Le’Veon Bell will box Uriah Hall later this month

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It’s one thing for a former athlete in a non-combat sport to fight another former athlete in some other non-combat sport.  It’s quite another thing for a former athlete in some other sport to fight a fighter.

That’s what former NFL running back Le’Veon Bell will be doing later this month, when he boxes Uriah Hall.

Hall recently retired. He was an MMA fighter. Still, he’s a trained fighter. Bell is a trained football player.

Bell knocked out Adrian Peterson in an exhibition boxing match last month. As MDS (an MMA aficionado) tells me, Hall has brutally knocked out professional fighters. MDS predicts that Hall will “destroy” Bell.

We’ll find out later this month, as part of the Jake Paul/Anderson Silva undercard in Phoenix.

9 responses to “Le’Veon Bell will box Uriah Hall later this month

  1. Uriah Hall is going to obliterate Bell. This is like me winning a swimming race against a friend, and then having to go swim a race against Michael Phelps. Bell has a much better chance of making a comeback in the nfl than he does against beating Hall. Uriah Hall retired Anderson Silva! “C’mon man!”

  2. Uriah Hall was a great fighter in the UFC and yes he’s had some brutal knockouts but he is mostly known for his kicks. He should still win but he’s not nearly as dangerous with only his hands.

  3. This fights are all a farce. Jake Paul won’t fight a real boxer and puts on these fake matches for his youtube followers to act like they know the sport. Jake Paul would get destroyed by any boxer don’t 8 rounds right now. Why do people pay for him to be the main event? Spend your money on what you want but the joke is on you.

  4. When Uriah Hall fought on Season 17, Episode 3 of The Ultimate Fighter he knocked out Adam Cella with one of the most brutal head kicks one will ever see. Every contestant Hall beat on his way to the finals was not only knocked out, they all were transported to the hospital. Uriah Hall lost in the finals in a close decision to current UFC star, Kelvin Gastelum. Leveon Bell should change his name to Leveon Balls. Because he certainly has a pair to take this fight. God speed.

  5. Look how far the boxing world has fallen from Muhammad Ali,George Foreman,Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield to Le’Veon Bell “boxing” to pay his bills. Surely,Le’Veon hasn’t spent all that money he stole from the Jets.

  6. These aren’t real fights. In a real fight the goal is to win as quickly as possible so you can eventually fight for a championship. In a celebrity fight, the short term goal is to give fans a good show because it’s ultimately a grift to get fans to continue to pay to see more lame celebrity fights. These fights are as real as reality TV.

  7. Uriah Hall destroyed several opponents in the UFC with his incredible striking, including Gegard Moussasi and Anderson Silva just to name a few. There’s no chance in hell Le’Veon Bell makes it through this fight.

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