Political ads funded by 49ers target Stephen Ross

San Francisco 49ers v Miami Dolphins
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Last month, news surfaced that 49ers owner Jed York and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross are on opposing sides of the mayoral race in Santa Clara. The situation has escalated.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, via Sports Business Daily, the 49ers have funded ads that attack incumbent Mayor Lisa Gillmor — and that also target Ross personally.

One commercial, which aired during the local broadcast of the Rams-49ers game, called Ross “one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters.” The commercial also claimed that Ross was involved in “shady backroom deals” with Gillmor.

The situation would make for potentially awkward interactions between York and Ross at the upcoming ownership meetings. If, of course, Ross weren’t suspended by the league for engaging in (checks notes) shady backroom deals that amounted to tampering violations.

5 responses to “Political ads funded by 49ers target Stephen Ross

  1. Tanking for cash, tampering with Brady and firing a coach he refused to play ball definitely qualify for “Shady backroom deals.”

    Having said that, Jed’s uncle Eddie loved shady deals

  2. San Francisco has dramatically declined over the last 30 years. The same leadership has been in charge yet the results continue to be the same. One would think a logical group of people would try the other side to see if the results are different.

  3. Is Jeb upset that he cannot currently buy influence in Santa Clara? This is just another uber rich guy who wants to control everyone else with his money. And throwing in political crap is one reason I am losing my love of most professional sports.

  4. Leave it to a Democrat to inject politics – especially when supporting anti american candidates – to ruin sports. Love your public policies Jed York. San Francisco has now become unlivable.

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