Russell Wilson entered medical tent

Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos
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Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson exited the Sunday loss to the Raiders with a shoulder injury that left him limited in practice. During tonight’s game, he entered the medical tent.

Wilson took a hit during a return of an interception that he threw in the fourth quarter of Thursday night’s game against the Colts. He appeared to take contact to his injured right shoulder.

It was a clean hit by the Colts defender who became a blocker, with no flag thrown.

Brett Rypien is the backup for the Broncos. Wilson emerged from the tent and appeared to be good to go.

That said, Amazon has shown sideline video of personnel reviewing video of the hit that Wilson absorbed.

Wilson has been booed repeatedly by the home crowd throughout the game. The Broncos are clinging to the three-point lead.

He is now re-entering the game.

22 responses to “Russell Wilson entered medical tent

  1. Let the second guessing begin! Oh, was he hurt? Should he play? Ever again? We (the people who’ve never played!) must stop these players from getting hurt! The player and medical doctor aren’t capable! It’s only a GAME!!!

  2. $250 million dollars and Broncos fans are probably wishing they had Tebow or Cutler back compared to this.

  3. As most 50-ish year old men will. Weren’t the Broncos just a QB away from elite? Hmmmm…

  4. Neurologists have reviewed the play and looked over Wilson and have come to the informed medical conclusion that he simply can’t play anymore.

  5. I don’t believe that Russell could turn this bad in just a. Few months.

    Makes me wonder if old Pete is not better than I give him credit for.

    Could also be that Hackett just sucks period

  6. These are NFL teams? Wow. What a horrible game to watch. What’s happened to Russell Wilson? So far,his deal is a disaster.

  7. The only joy I could get out of watching this game is if it ended in a 12-12 tie. I dont know who’s worse Matt Ryan or Russell they both are stealing money at this point.

  8. This TNF game is one of the worst games I’ve ever seen in over 50 yrs. Watching nfl! The Denver coach again proves he’s not a pro head coach. They WERE running ball & the clock then they have Wilson (Mrs. ciarra) throw the ball & an interception. Wilson looks like a shell of himself. AND, he takes on a defensive player on n interception & the guy didn’t even have the ball. I think the altitude has effected his thinking. Perhaps the same with Hackett.

  9. What a difference when a QB goes from a team with great receivers to a team with HO-HUM receivers!

    Isn’t the math strange in Denver, they said they were 1 player away from a run at the SB and they got that player in Wilson and now they’re 4 to 5 players away!

    Maybe since Payton retired it wasn’t all those QBs they’ve went through that were the problem, maybe it was the receivers that were and still are the problem!

  10. I don’t even remember at this point – was there any sort of bidding war for Russ, or were the Broncos his only option? And if they were, was it because their leadership was kind of a mess at that point?

  11. Stick a fork in this team.

    Couldn’t be happier. They will be below the raiders in the division in 3 weeks. Mark it

  12. If you think this game was an non-offensive snooze-fest, wait until the Bears show up next week on TNF……..

  13. What classless fans to boo Mr. Wonderful after he graced them with allowing the trade to the soon to be 2 or 3 Super Bowl champ Broncos.

  14. Right now Pete Carrol is looking like that guy that buys a wonderful new car and then gets served wonderfully by it for years, and then manages to sell it off right at that point just before everything on it starts breaking.

  15. banksville says:
    October 6, 2022 at 11:41 pm
    The crowd leaving before overtime!


    Usually that is what happens in a case where the outcome is pretty much preordained, usually that the home team is losing, but in any event its people thinking they are not going to miss anything significant if they go try to beat some traffic. So to have that many people deciding thats how they feel when their team is not actually behind is a really telling sign of the disdain Denver fans are feeling for their team.

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