Bills’ Isaiah McKenzie “couldn’t move” after “hardest hit I’ve ever gotten”

NFL: OCT 02 Bills at Ravens
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Bills wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie is currently in the concussion protocol after an injury in Sunday’s game against the Ravens that McKenzie has described in scary terms.

McKenzie said on the Go Long podcast that he has never been hit that hard in his football career.

“I think that was my hardest hit I’ve ever gotten. That was the hardest one. Because I couldn’t move. So that has to be the hardest one,” McKenzie said.

The hit came as Ravens cornerback Brandon Stephens was dragging McKenzie to the ground, and Ravens safety Chuck Clark came in and delivered a brutal shot to McKenzie’s head. But as bad as it looked, McKenzie shrugged off any suggestion that he should be fearful about head injuries.

“It comes with the territory,” McKenzie said. “We choose to play this sport and we know it’s a brutal sport. That’s what happens, and you’ve got to be fine with it. You’ve got to be fine with getting hurt, you’ve got to be fine with getting a concussion, you’ve got to be fine with everything that comes with it. That’s why you sign the contract. So I was fine with it.”

13 responses to “Bills’ Isaiah McKenzie “couldn’t move” after “hardest hit I’ve ever gotten”

  1. You probably shouldn’t be fine with a dirty hit like that but kudos for understanding that football players make so much money because they put themselves at so much risk.

  2. Glad to hear he was not more seriously injured. Love this guy and the energy he brings every game. Best to he, Tua and all the guys that make watching football special…..

  3. At least he has an “eyes wide open” attitude about it. NFL players know that the possibility of an injury, including a concussion is just part of the game.
    You can do a ton of things to reduce the likelihood of it happening, but you can’t completely eliminate it.
    So, if you absolutely don’t want to ever suffer an injury or concussion, don’t play football, plain and simple.

  4. Good to read that “ the face of the franchise “ is not particularly bothered by hard hits.

  5. I didnt see the play, but the way it’s described in this article is that it’s a complete cheap shot.

    If a ball carrier is already engaged and on the way down, there’s absolutely no need to target the ball carrier’s head (not that it’s right in any situation).
    Chuck Clark is a DIRTY DIRTY player.

  6. Seems like a new bountygate with all teams against the Bills. The defense and receiving core are down to practice squad players. Hard to blame athletic trainers for all of this.

  7. Refreshing to read honesty. I expect the mob to go after him though. Don’t back down Isaiah!

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