Jim Irsay: “There is no such thing as an ugly win”

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The Colts escaped Denver with a victory, in one of the ugliest Thursday night games the NFL has ever staged.

Colts owner Jim Irsay didn’t mind getting a win under less-than-perfect circumstances.

There is no such thing as an ugly win,” Irsay told Anthony Calhoun of WISH-TV after the 12-9 overtime victory. “There’s no such thing as a beautiful loss. So, to me, I know it was tough. But this win looks like a beauty to me. Raquel Welch times 40.”

Raquel Welch may not appreciate the comparison. She may like it even less than being fired for not using her arms while tap dancing.

Irsay acknowledged that the Colts indeed have some things to fix. Indeed they do. They’ve pulled a pair of wins out of their butts. That’s just not sustainable. And it’s definitely not pretty.

15 responses to “Jim Irsay: “There is no such thing as an ugly win”

  1. That game last night was about as entertaining as 2 turtles racing a mile. Turned it off after the first quarter. Last years pro bowl was more entertaining.

  2. Actually, Jim, there really is such a thing as an ugly win. I watched your Colts team get one last night. Wow, what a horrible game between two really lousy teams!

  3. An ugly win counts the same in the standings, just don’t hang a banner to commemorate it.

  4. It’s a win on a Thursday night on the road. It may not have looked pretty, but it’s a good win.

  5. The TNF win counts as much as any other win. It doesn’t change the obvious, ugliest truth, Matt Ryan, Frank Reich and the Colts are in serious trouble.

  6. He could have phrased that better — he shoulda said “while there may be ugly wins, there are no bad wins”.

  7. There’s no getting around it…that game was UGLY,and those 2 teams are AWFUL. Irsay should be very worried. Love the Seinfeld reference to Raquel Welch. It’s one of my favorite episodes.

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