Sean McVay supports Bobby Wagner in incident with trespassing fan

Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers
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On Monday night, a fan invaded the playing field at Levi’s Stadium. Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner took matters into his own hands, by knocking the man on his ass.

The man, seeking even more publicity for his publicity stunt, has filed a police report.

“I did hear that,” coach Sean McVay told reporters on Wednesday. “I think that we all know where Bobby’s intentions were. I support Bobby Wagner, that’s where I’m at with that. I don’t think anybody would disagree.”

Nobody will, Sean. Nobody will.

Wagner doesn’t seem to mind, either way.

“I mean I was aware,” Wagner told reporters. “Everybody kind of told me, but it is what it is. I don’t know, it’s behind me. I ain’t really focused on it. I’m more concerned about the security guard that was hurt trying to chase him and the people that was. . . . We don’t know what that is, and you just got to do what you got to do.”

And Wagner did it. In the future, maybe fans inclined to violate the law will choose not to.

Wagner also was asked whether he was surprised by the viral video of the hit.

“A little bit, because most times they cut away from that part of the game, so we had every angle,” Wagner said. “So I think a lot of players wanted to do it, too.”

It sounds like Wagner would do it again, in order to protect himself and others.

“You never know what that person’s got in their pocket, their hands, whatever,” Wagner said. “Kind of like what I said after the game. So there’s consequences for your actions.”

Indeed there are. And Wagner should face no consequences at all. He helped keep the peace, but keeping the man from continuing to run around in a place where he shouldn’t have been.

22 responses to “Sean McVay supports Bobby Wagner in incident with trespassing fan

  1. The man could have had a gun. The judge should sentence the intruder to ten years in prison, and give Wagner the presidents medal of freedom, or something like that. I remember seeing Mike Curtis knock some other fool on his ass.

  2. I’m old enough to remember when the best tennis player in the world was almost murdered by a deranged trespasser, so I’m all in with Mr. Wagner re doing what he had to do to neutralize the threat.

  3. The guy should file assault charges and get a good attorney. Wagner has no law enforcement training that entitles him to engage in the matter. I hope the guy files a civil suit and is awarded millions.

  4. I’m no lawyer or know much about the law. I think it’s tricky. I do get the point that you don’t know what the fan is going to do and he had some sort of smoke thing,which could have been something dangerous. I personally don’t have an issue with what Bobby Wagner did to stop the fan. However, the event/security is trained on how to handle these situations and Bobby is not. The fan appeared to be running down the field and not in the direction of the rams players. Bobby ran towards the fan and attacked him while wearing his helmet, which at times, it has been referred to as a weapon depending on how it is used in a tackle. In a video I saw, it appears Bobby lowers his helmet similar to how the helmet is described as a weapon in certain tackles. Again, I am no lawyer or know much about assault or battery, but I could see a situation where a civil lawsuit occurs.

  5. Now a days he’s lucky he didn’t get shot. He’s doing something he knows is a big no no, and he’s got an object in his hand and who knows what it is?

  6. Two words: Monica Seles. Not only should this idiot get punished to the full extent of the law, if he wants to do this the NFL should sue him into bankruptcy.

  7. The crazy fan was carrying a lit flare, who knows what he could have done with it, Wagner was protecting himself and his fellow teammates, and the coaches.

  8. 99.9% of rational people polled would love to have put that loser right on his butt. Well done Bobby!

  9. Not only should Wagner not get into trouble, maybe he should file a lawsuit against the fan. Either way, the fan should be charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct and possibly assault.

  10. Yeah, that’s what they all say until a guy gets body slammed, hits his head, and dies, and then we find out he was mentally or emotionally ill, or even having a reaction to drugs or alcohol. You just don’t know what is going on in peoples lives. So let Security do their job. You’d also think twice if you twisted a knee or pulled a muscle on that hit, and hurt your team or your earning ability.

  11. While I don’t condone people running onto the field of play, I also don’t condone players getting involved in stuff like this. That’s why stadiums hire professionally trained security staffs. Wagner is just trying to show off, and as a professional NFL linebacker wearing helmet/pads if that guy gets seriously injured there is definitely legal liability on Wagner.

  12. If a cop where to hit a guy like that some people would be up in arms. Let’s face it a simple trespassing doesn’t mean you get to be lite up by a professional football player. You know what I would like to see if some guy juke one out on the field now that is cool but my guess is they wouldn’t show that.

  13. The assailant, brought down by Wagner, bears responsibility for everyone injured or otherwise harmed in the commission of his crimes.

  14. Perhaps the NFL should create the “Mike Curtis” award and make Bobby Wagner the first honoree.

  15. No way would any assault charge stick. No prosecutor would bring the charge and no jury would convict. Civilly, the fan assumed the risk. Criminally, Wagner had the right to defend himself with reasonable force against a party already committing a criminal act. A trained security representative would tackle the intruder too, as is evident on the numerous clips out there. Knocking the intruder down and maybe giving them a minor boo-boo and some grass stains is the type of reasonable force any security expert would have used.

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