K.J. Hamler: I could have walked in to the end zone if final pass had been thrown to me

Denver Broncos vs Indianapolis Colts during week 5 of the NFL season
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On the final play of Thursday night’s loss to the Colts, Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson threw an incomplete pass. Wilson never appeared to look to his right, where wide receiver K.J. Hamler was wide open for a game-winning touchdown.

After the game, Hamler acknowledged that he would have scored if Wilson had thrown it to him.

I could have walked in,” Hamler told James Palmer of NFL Network.

Hamler also told Palmer that he wasn’t the only Broncos receiver who was open on the play, and that he has no answer for why the Broncos keep missing golden opportunities in the red zone. Hamler also said he didn’t hear the post game speech from Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett because he was still standing on the field “trying to process everything.”

Clearly, Hamler is frustrated. He’s not the only one. The Broncos, who had Super Bowl aspirations, are now 2-3 and keep losing games they have opportunities to win.

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  1. Should have never traded for Russell Wilson, he was done years ago, 5 more years of this, ugh

  2. Glad my team didn’t give up a ton of picks, players and a huge contract for Russ. He stinks now.

  3. While absolutely true, I’m not sure the guy who you need to throw you the ball will appreciate the honesty.

    Wilson has looked totally cooked this year. I can’t blame Hackett for yesterday, Wilson and the receivers were on different pages all night and plenty of throws missed their targets.

    Take a victory lap Seattle.

  4. I’m starting to think Hackett is gone after this season. But after last night’s game, he might have a hotter seat than Matt Rhule and Kliff Kingsbury.

  5. Wilson is washed, that signing looks like a disaster.
    Hackett looks like a terrible hire too.

    Matt Ryan looks washed as well, but more concerning is the $$$ Indianapolis invested into a bad OL.

    Thursday Night Football as a product is hard to watch. Not even Michaels and Herbstreit can make a game like that interesting.

  6. The broncos traded for an older declining quarterback and then gave him a huge extension.

    This is going to set them back several years.

  7. I am not sure Hackett is going to last the year. Comments like these do not instill mental pictures of healthy locker rooms

  8. Broncos Country… Let’s hide. Throw wide. Let’s slide. Russ lied. Take your pick.

  9. Russell Wilson can’t see over the line. When are people going to wake up. He was a flash in the pan on Seattle who had one best defenses of all time. His skills are not translatable to normal football. The guy is going to get dominated by Mahomes and Herbert year in and year out. He’s not a franchise quarterback. He’s more of a celebrity than anything else.

  10. I’ve gotta say, after all of the Bronco fans’ big talking during the offseason, this is fun to watch!

  11. The big Hackett/Wilson experiment seems to be failing. Same game plan as the last 4 games. Run, Run, Pass……..3 and out. Week in and week out Hackett uses the same plays. He has no clue how to game plan on Wilson’ strengths.

  12. You all owe Pete an apology.

    Considering what he did with Russ and now Geno, he may not only be the best coach in the NFL, he may be the best coach EVER in the NFL.

  13. you could see how mad he was at Wilson.

    Wilson has been playing like a bum this season so far. I dont see him getting any better. He has a cap hit of 50 million in 2025. LOL. Broncos, you deserve this.

  14. A big part of Wilson’s game has been running and being elusive.take that away and he’s a drop back qb who is avg at best.
    Looks like Denver has become the graveyard of qb careers.

  15. Russell Wilson has played terrible all season, no wonder he had to get the huge deal done before they saw him in a game. Single handedly destroyed the Broncos for years to come. Just call him Rusty Untrusty. If I can see the open guy while half asleep on the couch, you’re playing pretty bad football. Why would a receiver resign with the Broncos while Rusty is there? Bye Juedy. Sutton has played his entire career there with a bad QB, they should trade him so he can catch well thrown passes.

  16. Seahawk fan here – RWilson is not the kind of QB that excels at locating the open or emerging receiver from the pocket. He is excellent at nearly everything else. His final was side-armed to miss a defender, on target, but well defended.

  17. The Seahawks fleeced the Broncos almost as bad as the Jets fleeced the Seahawks.

  18. I wonder what this means? Clearly there is a problem. I didn’t watch the game and do t know about things like the pass rush etc. but this is not the kind of thing I expected to read about Russell Wilson.

  19. I really wanted Russell Wilson to succeed. Maybe the Broncos can turn this thing around, but with that coach and the way Russell is playing…I doubt it. If Sean Payton isn’t injured in taking over immediately, perhaps bring in Darrell Bevell from Miami.

