Geno Smith named NFC offensive player of the week

Seattle Seahawks v Detroit Lions
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PFT named Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith our offensive player of the week for Week Four and the NFL came to a similar conclusion.

The league announced that Smith has been named the NFC offensive player of the week. It is the first time he’s received that recognition, but he was named the AFC offensive player of the week in Week 5 of the 2013 season while playing for the Jets.

Smith was 23-of-30 for 320 yards and two two touchdowns in the Seahawks’ 48-45 win over the Lions last Sunday. He added 49 rushing yards on seven carries.

For the season, Smith is now 102-of-132 for 1,037 yards, six touchdowns, and two interceptions. His 77.1 completion percentage leads the league and the total package has been a lot better than many people expected when the Seahawks opted to roll with Smith as their starter this season.

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  1. It’s nice seeing Geno and Mariota have success this season. Both guys rolled with the punches and never quit. Good for them and congrats Geno.

  2. Man I hope SEA signs Geno Smith as their starter long term. Dude is not good, he’s going to revert back to the Geno we know as soon as he starts seeing above average to great defenses again as his games against good to great defenses has have shown us this year. He’s been good against some of the worst defenses in the league, can’t win like that. Geno will start to fall apart in the coming weeks. SEA fans talking about signing him to a 30M/YR contract to lock him down is delusional.

  3. Geno’s fellow draft QB EJ Manual claimed racism kept him out of the league after he failed as a starting QB. Didn’t seem to affect Geno. Maybe Geno’s just better.

  4. Good for him!
    Somewhat related, does Russell Wilson look cooked to you guys?
    I think Seattle sold high on him, and Geno is a serviceable starter.

  5. I watched him put up zero points against the 49ers. Don’t kid yourself he’s not a good QB.

  6. Pleasantly surprised. Good for Geno. Like the rising of the Phoenix. Hope he can keep it up.

  7. I know they don’t like doing it for the same team two weeks in a row, but Miles Sanders is a pretty hard one to argue with. As for Geno, it’s great to see him succeeding. I always had a feeling he was better than he was showing, but just wasn’t in the right situation.

  8. The list of unlikely probabilities continues to grow this NFL season. From game results to player performances – I’m sure the sports betting industry/NFL is pleased with the extraordinary results.

  9. It’s good to see Geno doing well. He’s waited a long time for his chance. He deserves this.

  10. good for him, overcame a lot, and especially happy to see the hawks not missing the mighty russ. shows the team can cook with any qb and geno whines a lot less. like tyson said everyone has plan till they get punched in the mouth for missing a charity event LOL

  11. Starting to look like why Seattle’s offense never really worked, and what Denver is now finding out (after a very hefty price), is solely on Russ.

  12. It’s a decent bet that any QB facing the Lions’ defense this year will be in the running for offensive player of the week.

  13. The Russell Wilson trade is going to turn out to be the reverse Jamal Adams for Seattle. Their best QB was already sitting right there on the roster, and it wasn’t Russ. It’s looking more and more like Pete Carroll made Russell Wilson, not the other way around.

    And don’t be surprised at all either if Deshaun Watson looks worse than Brissett has when he returns to the Browns.

    Both Denver and Cleveland are going to regret giving up so much draft capital for these QBs.

  14. billshistorian says:
    October 5, 2022 at 8:46 am
    Geno’s fellow draft QB EJ Manual claimed racism kept him out of the league after he failed as a starting QB. Didn’t seem to affect Geno. Maybe Geno’s just better.

    Oh, but it did effect Geno. Otherwise he would not have had to wait this long after becoming a journeyman. Np team sold the house to place winners around Geno like they did for Rivers, Tannehill, Stafford, Wentz, Ryan etc. He had to play behind a HOFer to step in. It was never about his inability to play. It was what teams were willing to do to get him in a position to succeed. Even Taysom Hill was treated better than Geno. They created a NEW position for this dude.

  15. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Geno – who is absolutely a good guy worth rooting for – is perfectly adequate. (That means “amazing” except when compared to a handful of players – Mahomes, Brady, etc.) He’s not a top QB in the league, but he’s not a drag on a team, either. And kudos for understanding his strengths and weaknesses: Take what’s there, utilize those fine tight ends and Metcalf/Lockett to force defenses to spread themselves thin, don’t try to out-Wilson Wilson at deep shots (though take them occasionally because Lockett and Metcalf have blazing speed and good hands), run just enough to make defenses think about you as a runner, and finally (!!!) get out of the huddle in time!

  16. Wow…he deserved it against the Lions…Seattle needed him to play at that level because the defense is not playing very well….

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