Tua Tagovailoa investigation could be finished by Thursday

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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The NFL and NFL Players Association have been working together to investigate the events culminating in the decision to allow Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to return to play after suffering a potential concussion. That work may be finished by tomorrow night.

As reported earlier today by Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN.com, the investigation could be completed as early as Thursday. Per the report, the NFL wants to complete the process before the commencement of the midweek game between the Colts and Broncos.

It makes sense. If, as believed, the concussion protocol will be revised, it makes sense to implement the changes before any Week Five games are played.

The new protocol is expected to eliminate any exceptions when it comes to a player who exhibits “gross motor stability.” Whatever the reason, a player with that kind of impairment will be removed from play for the rest of the game.

It remains to be seen whether the league and the union find fault as it relates to the implementation of the current protocol. Already, the NFLPA has terminated the Unaffiliated Neurotrauma Consultant involved in the case. Others could face consequences, depending on the outcome of the investigation.

The league has vowed to be transparent regarding the findings of the investigation. Then again, the league was transparent about the Cameron Brate situation from Sunday night. Transparent, but grossly inaccurate.

24 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa investigation could be finished by Thursday

  1. Football is a violent sport. That’s not breaking news. Tua, everyone, knows this. If he has concerns he should retire.

  2. Mike McDaniel says it’s following all the standard protocols and therefore the result is good no matter what.

  3. Goody and the NFL if they really believed in protection the players could have passed a rule that you get like three concussions in a short period of time you must take the remainder of the season off. People who get serious concussions, tend to get them easily and often leading to serious problems down the road.

  4. I guess investigations where you don’t want to find anything take the least amount of time.

  5. Investigation to be finished by Thursday, and if the Dolphins have their way his career will follow on Sunday.

  6. I bet tuas voice-mail box is completely filled up with those “I don’t get paid unless you get paid” infomercial lawyers

  7. @mookie34 It seems like that was the media’s goal in the first place. Now they act like they care about Tua after spending the past 2 years trying to destroy the poor kid.

  8. TUA’s relatives have a solid case of NFL mismanagement,once he has brain damage at age 50yo.

  9. Already? Yet, the investigation and process of making a decision on Watson took months.

  10. NFL investigating missed concussion protocols of a NFL hired neurologist, 10 days…….NFL investigating sexual abuse by a player, 15 months….WTF!!!

  11. Florio,I don’t know if you have had a lower back injury before. I have had 3 major lower back injuries. Each time required 6-8 weeks of Physical therapy. I also had problems with staying upright. When Tua stumbled in the Bills game,I immediately knew he hurt his lower back. Yes, I did see him hit his head on the ground. But knowing what I went through with my injuries and seeing what Tua showed right after the hit from the linebacker (his name escapes me for the moment),I believe the UNC is being scapegoated because of Tua’s concussion the following Thursday. The NFL should change it’s name to COVER YOUR AZZ!

  12. Yet “deflategate” (also known as “I failed my highschool physics class” dragged on for months.

  13. NFL investigations. Now there is something to believe in. That might be up there with the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

  14. I’ve had PLENTY of back injuries…

    How many times have people with “back injuries” shake their *HEAD* and grab at it, instead of reaching towards their injury?

    Now – ask the same question for concussions? How many times have people with “concussions” shake their head and grab at it, and act dizzy?

    That and the stagger are fairly good indicators that he has had “his bell rung”. ie concussion…

    SOMEONE didn’t do their job right on the Miami staff…

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