Dan Campbell “can’t say enough good things about” Jared Goff

Washington Commanders v Detroit Lions
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One of the surprises of this NFL season is that Lions quarterback Jared Goff, who was traded last year along with two first-round draft picks in exchange for sending Matthew Stafford to the Rams, has actually played better than Stafford has.

That has translated only to a 1-3 record, but Lions head coach Dan Campbell has heaped praise on Goff.

“Goff is playing at a very high level,” Campbell said. “He’s certainly given us a chance to win these games. I can’t say enough good things about him. he’s built a camaraderie with these receivers, he trusts them, they’re all on the same page. That goes a long way.”

Goff’s stats — 92-of-151 for 1,126 yards, with 11 touchdowns and three interceptions — have been solid, and the advanced stats look even better: FootballOutsiders.com ranks Goff as the No. 5 quarterback in the league so far this season. Goff deserves the praise he’s getting, even if the Lions’ top-scoring offense has been failed by its defense.

12 responses to “Dan Campbell “can’t say enough good things about” Jared Goff

  1. Getting nice stats consistently playing from way behind is not a recipe for success. That division already has one Kirk Cousins.

  2. yeah sure….He did so great on a stack SB ready team too….NOT! Let’s also mention the guy that replaced Goff in LA won it in his first year and the Lions get the sloppy seconds Goff.

    You can’t make this stuff up, being a Lions fan must be worse than being a Raiders fan.

  3. Has the Lion’s D forced a single punt this season?

    I just gave myself an idea for a prop bet…

  4. Yeah give it another 10 games and they will be happy to rid themselves of that bloated contract

  5. It’s a real shame their record doesn’t reflect how well the offense has been doing. They should be 4-0 right now, based on that. With so much thinking that the offense would be a work in progress with success another year off, it’s been an outstanding success story.

    The defense seems to have what it needs to get better, but it’s too bad they don’t have more to show for these first four games.

    Goff’s been a popular punching bag in contrast to Stafford, but frankly there’s a lot more to like with Goff right now than with “Swig my beer and turn my back” Stafford.

  6. People love to hate on Goff, but he had a nice run with the Rams (started a Super Bowl, won a playoff game with a broken thumb, nice stats) and looks like a good fit for Campbell’s system – certainly better than Mayfield would have been.

    That Stafford trade starts to look really, really, really good for the Lions if Goff can end up being the guy the Lions needed (it also looks good for the Rams because they got a ring of course, regardless of anything Stafford does going forward).

  7. Jared Goff is an all-around great guy,team first player and stellar human being,but much like Mitchell Tribusky…Jared must play above and beyond his natural abilities to consistently win. Sure,Goff flashes and has good games,but those long stretches of inept ineffectiveness that has plagued him his whole career always pop up and makes him unreliable to be the future.

  8. Goff is about to face Belichick’s defense that he faced in the SB and couldn’t move the ball. It will be a long day for Goff.

  9. Patricia’s D was subpar throughout his tenure in Detroit. He His O won’t be any better on Sunday.

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