Sunday’s Buccaneers home game isn’t sold out

Green Bay Packers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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For Buccaneers fans, Tom Brady fatigue may already be setting in.

Via the folks at, the upcoming Tampa Bay home game isn’t sold out.

Official game tickets — not re-sale seats — remain available for Sunday’s game against the Falcons. It will be the third straight home game for the Bucs, who are 0-2 this season in the stadium where they won Super Bowl LV.

“Game tickets at $85.00 plus fees and $114.00 plus fees in the upper deck are for sale as of 5:35 p.m.,” explains. “And they are not just stray single seats; these are pairs and larger group options together.”

Many in the region are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, which potentially impacts overall demand. However, the home game against the Chiefs was sold out, with a crowd in excess of 68,000.

After Sunday, the Bucs won’t play at home against until Week Eight, against the Ravens on a Thursday night, with the Rams coming to town the following Sunday.

They’ll be back nearly a month later, for a Monday night against the Saints. Thirteen days later, the Bengals come to town. Two weeks after that, it’s the Panthers, in Tampa Bay’s regular-season home finale.

With one of the Tampa Bay home games to be played in Germany, they’ll have eight at Raymond James Stadium. After Sunday, five will remain. It will be interesting to see whether the Week Five non-sellout is an exception or a new rule.

Regardless, once Brady is gone, the Bucs can get used to a return to empty seats — unless they sign someone like Aaron Rodgers.

16 responses to “Sunday’s Buccaneers home game isn’t sold out

  1. Move the team. St Louis. Toronto. Mexico City. San Diego. Anything is better than Florida pro sports.

  2. That’s because the fans know that the arrow is pointed down for this elderly bunch, and that their team is getting further from — not closer to — a title.

  3. If Rodgers does not lead the Packers to a SuperBowl victory with the current team, this year, I’d be glad to see him shipped off to Tampa.

  4. Plenty of other things to do in Tampa besides go watch a team with an old broken down has been at qb.

  5. Florida team. Miami is famous for not selling out even in the Marino years. That’s a fact.

  6. There was just a major hurricane that landed nearby. I think a lot of the locals and semi locals are more concerned with cleanup than football at the moment.

  7. I mean its the Falcons, not exactly a fun brand of football to watch or any great cant miss matchups to see between the teams to get fans there.

  8. Why would certain fans of Tampa Bay go to a game this Sunday in which the Buccaneers are likely to lose their 3rd straight, and at home no less, to the Falcons? Why see Tom Brady, maybe the best of his era, phone it in and get all curmudgeonly? It is rather obvious: A Tom Brady without either Rob Gronkowski or Julian Edelman is a Tom Brady not enjoying the game. And still Brady plays on, because this truly is all he knows. I said this earlier: a football player never really gets to decide when the clock is finished, and retirement is imminent. It is always decided for him. So much has changed since January 2, the day Antonio Brown walked out, that has altered the Bucs and perhaps the NFL entirely. And now, it is Tom Brady getting divorced that ends in one form or another the life in football of definitely the best player to don a Patriots uniform and maybe even the best quarterback of his generation.

    This is related to what Brady said in his podcast and conference call on his lack of enjoyment with the parity the NFL has faced. The league this season went all in on TB12 being the singular face and name of the game. Welp, the game has started to pass him by. All at the cost of losing his family. Sad, really. But it is time to evaluate and reflect on what matters in the end.


  9. The team should be giving out tix to those devastated by the hurricane. They have been through hell and deserve a diversion for a few hours. What better than an NFL game?

  10. That’s too bad. It’s a nice stadium. We are going to be there the following Saturday for USF family weekend when USF plays Tulane in the homecoming game. I’ve been there a couple of times before for college games, but not to see the Bucs. Back then, the Bucs were not so good and I didn’t live in the area anymore. Would love to see Brady and the Bucs play a good team. Yeah, the Falcons are bottom feeding right now, but the Brady and the Bucs aren’t showing a lot of pizazz either. It’s a weird season, both in the pros and in college. My alma mater down in Miami with it’s very expensive, new coach isn’t doing so well either. Still, there is always next year…..maybe not for the Bucs…anywhoo…Go Bucks. Go Canes.

  11. After the hurricane people there have better things to do than go to the stadium and watch the game.

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