In ongoing Congressional investigation, Daniel Snyder goes on the offensive

House Hearing Examines NFL's Handling Of Washington Commanders' Workplace Misconduct
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When it comes to legal issues, Commanders owner Daniel Snyder likes to be aggressive. When it comes to the ongoing Congressional investigation of Snyder and the Commanders, Snyder has made his most aggressive move yet.

Via Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, lawyers representing the Commanders sent a nine-page letter to the House Oversight Committee regarding the group’s effort to examine workplace practices on Snyder’s watch.

The letter makes various accusations and includes inflammatory rhetoric, like this:  “From the beginning, the Committee set out with a singular purpose — to destroy Dan Snyder and his family and attempt, with deception, innuendo, and half-truths, to drive him from the National Football League. This investigation reeks of the lowest form of politics and its only purpose is personal destruction.”

The letter also called the investigation a “politically inspired hatchet job.”

It’s a bold strategy for Snyder to paint himself as a victim, given that he has largely managed to avoid full and complete accountability for things that happened within the organization he owns and operates.

The letter also points to a sharp conflict in testimony given to the Committee by Snyder and former team president Bruce Allen. Although the Committee has yet to release all or part of the transcripts of their respective marathon depositions, the letter urges the Committee to ignore Allen’s version of the events. This implies that Allen gave testimony that would be harmful to Snyder.

“It is widely acknowledged that the single most significant step the Team took to remedy its toxic workplace was to rid itself of Mr. Allen,” the letter contends. “The fraternity-house culture that Mr. Allen instilled in the Commanders organization is the principal reason that the Commanders came under investigation in the first place.”

It’s unclear why Snyder has opted to take such a strong position, especially at a time when the Committee’s activities had seemingly subsided. The letter possibly is aimed at undermining the Committee as it prepares to make its next significant move, perhaps by disclosing some of Snyder’s or Allen’s deposition transcripts.

The move also could anger and alienate the Committee, prompting the group to become more determined to release publicly testimony that paints Snyder in an unflattering light.

Regardless of Snyder’s grievances regarding the work of the Committee, he continues to benefit from the fact that the league has kept any evidence developed during Beth Wilkinson’s investigation secret. Whatever the findings, Snyder has been removed from his day-to-day role and still not reinstated, for more than 15 months.

If Snyder is concerned about fairness or whatever, let’s just see the facts as Wilkinson determined them to be. Snyder can then chime in, as he sees fit.

However this plays out, it’s a strange development for a man who should still be on the defensive to go so aggressively on the offensive. Although it fits with Snyder’s approach to past controversies, it’s hard not to think that he’s trying to poison the well at a time when he fears it’s about to become a geyser.

40 responses to “In ongoing Congressional investigation, Daniel Snyder goes on the offensive

  1. By politicizing it if he can turn it into a political debate, he can get a form of support.

  2. Snyder hasnt changed

    Will never change

    Is and will alway be a napoleanic monster who has destroyed this team

  3. Feel bad for Mr. Snyder. He has only tried to resurrect a dead franchise through his personal sacrifice and financial generosity. In return? Kangaroo court unjustly demonizes him.

  4. This guy took a once proud franchise and business and has literally flushed it down the toilet

  5. Fairness! Why should be Snyder be interested in fairness. Politicians in America are the least fair people in the country.

  6. The committee must be getting ready to release a report or testimony and he wanted to throw the first punch…

  7. It’s what those with financial resources do anymore, right? When in trouble legally, especially when cornered, go on offense. The guilty have nothing to lose and everything is a net gain. The bigger the threat the larger the offensive attack. The minimum accomplishment is to get things tangled up in the modern court system where things them get dragged into a black hole and the threatened one uses the time to restore their public image.

  8. Whatever you think of any specific politician, we’ve lost people who are honest and straightforward being successful. The best tactic for people in power like Snyder has been proven to be aggressive and go on the attack to deflect whenever youre questioned. “Who cares that I’m corrupt, look at that guy, his shirt is ugly!” Its stupid that this is what we consider a good defense now is just being pompous and accusatory.

  9. he knows the clock is ticking, with the senate voting coming up and he can more aggressive with less potential repercussions (cause no matter what party is in charge, they’re both slow)

  10. Idk why but whenever I think of this guy getting busted I always picture a cheesy 90s movie with Steven Segal as a navy seal driving a jet ski to bust Dan snyders yact lol

  11. th uber rich are such horrible people, not sure why anyone supports them when all they do is absolve themselves and oppress everyone else- sad regular folks have little recourse to rectify it

  12. I want congress to talk to Gruden and Allen and Scot McCloughan. Lets just see what they all have to say.

  13. Everyday the vast majority of former Washington Commanders fans pray that 24 NFL owners come to their senses and rid this franchise of the plaque that is Dan Snyder. Since 1997 a once prestigious and cornerstone organization has slowly rotted away under deplorable ownership. Enough is enough, it is time for a much needed change.

