly you get a little stage fright when the bright lights come in the post season. 20-17.

  6. canadianpatsfan says:
    October 3, 2022 at 11:22 pm
    Looks like a new superbowl champ this year in the long run of one n dones … who was it n when that somebody had gotten two in a row ??
    Too soon to rule them out. Too good of a team unlike the fraud in Seattle

  7. Stafford now only three pick sixes from tying the NFL record of 31.
    He trails only Brett Favre and Dan Marino, is currently tied with Joe Namath, and just passed Peyton Manning and Drew Brees who both had 27.
    All of those guys are Hall of Famers or are soon to be enshrined.
    Stafford, not so much…

  8. canadianpatsfan says:
    October 3, 2022 at 11:22 pm
    Looks like a new superbowl champ this year in the long run of one n dones … who was it n when that somebody had gotten two in a row ??

    83Rate This
    last one was the patriots in ’04 and ’05, close teams were the Chiefs who won in 2020, lost SB in 2021, Seahawks who won in 2013 but lost in 2014 SB

    NE also won in 2016 SB, lost in 2017 SB, but won again in 2018 SB

  9. To the over-the-top 49ers fan who said, “Aaron Donald = overrated“, if you want to be taken seriously don’t (over) exaggerate. Barring key injuries, (eg, Jimmy G, etc), imho, there’s no reason to think your team won’t finish 11-6 or better.

    As for the Rams, I think they’ll be lucky to win 10.
    And I was surprised by all the fans and professional media who saw the acquisition of Russell Wilson as the missing piece of the Bronco puzzle.
    Why? They didn’t really address line-up issues from last season.
    When the Rams won the SB, teams such as Denver and Cleveland assumed that meant they just had to go out and acquire a big name QB then everything would be set. That’s not how it works.

  10. I will say this again, I’m not sure why almost all of you are enamored with Pick 6 Stafford and think he’s destined for the HOF of all places. Probably the same people mystified by that joke of a player, Edelman. Simply winnning a SB is not enough. He went to a stacked team and any decent QB can make a few plays along the way to winning the big one. A couple negative posts about him so far. Let’s see how this goes…

  11. Allen Robinson looks like an old man getting off the line of scrimmage…his moves on the DB were weak and he was easily slowed up.

  12. Ramsey spent a bit too much time complaining to himself about not getting that pick and let Samuel’s run for a touchdown. Typical…

  13. Selling the farm for a Superbowl was totally worth it. But the piper has returned … and it’s time to pay him.

  14. Imagines if they had to play Lance instead of Jimmi G. all he does is win games. They are very lucky that he’s still there. Go Niners!!!

  15. the regular season games between these two teams is like GrounHog Day….same game every time…Frisco beat them twice last year in the regular season and we know how that turned out…Seems like LA always gets these guys after an embarrassing loss like those flops in Denver and Chicago and their back is against the wall and it’s almost a must win…

  16. The 49ers defense and o-line look great. Jimmy wasn’t sacked even once. When Stafford wasn’t throwing to Kupp, that D was smothering him. Look out for the 49ers!

  17. madcapdawgfan says:
    October 4, 2022 at 7:26 am
    But but but, I thought the Rams were a dream team dynasty

    161Rate This


    Snead’s a genius for trading picks, there’s no cap, the Rams are unstoppable, etc.

    As time goes, people will see the Rams sold their soul (with Goodell in their pocket), and that will be it.

    To seriously think you can sustain without draft picks has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. They’re so desperate they brought back Maclom Brown at RB, for example. Their depth is terrible as a top heavy roster, which showed up last night, and it will hurt them over a 17 game season now.

  18. As much as I like JimmyG, the formula for a SB win for the 49ers is a power running game, a stout defense and not relying on him to carry the offense. He can be a very good QB at times but is not a franchise QB. He’s an upgrade from Trey this year but, hopefully, Trey will get better. With the COVID year hindering his development, I give him another year before rendering any kind of reasonable judgement.

  19. How dare you Mr Sean McVay blame ineptitude on your team when you’re the one who calls the offensive plays you’re the one who spent all that money on Allen Robinson he has never been a threat in the league you’re the one who failed to draft a viable center you have more than Cooper cup and Tyler Higbee on the team everybody has figured you out especially the 49ers stop running these popcorn Little League plays!! I can tell when the game first started you didn’t even have a game plan for the 49ers and Rahim Morris you are not escaping either why do you not have Ramsey following the best receiver in man coverage why are you running these deep-ass zones and you’re killing our defense!! Why don’t you have Robert Rochelle starting opposite corner of Jalen Ramsey you put Kendrick in the game instead of him knocking the hell out of deebo Samuel he goes for the pic and gets burned for a touchdown!!! One more thing Raheem Morris put players on the field that want to actually tackle somebody get these weak one arm tacklers off the field and you call yourself a defensive coordinator you should be ashamed of yourself and so should Sean McVay!!! Right now the Rams are the laughing stock of the league thank you very much!!! Why do you still have Taylor Rapp on the field he whiffed on the Deebo Samuels tackle also get it together Rahim Morris you don’t have a lot of time!!!

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