  20. I’m not sure what’s up with Wilson, but this isn’t the same guy I’ve seen the last 10 years. His accuracy is way off, and he looks panicked and confused out there.

  21. Look, the guy threw the worst pass in NFL history, so this can’t be a surprise.

    Not his biggest fan, definitely have some impressive stats on his resume’ but he’s not my flavor. I’ll continue to root against him and anyone else who handed New England a Super Bowl (talking to you Matt Ryan)

  22. It is obvious to everyone now that Russell Wilson isnt the same quarterback he was in Seattle.his huge contract with Denver seems to have turned him into a bottom of the league quarterback.its like he got his money and gone into semi retirement because the old Seahags Wilson would never have missed wide open recievers like this Broncos Wilson.who is this guy,where has the real Russell Wilson gone,has he locked himself in the bank vault with all his bags of fresh cash?

  23. Not sure if Ryan is washed up yet, the oline pass protection is a sieve and his receivers cannot seem to get ANY separation at all.

  24. The chants surrounding Wilson have gone from “Let Russ Cook”, to “Russ IS Cooked”! Denver paid a lot of draft capital for a bag of “magic beans”. He is horrible.

  25. Someone on twitter made a joke but maybe he was more right than he knew.

    We all assumed Wilson doesn’t throw the quick pass effectively because he has trouble seeing over the linemen.

    What if he simply can’t read defenses very well – even after all these years?

    That would explain a lot. His great plays over the years were largely sandlot, when reading the defense didn’t matter. It also explains why Carroll didn’t let Russ cook.

  26. Wilson is cooked. He can’t run anymore and that’s what his game was predicated on

    Hey Baltimore, take heed

  27. It may sound like hindsight- but I almost spit out my coffee when I read that this team had “super bowl aspirations”. I don’t remember anyone anywhere outside of Denver picking the Broncos to get anywhere near the super bowl.

  28. LOL Super Bowl?? i said this before even one game they wouldn’t win anymore games signing Russ. Everybody downvoted me EVERYBODY he’s washed up and has been for a couple of years. Fire the coach and the GM while we’re at it.

  29. KJ should have just kept it in house. It’s a long season, there is no to alienate your QB.

  30. Now we know why Hackett decided to kick the ball against Seattle, he knew Russ simply is not capable of making the play, correct read, when it counts. And K.J. expect Russ’s people to start attacking you until you are off the team, it is never ever Russ’s fault it might hurt his brand, which is all that matters him.

  31. I hope you stayed tuned for the postgame. Sherm was priceless! (And yes, he talked about _that_ play.)

  32. Sleepless in Denver just doesn’t have the right zing as a movie title, but it sure is true now.

  33. bostonblows says:
    October 7, 2022 at 9:42 am
    Look, the guy threw the worst pass in NFL history, so this can’t be a surprise.

    Not his biggest fan, definitely have some impressive stats on his resume’ but he’s not my flavor. I’ll continue to root against him and anyone else who handed New England a Super Bowl (talking to you Matt Ryan)

    You don’t dominate the NFL for 20 years by people “handing” you Super Bowls. It takes a massive amount of good work to get there and win, let alone getting there 9 times in 20 years, and being in the Championship game 13 times in 20 year. The other 7 years they were still a playoff team except for two season where they lost playoff tie breakers. You have to play for 60 minutes. The rosters are largely equal. You have to play well in critical situations and on critical plays. Clearly, the Patriots left you demoralized on many occasions, and it has damaged your psyche, and altered your view on life for the worse. That’s a shame. But keep up the good work.

  34. If you think he was a flash in the pan in Seattle because of the defense you obviously haven’t followed the Seahawks or watched him play.

    In the last 5 years in Seattle – you know after that defense was gone – he’s thrown for 165 TDs avg 3151 yards per season and a QB rating of 104.2.

    Even missing time last season he threw for 25 TDs, 3113 yards with 6 picks and a rating of 103.1.

    You don’t just drop from that to 82.8 without some help.

  35. Broncos vs Colts ” Must Not See TV” One of the most pitiful Games I have ever seen in 40 yrs of watching football, I wasted 3 hours of my life watching that trash . Sadly The Broncos Niners Game was just as bad. Cant believe My Niners lost to those bums .

  36. Pete Carroll knew how to manage Russell Wilson. Wilson wanted out and now he’s discovering the grass isn’t greener on the other side. But at least Seattle saved a lot of money and draft a new franchise QB and develop him behind an offensive line they couldn’t afford with Wilson

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