NFL, NFLPA will interview Tua Tagovailoa on Tuesday

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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It’s been known since the NFL Players Association invoked the right to launch an investigation as to the handling of Tua Tagovailoa nine days ago that, eventually, Tua would be interviewed.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that the interview will happen today.

As PFT reported over the weekend, the NFLPA plans to ask Tua whether, if he told the doctors he had a back injury, they actually examined his back.

The union’s broader concern continues to be that, whether it was a head injury or a back injury, the gross motor instability demonstrated by Tua should have kept him out of the game.

The NFL has promised full transparency as to the results of the investigation. Already, the NFLPA has fired the Unaffiliated Neurotrauma Consultant associated with Tua’s care.

28 responses to “NFL, NFLPA will interview Tua Tagovailoa on Tuesday

  1. The challenge is top athletes are conditioned to ignore pain and to rub dirt onnit and go back to play. Do you really think Tua is going to reveal anything that would go against his returning to play?

    That being said that’s the theory behind having a neutral doctor make determinations about a players ability to play.

  2. When Tee Higgins got knocked unconscious twice in the span of two weeks and was never entered into concussion protocol and played against the dolphins on Thursday night where was the outrage then, every player should be cared about equally….

  3. Tua’s being paid by the Dolphins. Unless the NFL guarantees his salary, he is not a reliable witness.

  4. As for Tee Higgins, I think it wasn’t back to back weeks, also he was in the protocol, was he not? The bigger question is did they fine and/or suspend the guys for the dirty shots? You get used to it with the Steelers as they do dirty stuff all the time, but not sure about the track record on the other team. Sometimes the only way defenders learn is by having their pockets emptied. I haven’t heard much about “accountability” for guys that lay down dirty shots? (neither of the plays on Tua were dirty, but clearly the shots on Higgins were)

  5. These interviews are a joke. Unless Tua is still unable to walk or shake a hand he isnt going to throw himself or his team under the bus. This is all just an attempt by the league to act-as-if

  6. If he lied, will the NFLPA impose, support or fight discipline? Since there is NO CHANCE it’s the first one, it demonstrates the fundamental unwillingness of unions to manage their members’ poor behavior

  7. Will Tua lie like he did when he got hurt during the game against the Bills? Tua is the one who said he was fine, and Tua is the one who said he hurt his back the team didn’t FORCE him to stick with that story he CHOSE to do so on his own

  8. He needs to retire, man. The way his fingers flexed was not good. The guy who discovered CTE said he should retire. He should already be set for life if he’s smart with his money.

  9. Great, it’s not like Tua and the trainer haven’t had advance warning or enough time to get their stories straight!

  10. kotrod says:

    October 4, 2022 at 2:30 pm

    All Tua got to do is say he doesn’t remember anything about that day.

    That’s probably the worst thing he could possibly say for everyone involved.

  11. Umm yeah…let’s interview the guy less than a week after he suffered a traumatic brain injury…that should hold up in court.

  12. “Tua’s being paid by the Dolphins. Unless the NFL guarantees his salary, he is not a reliable witness.”

    He’s on his rookie, first round deal which is guaranteed.

  13. Nobody has mentioned that there may be no other player in the ENTIRE LEAGUE who has more at stake this season than Tua.

    Literally he could get his 5th year option picked up, have it picked up WITH a massive life changing extension, or he could see his option declined and his career fizzle out like the Mitch Trubisky’s of the world.

    You think he’s going to say ANYTHING that would tick off the Dolphins right now?

  14. I wait, without bated breath, for the next iteration of the NFLPA’s narrative. The fired UNC (Unaffiliated Neurological Consultant) was right to be deemed “hostile”, probably because he didn’t want to dignify the ignorance of the non-medical folks questioning his/her professional judgment.

  15. Tee Higgins had a concussion week 1, played week 2, got knocked put in week 3, but came back into the game by clearing the protocol. It was similar to Tua, where it definitely looked like a concussion, but he kept playing. No investigation or nothing like that though. The NFLPA for some reason only picked on Tua. Both Tua and Higgins then played that Thursday night

  16. Reminds me of:

    “Tis but a scratch!”

    “A scratch? Your arm’s off!”

    “No it isn’t.”

    “Then what’s that?”

    “Oh come on, pansy!”

  17. So if Tua, stays consistent and tells them it was his back & ankle just as he said after the bills game in the press conference, somehow he is lying?

  18. Countless articles on Tua and his concussion….

    Barely anything regarding Tee Higgins 3 concussions in the last 3 weeeks or watching Cameron Brate return last night after getting a concussion, no out rage there…

  19. If Tua knew he had a head injury and admits to lying about it and he ends up having to retire because of concussion #2 the Dolphins will have a decent case for voiding the balance of his contract.

  20. No Way he say’s anything bad against the Dolphins!! He knows who writes the CHECKS!! Look, Guys are conditioned from a young age to be tough, especially if you play contact sports. No one wants to look weak, because if you do, then you have a target on your back. I agree that he should have been pulled Sunday, you could see that he was in another time zone. But expecting a player to pull himself out of a game, AIN”T GOING TO HAPPEN!!! Also don’t the NFL have people watching the game?? Couldn’t they pick up the phone and tell someone HEY!!!

  21. spiritualsportsfan says:
    October 4, 2022 at 3:47 pm
    The fired UNC was right to be deemed “hostile”, probably because he didn’t want to dignify the ignorance of the non-medical folks questioning his/her professional judgment.
    Sure looked like his/her competence should be questioned.

  22. What if keeps lying/denying and Goodell accepts it?

    I want to see the line of questioning and transcript. If Goodell is going to be caught cheating my team 3 times, I want transparency against an actual cheating team like Miami.

    If Tua denies and lies about this, Goodell could just cover it up and we’ll never know what the answers are, which would complete the cover up.

  23. Tua injured his back when he got twisted at the Buff goalie early in the game on a sneak. Couple drives later Milano pushed him late after a throw and his head hit the turf hard. He got up woozy had a hard time balancing and even shook his head as if to get rid of the “cobwebs” I was surprised to see him come back in the game but assumed he was cleared by the concussion specialist so maybe he just got his bell rung. Someone failed Tua for him to be starting on a short week like that. Whether it be the doctor, coach, or even himself. The worse case scenario happened and now everyone has an opinion. This feels like a witch hunt all around and I miss the days people treated football like football

  24. The rag doll sack that gave Tua the concussion was not dirty? I’ve players flagged for breathing too hard on the Qb. Two plays before they went low after his ankles and were flagged. Two cheap shots almost in succession and the fins defense never stepped up and took Burrows out.

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