Thursday Night Football: Colts beat Broncos 12-9 in ugly overtime affair

Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos
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The Colts beat the Broncos 12-9 in overtime in Thursday Night Football.

It was even uglier than the score might indicate.

The teams combined for no touchdowns, seven field goals, a blocked field goal, 681 yards, 15 penalties, 12 punts, six fumbles (though none were lost), four interceptions and 10 sacks. They were a combined 0-for-6 in the red zone.

Colts kicker Chase McLaughlin made a 31-yard field goal with five seconds left in the fourth quarter to tie it and then was good on a 47-yarder with 5:50 left in overtime to give the Colts their first lead of the night.

After the Colts kicked off following their OT field goal, Russell Wilson completed back-to-back passes of 24 and 37 yards to Melvin Gordon and Jerry Jeudy to get the Broncos to the Indianapolis 14. Three Gordon runs set up fourth-and-one. After timeouts by both teams, Wilson threw incomplete in the end zone on a pass that was intended for Courtland Sutton but broken up by Stephon Gilmore.

It was a perfect ending to an imperfect game

Many Broncos fans were so disgusted they left at the end of regulation, not waiting around for overtime.

Wilson completed 21 of 39 passes for 274 yards and two interceptions. Sutton had five catches for 74 yards and Gordon had 18 touches for 103 yards.

One of Wilson’s interceptions came with the Broncos facing a third-and-four at the Indianapolis 13 with 2:19 remaining. They led 9-6 when Wilson tried to hit Tyrie Cleveland in the end zone, and Gilmore picked him.

That provided the Colts with plenty of time to drive 67 yards in 10 plays to set up the game-tying field goal.

Matt Ryan went 26-of-41 for 251 yards and two interceptions. Third-string running back Deon Jackson had 17 touches for 91 yards and Alec Pierce caught eight passes for 81 yards.

The Colts improved to 2-2-1, while the Broncos fell to 2-3.

83 responses to “Thursday Night Football: Colts beat Broncos 12-9 in ugly overtime affair

  1. I’ve always despised the Broncos clear back to the “Bronco Buster” days of the Boz and the old AFC West rivalry. But I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a Broncos’ collapse any more in my life. They are just hideous and got worse with Russel Wilson as QB1 than they were with the Hawks backup QB as QB1.

  2. Colts should offer Cole Beasley whatever he needs to come back. Matt Ryan desperately needs someone that has two functioning hands to throw the ball to.

    Pressure gets home on every play, receivers get little to no separation and when he does get it in a tight window it’s dropped.

    First Colts game I’ve seen this season and even as a Bills fan I’m screaming for you guy’s to get Matty Ice some help.

  3. Russell Wilson is completely washed. Getting what they got for him was a heist for the ages by Carroll and Schneider.

    I said before this game that Denver will probably go 1-3 and would be lucky to go 2-2 in its next 4 games. I’m changing my tune now: with the Chargers, Jets, and Jaguars now looming, there’s a real chance the Broncos don’t win a single one of those games.

  4. Why oh why did the broncos not just run the ball and take down most of the clock to at least go up 12-6. I just don’t get it.

  5. Just wow… do you not kick a FG up 9-6……Denver earned this loss just by being stupid.

  6. The Denver Broncos went to great lengths to aquire R.W. and they’re stinking up the joint. Their new HC better get it going because he’s looking more and more like a bust.

  7. Florio, what happened to all the talk about the Broncos Challengening for the AFC west crown? Even with Russ Cooking, they score less than 15 points a game. This is a horrible team at best.

  8. All these Network Analysts who predicted the Broncos to be Super Bowl bound I present you QB with a hot wife, because all that guy has is a hot wife. Wow, Seahawks are geniuses. Sports Talk Radio in Denver should be fun…

  9. 2:19 to go no time outs left the game is in the bag…Hackett chokes Russell Wilson chokes. Hackett might be a worse coach than Matt Rhule….

