Marlon Humphrey: Numbers don’t lie, our pass defense is unacceptable

Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens
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The Ravens defense ranked last in the league in 2021 when it came to allowing passing yards and they’ve picked up right where they left off.

They’ve give up 1,261 yards through the first four games of the season and that’s part of the reason why they’ve blown big leads in both of their losses this season. Players and coaches can sometimes say that stats don’t tell the entire story of how a team is playing, but cornerback Marlon Humphrey didn’t go that route when discussing the defense on Wednesday.

“The numbers don’t lie,” Humphrey said, via Todd Karpovich of “So, as much as that sucks to say, it just . . . To me, it’s unacceptable. I feel like it falls on the weight of my shoulders. So, I really want to get that number down.”

This would be a good week to come up with a better plan. The Bengals torched the Ravens through the air in a pair of wins last season and they’ll likely stay focused on that approach unless the Ravens can show that it is no longer the easiest path to success.

4 responses to “Marlon Humphrey: Numbers don’t lie, our pass defense is unacceptable

  1. Harbaugh is terrible. Imagine having the worst pass D 2 years in a row and pretending you’re a good team like Whinebaugh does?


  2. Poor ranking began with the starting corners being injured, the beginning of last season. They both are just now regaining full strength. It’s not rocket science.

    Their ranking will increase gradually through the year. As long as Marlon and Marcus are healthy.

  3. Last year was a result of the entire team being on IR. This year we’re slowly getting guys back. I don’t expect this defense to remain dead last. But it is a concern. Ravens also need to stop putting so much trust in young guys. They neglected addressing some needs (offense and defense) through FA where a veteran presence is needed.

  4. Same results, different reasons-
    Ravens had no corners last year but a decent pass rush.
    The Ravens improved their secondary this year but now have no pass rush.

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