Carson Wentz: We know the sense of urgency, but have no sense of panic

Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys
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Three straight losses have dimmed whatever optimism the Commanders might have sparked with their season-opening win and head coach Ron Rivera’s comments this week offered little reason to think that things will be improving quickly.

Rivera said he understands the frustration with where the team is and how important it is to start winning games before tempering those thoughts by saying that he has to “be realistic with what we have and what we’re going to do” this season. That is not a ringing endorsement of the team’s roster, but quarterback Carson Wentz insists that neither the losing nor the outlook shared by Rivera are creating chaos behind the scenes.

“There’s no sense of panic. There’s no sense of chaos around here,” Wentz said, via Ethan Cadeaux of “We’re going into Week 5. We know how we’ve played [and] it wasn’t up to our standards. But at the same time, I know everyone in that locker room has a ton of confidence. We’ve seen spurts of what we’re capable of. . . . We know the sense of urgency that there is but there’s no panic by any means.”

Wentz acknowledged “patience only lasts so long” if a team isn’t winning and improvement in his play would be a good way to get more positive results. The last few seasons have done little to create confidence that he’s capable of making that kind of improvement, but there’s no sign that the Commanders are looking to anyone else to help them avoid slipping into panic mode.

11 responses to “Carson Wentz: We know the sense of urgency, but have no sense of panic

  1. Only game he will get up for is the Colts game. Probably throw for 6 TDs against the Colts , then disappear into the abyss never to be seen again.

  2. I wonder how many fans DC has lost since they changed the name? The name and the colors make the team and I think you need both or you may as well be a new expansion team.

    I thought the city mattered too but just my personal feeling is the Raiders transcend cities (they’ve had plenty of practice) and are the Raiders no matter where,the Colts belong in Baltimore and the Browns,if they’d have become the Baltimore Browns, I would have continued to root for them.

  3. You know nothing, Carson Yutz. You demonstrate this on every play. It is scary you are even on a field as a professional.

  4. Carson doesn’t panic because he’s already made more money than he’ll ever need. Meanwhile Ron Rivera is about to be interviewing for defensive coordinator jobs.

  5. This is typical of Wentz. I remember him standing at the podium in the middle of his 4-12 disaster and telling Eagles beat writers that he wasn’t interested in changing his preparation routine because there was nothing wrong with it.

    So There’s no panic now because he’s already certain that he’s doing his job.

    If you listen really close to the audio of Wentz saying this, you can hear good players like terry mclauren weeping.

  6. As an Eagles fan, I’ve followed Wentz’s career closely. Honestly, his play so far has been up to the standard he’s set his whole career outside of 2017. I really wanted him to be the guy for Philly, but he just wasn’t.

    He has an arm like Favre but never seemed to figure out basic game-management skills; has sketchy pocket presence; isn’t great at reading defenses; and doesn’t throw with timing or anticipation. He needs to see his receivers get a ton of separation. In 2017, he was able to run around and buy enough time for that, but after the torn ACL he maybe lost just enough speed that it didn’t work for him anymore. He never developed the mental part of the game enough to compensate for it, now holds the ball too long and takes a ton of sacks and hits. On top of it all, there are a lot of questions about his attitude and temperament.

    It’s absolutely amazing to me that Washington traded valuable draft picks for him and his contract when advanced stats put him on par with Heineke as a passer (and that was with a dominant running game and his efficiency boosted by very low pass attempts and a lot of play-action when he did pass in Indy).

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