Fan who was leveled by Bobby Wagner files police report

Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers
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On Monday night, Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner took a page from the Mike Curtis playbook and leveled a fan who ran onto the field. The fan was seeking attention and publicity. He got it.

He’s now seeking more. And getting it.

Via, the fan filed a police report over the incident, which happened after two people exited the stands and one of them made it onto the playing surface. The person ran around with a pink smoke bomb, until Wagner and teammate Takk McKinley intervened.

Without researching the niceties of California law on the subject, blatant trespassers often have significantly reduced protections. Also, certain risks are assumed under certain circumstances. Like, you know, running onto a professional football field during a game.

So, frankly, this just seems like part of the broader effort to get attention to whatever it was the guy was trying to get attention for.

Something about pigs, I think.

54 responses to “Fan who was leveled by Bobby Wagner files police report

  1. Can Wagner counter sue?….causing a hostile work environment and risk of injury because of his actions. Make him move out of his mother basement?

  2. What a joke. This “fan” deserved everything he got from Wagner and more….

  3. Congratulations on not giving the “guy” the attention and press he craves. Glorifying things like this, giving names and attention, just makes things worse.

  4. As much as everyone loved seeing that, there do have to be some protections for a guy who runs onto the field. A player can’t just break the guy’s neck without any repercussions, right?

  5. If the legal response isn’t “go do something productive with your life and stop being an idiot” then I don’t know what we’re coming to.

  6. Not sure who is more of a village idiot, they guy who ran on the field or the ambulance chaser who filed the suit

  7. This is the world we live in. People obnoxiously doing whatever they want while daring anybody to stop them, until they do, then they’re the victim.

  8. Trepassers can’t be assaulted by an unrelated third party. Santa Clara owns the stadium and they already had trained security on premise dealing with the situation. A Rams player, for example, can’t climb into the stands to assault an obnoxious drunk.

    Pretty sure this idiot will get a nice settlement.

  9. When you go you go to professional football game, or any game. Limit your drinking. I wont take my grandkids to pro a football game because of this. I will take them to a baseball game because these things don’t happen. Wake up NFL!

  10. Who knew what the protester had in store. Seems to me the players acted in self defense.

  11. It wasn’t Bobby Wagner’s job to stop the fan. He assumed responsibilities that weren’t his.

  12. As far as I’m concerned, any fan who runs on the field of play is trespassing. They represent a potential danger and the players have the right to defend their territory. Fans can say whatever they want from the stands, but all bets are off the second you run on the field.

  13. at the very least it was excessive force…nfl players should not being getting physical with fans under any circumstances imo

  14. If I had some unstable person racing at my teammates with an unknown smoking device you can bet I would have taken him down too. Self defense.

  15. of course he filed suit…. Bobby Wagner was wrong to tackle him. I imagine the smoke bomb wielding man felt it was his absolute right to run on the field for the world to bow to his opinions with zero repercussions.

  16. How is Bobby Wagner supposed to know if this person has a weapon or intends to hurt a player? Pathetic to file suit for being an idiot.

  17. Plaintiff and atty need to be fined and required to pay for all court system (taxpayer) time and expense wasted on this frivolous filing.

  18. That doofus should not only not get personal attention or attention for his “cause”, but he’s lucky he wasn’t hurt worse. Any moron that runs onto a football field during a game is gonna get everything they deserve.

  19. Wagner had no business hitting him, he is not hired to do field security. Then again the guy knew there was a certain risk running on the field. He won’t get millions but he will get paid. He knows the NFL and Wagner will give him new car money to stop being a nuisance. Not cool but that is how our legal system works.

  20. What pathetic behavior for a grown man (and he’s not a “fan”, he went there only for the purpose of running on the field). He probably rides his bike through wet cement and touches surfaces with “wet paint” signs on them too. I cheer mightily when these idiots get leveled.

  21. What if it was a bomb?…..Wagner would be hero for taking him out. Plain and simple the idiot lost any rights once he took a weapon of possible destruction INTO THE STADIUM.

  22. What I saw was a trespasser with an unknown Incendiary device acting in an illegal & aggressive manor. As far as I’m concerned, Wagner is a hero.

  23. It’s not a new thing. Google “Mike Curtis tackles fan”. There’s also a Youtube video.

  24. As ridiculous as this sounds…he has a case. Legally. Not saying is right but by the letter of the law he has grounds. Watch what happens.

  25. Like a bank robber who sues the bank because he fell down the steps after robbing them.

    Hope he sues and wins a $1 award after paying big retainer to a lawyer.

  26. Smoke bombs have to be lit and burn hot . Seems like that in itself was a danger to anyone close to it . Not to mention breathing in pink smoke. Also it could have been more than a pink smoke bomb. Could have just been a bomb . Hope this guy gets a long sentence

  27. If it was any other state his lawsuit would be laughed out of court…but in California he might get a nice pay-day

  28. Bobby Wagner is not Mike Curtis and this is not the 1960s. Filing charges is a prelude to the coming lawsuit. like it or not, the kook has a case. Additionally, he will get the attention he sought for his cause.

    OBSERVATION: many who applaud Wagner for this, scoff at a player who is verbally or physically assaulted by a fan & goes after said fan. At least be consistent.

  29. carloswlassiter says:

    October 5, 2022 at 6:44 pm

    As much as everyone loved seeing that, there do have to be some protections for a guy who runs onto the field. A player can’t just break the guy’s neck without any repercussions, right?
    So if someone goes to the zoo and then jumps in a lion cage there has to be protections from the lions is what your saying. Well the protection is not jumping in just as it’s not going on the field🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ responses like this are the problem, too many people dont want to own up to their own stupid mistakes and the results that come from bad decisions.

  30. The Rams or the Niners, should counter sue, both the fan and the group that set him up to to this.

  31. I will take them to a baseball game because these things don’t happen.
    Are you going to little league games?

  32. I hope the players hire a lawyers to represent they were acting as “Good Samaritans” like a person helping a police officer in a struggle. They were assisting the (pudgy, slow, ineffective) security staff who were TRYING to chase this idiot down.

  33. I find it hard to believe that there are people here making comments defending this jackass. He was trespassing with an unknown incendiary device! He should consider himself lucky that all he encountered was a football players tackle and not gunfire from the police.

  34. If he gets anything from this-$- we will have these fools running on the field at all the games. If football players are allowed to flatten these clowns it will stop.

  35. look just because the guy did something stupid and ran out onto the playing surface shouldn’t give the player a right to physically assault him.

    I’m surprised at how many here take that position.

    was the guy out of line? … yeah … should that mean a violent attack on him is okay? no.

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