Tua Tagovailoa will not play in Week 5

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals
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Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa will not be on the field in Week Five.

Tagovailoa went to the hospital after hitting his head on the turf and being diagnosed with a concussion during last Thursday’s loss to the Bengals and head coach Mike McDaniel told reporters on Monday that the quarterback will not play against the Jets this week. McDaniel said that it is too early to come up with any kind of timeline for when Tagovailoa might be back.

With Tagovailoa out, Teddy Bridgewater will start on Thursday with Skylar Thompson serving as the backup.

Tagovailoa also hit his head in Week Three and stumbled while getting up, but he was cleared to return to Miami’s win over the Bills with what was called a back injury. That caused the NFL Players Association to start an investigation into how the injury was handled and the decision-making came under even more scrutiny when Tagovailoa was injured in Cincinnati.

The NFL and NFLPA announced they are making changes to the concussion protocol over the weekend to eliminate the “gross motor instability” loophole that allowed players to return if doctors found it was not caused by a concussion. It will now be on the list of no-gos that cause players to be ruled out immediately.

The NFLPA also exercised its right to fire the Unaffiliated Neurotrauma Consultant who cleared Tagovailoa to return to the game. They cited “failure to understand his role” and “hostility during the investigation process” as the reasons for the move.

27 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa will not play in Week 5

  1. Would be shocked to see him back before late October.
    In addition the Dolphins will be favored in their next 9 games.

  2. Too bad the Dolphins did not do the ethical thing and keep him out of Thursday’s game this past week

  3. How quickly Finsup nation went from laughing at the Bills about Tua beating after playing the entire second half concussed but after Thursday night they all pretend like it was just a back injury.

    I’ve got receipts all of Twitter from some of the biggest Dolphins supporters on Social Media bragging how Tua beat the Bills with a concussion.

    That organization gambled with a player’s life. While their owner is suspended for tampering, they are the defendants in a class action lawsuit for racism and we’re involved in a pay to tank scheme.

    Classless and dangerous organization.

  4. Dolphins must be contingency planning. He is small, not very athletic, and unlike Kyler or R Wilson he cant seem to avoid hits and gets thrown around like a ragdoll. It’s a bummer but he has been carted off 3x already.

  5. Concussion or not it was blatantly obvious something was wrong with him after the Bill’s game hit.

    The Bengals game hit wasn’t bad, it was just the cumulative damage, hence he shouldn’t have been out there.

  6. The most responsible move would be to put him on the 4-week IR and then re-evaluate after that. Make it clear to Tua that a full recovery takes priority over the next month.

    No reason to take any chances

  7. Fortunately Bridgewater is an upgrade. Time for Miami to accept the Tua experiment failed. He is just too injury prone to be a franchise QB in the NFL.

  8. Put him in bubble wrap until further notice. The Phins arent going anywhere but down from here. I really wanted to like this new coach but I’m afraid he’s not the answer after this total debacle with his star QB#1

  9. He could probably play in three weeks but they should put him on IR next week so he can miss 5 games and twitter will be ok with it since they are the new doctors

  10. The funny thing is that Bridgewater is a nice backup. Then they have a developmental rookie QB too. The Dolphins were one of the few teams prepared for their QB1 to miss time. This adds to the confusion as to why the Dolphins did what they did. But this seems to be par for the course with the Ross ownership.

  11. What should happen is that Tua should be on IR until fully evaluated and cleared. But that won’t happen.

  12. One more concussion and the Dolphins should put Tua on the next train back to Hawaii.

  13. I guess that’s the world we live in now where non-medical professionals are making medical decisions!

  14. Stevie Wonder could have seen this coming. Why would they rush him back for the Jets? They will rest him this week. He will be back next week for the Vikings game.

  15. At the least he should not play for the next couple of weeks if at all this year depending on test results. Hoping he does have to retire.

  16. Beyond the failure of the team/league with concussions, Tua Tagovailoa simply does not know how to protect himself.
    In both hits against the Bills and Bengals, he failed to take proper care despite not being blindsided. His inability to shield himself from the ramifications of those plays is remarkable. Against Buffalo he was two handed in the chest by the Bills LB after releasing the ball and was knocked backwards, yet strangely wasn’t able to ‘fall properly’ after that shove. Against the Bengals he again didn’t protect himself while in deep trouble, as he vainly attempted to toss away the ball when in the grasp of the Cincinnati DL. In both situations, he fell awkwardly and out of character for football players that typically know how to absorb a hit that they see coming.
    It may sound harsh to criticize for getting hurt, but he’s putting himself in those circumstances by not understanding how to avoid dangerous outcomes from those tackles.

  17. He beat NE, had to come back from 21 down against an over rated Ravens team and won against Buffalo’s practice squad D. After all that impressive work he can use a break from his MVP campaign.

  18. Never play again Tua. Get yourself a good effing attorney and sue the Dolphins and NFL, you will make literally a boatload of cash. Retire and live the life. The high life.

  19. I never like to see any player get hurt, but I sure would like to see Skylar Thompson play a game.

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