  14. That committee is over, and Snyder knows it. The Dems are about to lose the House. Snyder can run out the clock.

  15. The washington football club is an embarrassment to the NFL and legacy of the game. The accusations are steady and lasting.

    The Team has zero consideration for the league and their own fans. This stadium is a rust bucket in the middle of a residential neighborhood. The stadium was built for 110,000 fans, but they fence off the upper deck, literally. They use team-color spray painted fences to hide the crumbling stadium.

    Gruden gets fired and cancelled for the investigations into SNYDER and yet we’ve heard nothing on the main focus of the investigation.


  16. Still wasting our tax money. I hope someone reveals how much this cost taxpayers. We just got our first oil delivery of cold weather season at over $4.50 a gallon. Grocery bill is almost double than a year ago. Taxes going up to fund the bills stadium. Country is in a recession. But yes, at least we’ll know if Snyder said some bad things in his office. Thank you congress.

  17. Dan’s the classic “I didn’t do it / it wasn’t me” guy. This article hightlights one of the primary reasons he should not own an NFL team. He does not hold himself accountable. How can he expect anyone in his organization to hold anyone else accountable given the example he sets from the top down?

  18. Snyder is not a very likable person, but everything he says about the purpose of the investigation (to drive him out of the NFL) is true.

  19. How is this any type of “politically inspired hatchet job”? Why would a Congressional committee want to “destroy Daniel Snyder and his family”? How does this investigation benefit any political party or particular politician?

  20. For the people who claim that Congress has better things to do: Sexual harassment and assault in the workplace is major problem in this country. There is an ongoing scandal right now in the National Women’s Soccer League. Nassar’s victims have never been compensated. Watson’s victims were degraded as money grabbers.

    Way too many men, and some women, excuse sexual assualt and harassment as something that “just happens” and believe that women should “just live with it”. It is up to our lawmakers to protect the victims and pass legislation to prevent such vile misconduct.

  21. I have never been a fan of Mr. Snyder. It is on record how he tried to play the anti-Semitic card when the heat was on to change the name of his team. Nevertheless, I reluctantly step to his side on this issue. Politicians hardly pass on any opportunity to fan the embers of wedge issues. Our legal system is robust enough to handle the purported allegations.

  22. People that follow these attacks on Dan know its always been a witch hunt. Time after time after time they try to nail Dan with some sort of wrongdoing but in the end they can convict him of anything any of thise times. So the best they can do is smear his name. Sad.

  23. What Snyder has done to the Redskins/WFT/Commanders is the real hatchet job. We are a shadow of our former selves.

  24. Sounds like there is a Bruce Allen testimony shoe to drop in the near future… Don’t let off the gas, Mike. This dude needs to go. Let this franchise heal.

  25. For anyone wondering “why waste our time” – just remember that this guy has more money than G-d. With that type of war chest, he can sue most people into oblivion like Thanos snaps his fingers – heck.. he sued his own fans. The point is: sometimes you need power to take on power. TBD if any some or all of the rumors are true and due process is due process. Testimony hasn’t been leaked, and that’s a great thing. He deserves his day in court, but, this IS his day in court. The rest of us need to watch the slow wheels of justice turn.

  26. From a political standpoint this committee will cease to exist in 90 days. The chair Carolyn Maloney has been voted out of congress and the democrats will lose control next month so this whole investigation will be shut down. Snyder is going to run out the clock

  27. Maloney’s committee on government reform and oversight didn’t really have jurisdiction over the NFL to begin with. That would be the commerce committee. So when it started investigating Snyder and making demands of him, that was a pretty obvious clue they were out to get him. The reasons aren’t complicated. Anything NFL related brings eyeballs and the purpose of any Congressional hearing is to make the members look good. Maloney was in a tough primary race at the time (she lost) but Snyder is a big GOP donor so I doubt she will hesitate to take her shots at him.

  28. It absolutely blows my mind that any sentient human being could taken Snyder’s side on this or anything else.

  29. To prove his obvious innocence he should release everyone from their NDA’s so they can testify on his behalf. Why don’t you do that Danny since you are completely oblivious to all the things Allen was doing?

  30. Danny Boy is correct, the House Oversight Committee’s mission is strictly political theatre.

  31. If Snyder wanted to run out the clock, the best strategy would be to keep quiet.

    Instead, he has chosen Bruce Allen as the fall guy. Fall guys often go public. Snyder screwed up again.

  32. Trolls and bots attempting to convince the electorate that the Majority in the House will change are hilarious.

  33. He knows the expiration date on the current majority and their committees is fast approaching.

    And with Congress out for campaign season, hence why things have subsided, the tea leaves aren’t that hard to read.

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