  10. Actually I really enjoyed it after awhile. It guarantees the Broncos will be flexed into 2028.

  11. How does any team not take the FG in the first half of a game. Have to go for it on 4th down? NFL has gone stupid.

  12. seattle must be layghinh all the way to the bank with the haul they pulled in.

    and we also know why hackett went for the field goal against the hawks as the hindsight brigade on wilson would have made the 4 and 5 got there answer on what would have happened. tonight twice he proved that this

  13. Bad coaching again for Denver, having Russell throw it on 4th and goal.
    They should have let Marshawn run it in.

  14. Worst-played football game I’ve seen in years. Fans leaving at the BEGINNING of OT….that says it all.

  15. I honestly think Hackett is gone before the season is done. Just atrocious game management, still. And the offense stinks with some quality players on it. They can’t be this bad. It’s on the HC…

  16. Both QBs are totally washed. It looked like an over 50 game. Seattle take a bow for fleecing the Broncos in the Russell Wilson trade.

    Fitting that Wilson didn’t see a WIDE OPEN WR in the endzone to lose the game. Wilson and his receivers just weren’t on the same page and when they were he was missing them.

    I want 3 hours of my life back, man that was some bad football.

  17. Wilson was supposed to be a steak dinner compared to Lock. He’s turning out to be a baloney sandwich.

  18. That was awful. That was supposed to attract a younger generation of fans? Many wanted the extra regular season game while reducing preseason practice time & preseason games (prep time for a better product) – this is the end result. It’s not just this one game, it’s been consistently bad for the first month. The extra revenue will not be worth it when X-NFL fans no-show for games & TV/internet #s drop.

  19. This is the same Russell Wilson that played in Seattle the last two years. However, everyone blamed Pete Carroll or the OL. Now, of course, it’s Havkett’s fault. Eventually, everyone will see it’s just Russ is washed up.

  20. Actually this was a brilliant defensive game, every contest does not have to be a video game.
    Hats off to both defenses they were awesome!

  21. Those interceptions from Wilson were embarrassingly awful and amateurish. On the first one, what an utterly ridiculous way to throw under those circumstances. On the second, just horrible lack of awareness and thrown so far behind the receiver. Just unprofessional – no one getting paid what he is has any business playing this way.

  22. Good lord, i dont even know what to say anymore. That mightve been the worst game ive ever seen. When did Russell Wilson get so bad? That trade looks like it could be the biggest fleecing of all time. Still think he comes around but still…and I’m not sure Hackett lasts half the season, let alone the full season.

  23. Stephon Gilmore grabbed the receiver with both hands. It was blatant. Right in front of the ref. Once again, we waste 3 1/2 hours watching a game, and then the refs decide the outcome. Oh well. That’s the NFL. I guess there wasn’t much else to do on a Thursday night, but it gives me some motivation to start looking for something else to do with that time. This could be the worst game I’ve ever seen. Matt Ryan was washed up 3 years ago, and Russell Wilson lost a step or two. It was his escape ability that created a lot of his big plays. Now he has a coach who doesn’t even believe in the forward pass, so Denver has some problems. The Walmart people have enough money to afford to eat contracts. Another Cleveland?

  24. From KC, what a beautiful sight. The Donks may be worse off with Hackett and Wilson than they were with Fangio and Lock. How is that even possible?

  25. 3rd and 1 inside the Colts 10 and Hackett calls the only play that can lose the game. What happened to Hackett’s in game coach?

  26. Didn’t the broncos hire someone to help with clock management. Who’s overseeing his decisions? What a mess!

  27. No one is enjoying this more than Richard Sherman; he needs to write a book if he hasn’t already. I’m no Hackett fan, but Wilson looks awful.

  28. Pete Carroll must be laughing so hard right now. Wilson couldn’t even “cook” a Hot Pocket at this point (it’s only 2 mins in the microwave)

  29. That was one of the worst games I have ever seen in my entire life. My god Russell Wilson was garbage, Matt Ryan was garbage, both of the offensive lines were atrocious, and only the defenses, Pierce, and Sutton seemed to even care about the game at all. However Wilson is definitely dropping off a cliff because at least with Matt Ryan he has almost no time to throw but Wilson just made dumb decision after dumb decision.

