Luke Getsy: I don’t think Justin Fields had a rough month

Chicago Bears v New York Giants
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As pointed out by Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times, Bears quarterback Justin Fields currently ranks last in completions (34), completion percentage (50.7), interception rate (6 percent), and passer rating (58.7).

So it seemly raised a few eyebrows among the Bears’ beat when offensive coordinator Luke Getsy said the following during his Thursday press conference:

“I don’t think he’s had a rough month. I think he’s gotten better each week,” he said. “I think he’s grown tremendously.

“And it’s not easy. We’re playing good football teams. It’s not easy to become the level of quarterback that he wants to become and I know he can become. The important thing is we stay focused. We keep our eyes on that process and we make sure we get better each and every week. And I believe we’re in that phase.”

That prompted a reporter to follow up with, can you tell there’s a disparity in the way the team sees Fields and the way everyone else does based on the questions you’re getting asked?

“I know what I know, and I believe what I believe. And what we do in this building is what we pay attention to,” Getsy said. “The questions that you ask, that’s your right to ask whatever you want. And as long as we stay focused on what we know and what we believe in, we know that in the end, we’re going to get to where we want to get to.”

Getsy also cited Fields’ toughness as one of the quarterback’s top qualities when asked what might constitute struggling.

“[T]o be able to handle and deal with what he’s dealing with, it’s impressive that a young man like that can be that strong and that tough,” Getsy said. “To take hits that he takes week in and week out and stand back up there, that speaks volumes about that young man.”

Overall, Fields is 34-of-67 passing for 471 yards with two touchdowns and four interceptions. He’s rushed for 147 yards with a TD while also taking 16 sacks.

Despite their struggles in the pass game, Chicago is 2-2 thanks to its defense and running attack. But unless Fields and the passing attack improve significantly, the Bears appear unlikely to win many games this season.

10 responses to “Luke Getsy: I don’t think Justin Fields had a rough month

  1. Has he been hit in the head recently?

    Still in teh fog of making his living off Aaron Rodgers?

  2. Alternative headline:
    Bears’ OC Getsy joins Justin Fields’ parents, grandparents in belief that he has not failed

  3. Me neither. Last week was a career game. 50% completion and no INT’s. Hard to call it a bad month following the game of his life.

  4. Enough of the Fields is a bust. Heck Terry Bradshaw, Peyton Manning and others did not have stellar first two season records. Justin is the second best QB in the NFC North. Cousins winning percentage is 50% for 8 years. You talk about busts.

  5. Is Getsy insane? Even Fields said he played like “trash!” Getsy’s in the wrong business. Maybe he should become a talent evaluator. Oops, that’s what he does already.

  6. While I appreciate a coach not publicly dimeing out his QB, that statement is ridiculous. He’s either delusional or supportive to the point of patronizing.

  7. Fields. He is out in one. Alone with his thoughts. Fields has had plenty of time to show he has an intangible quality about him. From what we’ve seen, he’s a natural born loser.

  8. “I don’t think he’s had a rough month. I think he’s gotten better each week,” he said. “I think he’s grown tremendously.

    AT WHAT? Not throwing INTs? I mean last weekend was the first game that Fields didn’t throw an INT this season!

  9. He actually looked better last week although the box score doesn’t signify it.

    Week 1 was a monsoon. Week 2 was “run it down their throats.”

    Hard to have pocket awareness when you have no pocket.

    He can only go up from here. Hopefully, no bad habits and next year we have a stable line and WR. We need wide outs and a TE that catch when the ball hits them in the hands. (Pettis/Kmet).

    He’d do great if he had young Alshon, Marshall or Megatron.

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