Baker Mayfield confident he and Panthers can bounce back

Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers
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Baker Mayfield had his worst game in four games with the Panthers, going 22-of-36 for 197 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions in the loss to the Cardinals on Sunday.

Matt Rhule met with Mayfield on Tuesday and expressed confidence his starting quarterback can get things turned in the right direction.

“I think he’s elite-ly resilient,” Rhule said of Mayfield Wednesday, via Darin Gantt of the team website. “You don’t go from unrecruited out of high school to the Heisman Trophy to the first pick in the draft without having self-confidence.

“Baker’s been through a lot as a player. I have no concerns about his resiliency; he’s fantastic that way.”

The Panthers rank 32nd in total offense and in third-down conversions, and Mayfield is 30th in passer rating.

“I’ve been here before,” Mayfield said when asked about the recent struggles of the Panthers’ offense. “I’m pretty comfortable in this position. I have experience being able to bounce back and being able to handle things the right way and lead. To me, we’ll be just fine.”

Mayfield made references to things they have seen on tape that are easily fixable, but he knows it’s time to start fixing them. Consistency is key, he said.

“Nobody’s happy where we’re at, plain and simple,” Mayfield said. “But you can either harp on it or look at the tape, fix it and get better from it. We have to overall be better. It’s consistent from looking at the tape. We have to do our job better, at a higher level.

“It’s time for our offense to actually play well, instead of just relying on our defense and special teams to save us and bail us out. Handling the next punch is how adversity goes for me. Things are going to happen. Some things happen in a game you can’t control, but some things that have hurt us we can control. That’s how we need to process this information.”

14 responses to “Baker Mayfield confident he and Panthers can bounce back

  1. You’ve been here before bakey? Well maybe that has everything to do about you not being a very good QB

  2. Baker is not good enough to elevate the Panthers. They are an average team.

  3. I hope he’s grateful that he’s comfortable losing because there’s a lot more losing in his future….

  4. Good luck with that rhetoric Baker, if Slinging Sammy Darnold was healthy you’d be riding pine brother. Niners D coming to town to put the final nail in your coffin.

  5. You know what would make a world of difference? Bootlegs….yeah short QBs like Brees,Wilson,and Mayfield have a ton of issues getting over the O-line. Four or five batted passes a game means a change needs to be made, but it’s not coming.

  6. Mayfield is a lost cause and is not the long term answer for the Carolina Panthers and definitely not Matt Rhule who should be fired now. A lot more losing is in both of their futures right along with a lot of Panthers fans.

  7. Baker really got screwed over by waiting so long to get traded either that or the browns did him wrong for waiting so long to pull the trigger when they knew they weren’t gonna get jack squat for him in compensation. When he said he knew 80% of the teams playbook that was the biggest lie I’ve ever seen

  8. Not a Panthers fan so its easy for me to say — haven’t given up on Baker just yet — 2 more games of average/poor play and I will let it go.

  9. Perhaps Washington and the Carolina Paper Tigers should swap QB’s. I bet nothing would change.

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