  30. I don’t know why so many people are surprised by Wilson. His accuracy hasn’t been the same since his injury last year. Combine that with his weight gain since about 2017 (that cost him his quickness) and you are seeing a QB that was traded by Seattle at exactly the right time. Sell high when you know the stock is about to fall. John Schneider should be named General Manager of the year for that trade alone.

  31. Another game-management disaster for the Broncos. Didn’t they hire somebody to help Hackett with that? George Paton has managed to hire an incompetent head coach, to trade for a past-his-prime QB, and to hand that QB an expensive multiyear contract in one offseason.

  32. Wilson played bad but don’t overlook just how bad Matt Ryan looks. It’s painful watching him try to throw the ball with terrible velocity. He is done.

  33. Who got robbed more? Denver for what they gave up to get this low quality QB play, or Bezos for the low quality games he gave up all that money for?

  34. jrock955 says:
    October 6, 2022 at 11:59 pm
    Worst game in NFL history?


    “Hold our beer.”
    -Commanders and Bears next week.

  35. I love the NFL but dang — not sure what that was last night. Heck – I didn’t make it thru the first half. Fair to say that poor play on both sides equals boredom. That game was pitiful.

  36. chief4ever says:
    October 7, 2022 at 12:00 am
    Florio, what happened to all the talk about the Broncos Challengening for the AFC west crown? Even with Russ Cooking, they score less than 15 points a game. This is a horrible team at best.


    Russ forgot how to cook. These days he just presses the “popcorn” button on the microwave.

  37. If you thought this game was ugly, wait until next Thursday. Bears and Commanders.

  38. After the massive national head trauma that was the Colts-Broncos game, the NFL has been forced to place last night’s entire viewing audience into the concussion protocol.

  39. It’s almost like Seattle new something…then again, a lot of fans were seeing the same thing. Combine Rusty being rusty with the worst in-game coaching we’ve seen in years and this is what you get. Great spectacle for Thursday night, NFL. That should promote the brand. Lol.

  40. jrock955 says:
    October 6, 2022 at 11:59 pm
    Worst game in NFL history?

    31112Rate This
    Worst game I’ve ever seen. Looking more like Randy Gregory is the best player on the team-maybe Patrick Surtain if not Gregory? Only thing I saw Russ hit in the Red Zone was the game clock-about five yards over the head of the reciever.

  41. I stopped watching the game with 5 minutes left in the game because the donkeys were driving and I was sure they were going to win. Wow, I missed the whole beautiful breakdown…

  42. When are you going to criticize Wilson and fields play? Just gonna keep bashing wentz tho even tho the coaching is horrific

  43. Considering how Wilson played under Carroll and now how Geno is playing under Carroll, he appears to be a QB whisperer.

  44. Hey Manning was 2-3 in his first year at Denver before 11 straight wins and a playoff berth.

    Give them the rest of the season before making any changes.

    (Espec since Seattle has their first two picks – hehehe)

  45. Nathaniel “Can’t” Hackett is a bad hire of epic proportions, on the scale of Jim Tomsula bad. Would Eric Bieniemy have screwed up as badly as Hackett has? Brian Flores? Another poor Broncos personnel decision.

  46. I’m a proponent of TNF, love having a game to look forward to during the week. That was not it. Wow was it ugly. Ryan is getting nothing from his team and is running for his life at all times. This can’t be sustainable.

  47. Seattle is looking pretty smart at this point…..also, reminds me that the Broncos target was actually Aaron Rodgers which is why they brought in Hackett…….now we know why.

  48. sweetness says:
    October 7, 2022 at 12:05 am
    Both Rus n Ryan were awful, so why pick on Rus only. Both washed.

    36Rate This
    Because the Colts gave up a 3rd rounder for a 37 year old QB and the Colts didn’t have SB hopes rather just playoff ones. Their requirement was just be better than Wentz, and the results have been mixed at best

    The Broncos gave up multiple firsts and 2nds for a 33 year old QB, gave him $250M, and he was supposed to lead them to the SB and the Broncos offense has been putrid.

    Also Matt Ryan led his team down the field twice to win the game with pressure bearing down on him

  49. “. . . my goal is to finish my career here.” Russell Wilson at a presser prior to the season.

    He’s looking like he might’ve already accomplished his goal.

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