With Sam Darnold eligible to return, Matt Rhule doesn’t have any thoughts about a possible QB change

Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers
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The Panthers offense was unsightly for the majority of Sunday’s 26-16 loss to the Cardinals and the potential for a change at the unit’s key position was a topic of conversation at head coach Matt Rhule’s postgame press conference.

Baker Mayfield had a number of passes batted down or tipped at the line, including one that went off J.J. Watt‘s hands for an interception to set up a key Arizona touchdown in the fourth quarter. He finished the day 22-of-36 for 197 yards and Rhule was asked after the game if he considered making a change at quarterback.

Rhule said he didn’t consider that, but the equation could change in the near future. Sam Darnold is now eligible to come off injured reserve and he gives the team another option at quarterback, although Rhule declined to speculate about the chances of the Panthers going down that road.

“I don’t have any thoughts on anything moving forward yet,” Rhule said. “I can really talk right now about this game. I don’t know anything in terms of anybody health wise so I can’t make any comments on that. I think for me right now, obviously, we are going to go back. We are going to watch the tape. We are going to try to get these things corrected. Usually on Mondays, I can give you guys some better answers in terms of exactly what we will try to do moving forward.”

As poorly as the Panthers offense played on Sunday, they were still tied 10-10 in the fourth quarter before the Cardinals rattled off 16 straight points. With Rhule’s seat getting hotter and hotter, all possibilities should be on the table as the Panthers try to find wins in the coming weeks.

7 responses to “With Sam Darnold eligible to return, Matt Rhule doesn’t have any thoughts about a possible QB change

  1. Darnold is Matt Rhule’s best opportunity to save his job at this point. He helped them start last season 3-0 and looked like an NFL QB before McCaffrey got hurt. He actually knows how to get DJ Moore the football.

    There is zero reason for them to stick with Mayfield. Sit Baker and gave him a taste of his own medicine, and if he’s a true pro he won’t complain and will instead be there to help Darnold.

  2. He doesn’t have any thoughts on moving forward yet because he’s laser focused on where he’s going to go on vacation after he gets fired.

  3. He is going to get a nice severance if he is able to tank to the top pick in the draft.

  4. Future HOF coach Matt Rhule will apply his genius to this problem. He’s not paid all that money to fail you know.

  5. Don’t say the “B” word around Baker (Benched). He’ll get really angry, refuse to play and then demand a trade to team that don’t want him unless you pay them to take him.

  6. If Rhule had stuck to his game plan from year one, he would not be in this mess. He cleaned house on defense first draft, which was a wonderful thing to do and it shows now. That will only get better as those men get more playing time. The stupid stuff is what is getting him in trouble. Prime example last year New England got the team for a draft pick for Stephon Gilmore. Instead of keeping him the team let him walk, why in the world would you give up a draft for someone you let walk when you need plenty of help on the offense. Your WR’s cannot catch (well most anyway) and your TE’s are horrible as well. The team keeps taking other teams junk for QB’s that nobody wants anymore. Just look at all the QB’s the Panthers have passed on in the draft since Rhule has been here. I get it you need an o-line first but when someone drops right in your lap take the dang pick and don’t trade back. So I don’t feel sorry for the coach or GM at this point. I could go on and on.

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