DK Metcalf knew Geno Smith would be great, based on what he did last year

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Before the Seahawks moved on from quarterback Russell Wilson, they got a glimpse of life without him. While Wilson missed time in 2021 with a finger injury, receiver DK Metcalf saw enough from Geno Smith to know that he could be the guy.

“He had a chance to step in,” Metcalf told reporters on Wednesday. “I knew he was going to be great from the moment he got his chance. He just needed the opportunity. Now he’s just showing everybody what we already knew. I know I keep saying that, but everybody kept writing him off and he just never had a fair shot to just be who Geno Smith really is and we are all seeing him come into his own and be a quarterback leading a franchise, leading an organization, how he wants it to be. It’s just exciting to just see him be more vocal after the games, during the games, and how he interacts with the younger players and everybody else.”

Metcalf said the chemistry has improved since Smith was named the starter.

“The chemistry between me, him, Tyler [Lockett], the O-line, everybody is just gravitating towards him now,” Metcalf said. “And like I said, he is being more vocal. You can really just see who he is as a person and as a competitor out there on the field just by how he is talking more, interacting with people in meetings, asking questions. It’s great to see.”

It’s also great to see Smith being named the NFC (and PFT) offensive player of the week. Metcalf was happy to see Smith “getting the credit that he deserves right now,” and Metcalf hopes that one player of the week award will lead to more of the same.

Smith has become the rare example of a young quarterback with a high draft pedigree (39th overall) whose first stop didn’t work out and who eventually made it work elsewhere. It took a while, but it’s finally happening for Smith, who has been spectacular so far this season as the No. 1 option in Seattle.

14 responses to “DK Metcalf knew Geno Smith would be great, based on what he did last year

  1. Great? Let’s slow the roll on that word until at least towards the end of the season…

  2. Great? Last year? He’s been above his usual average this year but that is merely good for real players. He really has not played against a better than average defense.

  3. If Geno continues stays focused, takes car of the football and uses ALL the weapons around him….He’ll continue to have a GREAT season.🏈

  4. not going to lie, Geno has definitely surprised me with his play. Broncos are probably wishing they traded for Geno.

  5. Looks like Seattle got an upgrade at QB with Geno, which can’t be saying much for team needs to make me a MVP candidate, my brand and my stats Russ. Not to mention it looks like a lot of the Seahawks just didn’t like Russ as a teammate.

  6. Is there a definition of “spectacular” with which we’re all unfamiliar? Were you thinking of pedestrian?

  7. LOL!!!

    You played the Lions.

    My goodness. It’s September……Oh my goodness why do people do this every year and look like fools on the other side?

  8. Geno got a bit of a raw deal. He was never suppose to start with the Jets. He was a QB coming out of a spread system. The Jets had Mark Sanchez and David Garrard. Garrard got hurt and opted to retire. Rex Ryan played Sanchez in a pointless preseason game to try to beat the giants, and he hurt his shoulder and was out for the year.

    Hence why Geno forced to start when he clearly needed to sit for a year. Then between the changes in staff and getting his jaw broken by a teammate (then Rex signing said teammate to the bills), he never really got a shot. Well, he did get a final shot with the Jets, but then tore his ACL after a good game and was done after that.
    Then he just sat and waited. He always had talent, but opportunities don’t come up very often to play and start.

  9. I think Russ sort of wore out his welcome in Seattle. Much was behind the scenes and much of the initial whining went away when the LOB was broken up. But I think Russ’s personality wore on people over time. And when his skills started to diminish the FO made the then unpopular decision to move on and collect a boat load of picks for the next great group of players. Now to spend those picks on the defense…especially the d-line, where it all starts.

  10. All the jealousy.

    I agree no one should be saying Geno is headed for MVP.

    But it wasn’t “just the Lions” as so many say.

    Smith leads the NFL with a 77.3% completion rate, the highest in league history for any quarterback after four games in a season in NFL history (minimum 125 attempts).

  11. Smith has five good receivers (Lockett and Metcalf are more than good, plus three decent TEs) and spreads the ball around not to assuage egos but to make it hard for the defense to double one receiver in particular. Russ didn’t like throwing short to TEs, or maybe had trouble seeing them over the D-line, and he tended to lock in on one target for entire halves.

  12. I think i’s great to see Geno realize how good he can be with all the offensive weapons; Metcalf, Lockett, Disly, Font, Penny and a really developing offensive line…the offensive future looks incredibly bright.

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