Todd Bowles: Hurricane relocation impacted preparation for Chiefs game

NFL: OCT 02 Chiefs at Buccaneers
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Last week, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady said that the disruption caused by Hurricane Ian shouldn’t be an excuse for poor performance against the Chiefs on Sunday night.

Tonight, Bucs coach Todd Bowles kind of made the hurricane an excuse for the team’s poor performance against the Chiefs on Sunday night. Via, Bowles addressed the impact of the storm in his weekly appearance on the Buccaneers Radio Network.

“Preparation, you know, the biggest thing is preparation and practice,” Bowles said. “You’ll play how you practice. With all the movement last week, I don’t think we prepped as well as we should have or as well as some people could have. But preparation will be the key this week.”

Bowles’s comments echo things said by multiple players before the game, with the Noah’s Ark gathering of family and pets in Miami creating anything but normal circumstances for the team.

18 responses to “Todd Bowles: Hurricane relocation impacted preparation for Chiefs game

  1. Here comes the excuses.

    Prepare for more distractions with Diva Brady’s divorce.

    Why BB walked.

  2. That should go without saying… It doesn’t seem clear to me in this article if we was asked, but if he was asked, shame on the idiot who asked, if he was not asked, c’mon man, follow TB12s lead on this one…

  3. I don’t see it as a n excuse, I see it as him answering a question from a reporter with the simple truth (remember that?) – havng to change practice , led to poor practices which in turn led to poor performance in the game, isn’t hard to deduce that is it?

  4. Yes of course it impacted preparation. The problem is that as soon as a leader admits it, it gives everyone who follows a built-in excuse. And as soon as a leader allows one excuse, the most important accountability of win at all costs is gone.

    Coaches often so this when they want to keep their jobs. But it’s hard to win championships without that accountability.

  5. If the game were tighter, I’d be inclined to buy into this. It certainly played a roll, but for an Andy Reid team to actually field a RUNNING attack on a defense of that caliber means they flat out didn’t show up.

  6. Of course Natural disaster are distracting. Everyone has family and property they want to protect. Stating the obvious is not making excuses.

  7. You can say “our minds were elsewhere”, we’d all understand that, but my guess is about 75% of the team is living elsewhere/home in the off-season so it’s not really “home”. . It’s not like the majority of NFL players play in the same city for 20 years, let alone 5. In KC, only Kelce and Chris Jones have been there over 5 years. Pat is on year 5 but just goes to show, maybe 10% of the roster has been on the roster long.

  8. And where is the excuse? Of course it affected the preparation, would it have mattered if they had a full week? of course not, The chiefs are a better team and that night they were on a mission.

  9. Bowles took the blame after the game. Frankly, the head office unintentionally hosed the Bucs. They evacuated when instructed to, and the owners invited family (including young kids and pets) to go to a hotel in Miami, as early forecasts had most of Tampa under 10 feet of water. Since so much of Florida evacuated from the Bay area, hotels were limited and they were crammed into one. The logistics were not complete, and instead of a full-on practices, they did walk throughs, and got back home late Friday night. They never really installed a proper game plan. All the credit goes to the Chiefs, who were ready and did what the Chiefs do, no question. Lack of prep may still let you beat the Bears, but not the Chiefs. The fact is, in the NFL if you can’t put in the work for any reason, it will show.

  10. Seems a little tone deaf considering how many lives have been impacted by the devastation cause by the storm.

  11. When u don’t try to run the ball vs the cheifs. Good luck!! You know u wanna keep mahomes off the field?!? That was a poor game plan from top to bottom.

  12. Weak Sauce form this terrible, weak, head coach. Good DC, not a head coach a leader of men. Tampa doesn’t have the players good enough to beat the Cheifs this isn’t 2 years ago and TB12 is very distracted right now.

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