Kenny Pickett: Everybody else thinks the Steelers are underdogs, but we don’t

New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Steelers are 14-point underdogs for the first time in more than half a century on Sunday against the Bills. Kenny Pickett doesn’t see it that way.

Pickett, who is getting the first start of his NFL career on Sunday, said he and his teammates believe they can beat anyone.

Everybody else thinks we’re underdogs. We don’t,” Pickett said. “We’re going to go in there with some confidence. We know how great we can be when we’re detailed and we execute at a high level. That’s something we need to take care of during the week or we won’t have a shot. It’s the details, the little things, guys running at the right depth, I’ve got to be on time, give them a great ball and they’ll make the plays. The line has been doing a great job all year, so I have a ton of confidence in those guys. It’s everyone doing their 1/11th and we’ll be OK.”

Pickett isn’t putting too much pressure on himself as an NFL starting quarterback for the first time.

“I want to raise the level of play of everyone around me, but we have so many great players,” Pickett said. “I’ve got to do my job. I have 100 percent trust and confidence that every guy in that huddle will do their job. I was just raised that way. Everyone has to just own their business and own their job, and we’ll be alright.”

The reality is, the Steelers are underdogs. But Pickett’s confidence should be an attribute as they face an uphill battle against the Bills.

29 responses to “Kenny Pickett: Everybody else thinks the Steelers are underdogs, but we don’t

  1. Or as Geno might put it..”Everybody’s calling us underdogs, we didn’t buy no dog food.”

  2. If I were Pickett I would lay low and let my play on the field speak for me. You should be underdogs and are probably going to get smoked.

  3. He needs to show that leadership quality (meaning being a rookie he doesn’t know any better).

  4. All players and teams should believe they can we but this game won’t be close. A 21 point differential is a real possibility. All depends if McDermott who is a friends of Tomlin will run up the score.

  5. I’m saying 5 sacks and 3 interceptions sounds about right. This Bill defense even with all the injuries is not the one you want to get your first start against.

  6. We get it. You have to give the usual rah rah cliches. Everyone on the team is an all-pro, right?

  7. I can assure you that future Hall of Fame head coach Mike Tomlin will outsmart the Bills! That is just how good he is! GO STEELERS!

  8. Trust us, we’re taking the Steelers serious.
    We remember last year….
    Bills Mafia.

  9. You have the appreciate the confidence, hopefully the next few games doesn’t break that.

  10. I’ve never seen a rookie this skilled at…

    fitting multiple football clichés in just one press conference. He almost had me until he said the line has been doing great all year.

  11. Gotta like it. Steelers haven’t had a confident QB since Ben started declining 4 years ago. Defense is a whole other issue though.

  12. At least Pickett is mobile. Ben was a statue, and Trubisky isn’t fast enough to escape the rush due to a crap O line. I can see him getting sacked a lot, but also making some nice throws to a quality receiving core. The Bills have earned where they are, and they’ll win of course, but it’s good for a young QB to have real game experience against a great defense.

  13. If the team is going to stink this season, at least the rookie gives us a reason to watch. He does remind me of a young Ben, which is to say he’s not afraid to throw the ball downfield into coverage and hope for the best. That’s really not he worst strategy on offense.

  14. I like his confidence. Realistically the Steelers have no chance against the Bills but at least Pickett gives us a reason to watch the game. Mitch “3-and-out” Trubisky put on just about the most boring display of football the NFL has ever seen.

  15. The Steelers just upgraded their QB position. That’s a good thing. Pickett is a smart QB. He’ll be fine. Sacks are more mental that physical. Some of the most athletically gifted QBs get sacked the most. Brady rarely gets touched. Pickett isn’t going to learn everything overnight, but he has a bright future. Facing the best teams is a big advantage for a young QB. The Steelers were fortunate the teams picking ahead of them can’t evaluate QBs.

  16. Between OC Matt Canada’s ass backwards play calling and that completely horrendous offensive line…neither Mitchell Tribusky or Kenny Pickett are able to get into an offensive rhythm. All throughout the ‘21 season Ben Roethlisberger changed just about every play at the line of scrimmage. Pittsburgh needs to show Canada the door after the season and find Kenny Pickett a competent OC so he can properly develop.

  17. Pickett will be running for his life. PFF has the Steeler’s O-line ranked 30th. So the term Pickett Fence is suitable.

  18. Rookies are always so pure of thought. Just wait until he plays with that group for several games. He’ll be wanting to retire.

  19. Best line the Bills have faced all year according to Von Miller and 13th best OL in the league right now according to that place that does all the analysis to rank such things. Line has gotten better every week. Funny how narratives outrun facts so easily these days. Guess it’s easier to parrot what you heard 3 weeks ago than find out for yourself.

  20. Funny how the public thinks footballers should be quiet or admit defeat five days before the game. Years ago a player was asked if he thought the team would win their next game: “Of course we do. Why would we even suit up if we didn’t think we could win?”

  21. The Bill will win, but the3 game will be a lot closer than most people think. Take the Steelers and the points.

  22. No matter what, it will be better than what we were getting from the offense the first four games

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