Russell Wilson: “I let the team down tonight”

Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos
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Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, after a lengthy delay following an overtime loss to the Colts, finally made his way to the podium. When he got there, he said the only thing he could have said.

“It’s very simple,” Wilson told reporters. “I’ve got to be better. I’ve got to play better. . . . Throwing two interceptions can’t happen. I let the team down tonight.”

He vowed to respond moving forward. “I don’t know any other way,” he said. “I’m always going to choose to understand that adversity is temporary.”

After rattling off the various problems that have hampered the offense, Wilson opted to view the glass as half full.

“When we eliminate those things, how great can we really be?” Wilson said.

He didn’t offer much detail regarding the two most important plays of the night — his red-zone interception late in the fourth quarter, and his failure to connect with receiver Courtland Sutton with the game on the line. The fact that receiver K.J. Hamler was wide open on the play didn’t come up during Wilson’s press conference.

If it had, Wilson surely would have found a way to spin it into a positive. Because that’s what he does.

“Nobody’s ever going to get me discouraged,” Wilson said.

He didn’t make any excuses, but he mentioned the shoulder injury that he suffered on Sunday and the short-week assignment to play again. He now has 11 days to heal and prepare to face the Chargers on Monday Night Football to cap Week Six.

Yes, we’ll be seeing the Broncos again soon in prime time. Over the next 12 games, four of the Broncos’ contests are scheduled to be stand-alone broadcasts.

76 responses to “Russell Wilson: “I let the team down tonight”

  1. The empty platitudes only go so far. Just shut up and play like someone that thinks he’s worth $250,000,000.

  2. Yeah, we know bro. We painfully watched it. You’re cooked. And the Broncos are absolutely screwed.

  3. A pick is the only thing you can’t do at that end of game drive. Incompletion, take a sack, short completion. Live to kick the field goal. Rookie mistakes from a guy making $45m? How many QBs would do that? Not even the worst of em. He looks so apathetic out there

  4. Quite possibly one of the steepest, quickest declines in NFL history. Top 5 QB to Top 40 QB in 24 months.

  5. At least he owned it. Horrible move by Denver. BB takes Mac Jones and Denver passed and took a corner where the valus isn’t there.

  6. Sadly that was one of the worst NFL game I’ve ever experienced. Shame on you Russ for failing on prime time. How many prime experiences do we have to suffer through before you are gone?!?!?!?!

  7. Russ got traded in his “prime” for a reason.

    He isn’t what he thinks he is.

  8. Ya think?

    What is it with russ’ coaches when they need a yard or two and don’t let him do back side roll outs.


  9. Yes you did. Sports fans love rooting for underdogs and LOVE rooting against franchises trying to just buy a championship. Don’t bother throwing your self under the bus. No one is going to give you pity. Haven’t seen this much stolen money in Colorodo since Jim Carrey and Jeff McDaniels walked around with that brief case.

  10. “When we eliminate those things, how great can we really be?”

    Russ, do you really want us to answer that?

  11. Broncos fan,

    Seahawks spanked us in a Super Bowl and now through a trade, congrats.

  12. Wilson looked horrendous. It was even more hilarious how they kept comparing him to Peyton almost the entire broadcast. What an embarrassing time to be a Broncos fan.

  13. With that defense, the Broncos could win with Case Keenum, Trevor Siemian, Joe Flacco, Bridgewater or Lock. But not with this criminally overrated franchise-killer who isn’t worth the tens of millions he’s being paid or the bevy of draft choices sacrificed. Wilson has brought a massive ego to the table and nothing else. Broncos fans left when the game was tied, because they knew this “partnership” between a dunderheaded coach and a disengaged, scattershot QB would find a way to lose.

  14. The NFL schedule makers must have a thing for water torture minus the water because that’s all we get watching the Broncos each week. Hats off to the the fans that were wise enough to leave early and get some sleep. It was probably after they fell asleep during the game and thought it’s time to go home for some beneficial rest. Let’s ride indeed. As in out of the stadium.

  15. “Over the next 12 games, four of the Broncos’ contests are scheduled to be stand-alone broadcasts.”

    Can anybody recomend something good on Netflix? I can’t sit through 4 more of those games. That was less fun than watching a tire fire.

  16. Has the offense actually improved since Teddy Bridgewater last year? We could’ve kept him and saved a ton of money for other new players

  17. you have to admit, it’s kind of entertaining seeing the donks in the red zone and trying to predict how they will screw that up.
    i was predicting an interception on the last play, kinda russel wilsons calling card.

  18. Russell Wilson isn’t good enough to save Nathaniel Hackett from his bad decisions.
    I’d bet Richard Sherman would agree with me.

  19. The bottom line?

    Wilson is not a prime-time player. He won his sole Superbowl on the backs of that historical defense and everyone knows it.

    There’s going to be, if not already, a lot of buyer’s remorse in Denver. That team is now shackled to Wilson, for better or worse, and I don’t think it ends well.

  20. Not a Broncos fan, but there’s a reason why Seattle cut ties with this guy.
    Unfortunately, the Broncos are now attached to the hip with him and his contract for years to come.

  21. Look at the bright side. Think of how much you can get done other than watching football during all those Denver stand alone games.

  22. You can help them by retiring and forfeiting the remainder of your contract if it’s really that important to you Russ.

  23. I’m a Bucs fan, but it’s weird seeing a blue blood franchise that’s gone like 10 super bowls or something be so incompetent. I’m 46, and games in Denver were always exciting. Last night is merely indicative of how they aren’t even the same franchise anymore since Pat Bowlen died. I think Bronco fans need to turn on YouTube right now to watch Elway, Terrell Davis and Shannon Sharpe to clean the pallet of this current trash reality

  24. As a Broncos fan, I’ve blamed the coach for the teams failures thus far. This is on Russell. The Seahawks won the trade. I’ll never understand why the Broncos gave Wilson an extension before he played a down of regular season football. Hackett and Wilson combined spell doom for Denver.

  25. Bailey Zappe > Russ Wilson + Matt Ryan.

    Last night’s Geritol Bowl was pathetic.

  26. When his LT goes down with a broken leg he doesn’t walk over, even bother looking. He turns around and goes to talk to the coach. Real class act there toward your blindside protector

  27. I wonder if Russell has an injury or illness that is undisclosed. He truly did not looks like himself. He was missing receivers widely all night — like they were not running the correct routes. Something is wrong in Denver.

  28. Russ(LOOK AT ME) doesn’t care let the team and Bronco nation down. He want the $$$$.

  29. Bronco’s Country – Let’s ride! Lol. I understand the Donkey’s trading for Russ as their QB cupboard has been bare for a while but I don’t understand the huge contract they gave him. Russs has looked shakey for a while now and I don’t know why anyone would throw tons of money his way. His contract falls right in line with the other two mistakes this summer: Kyler Murray and Deshaun Watson.

  30. This is another reason (besides potential injury – see all the discussion regarding Lamar Jackson contract)) that you don’t give someone a fully guaranteed contract. Russ is done. Good new is the Broncos don’t really owe him 250 million. I believe the contract is only guaranteed for about 125 million.

  31. When a once very good nfl quarterback named Russell Wilson gets a huge new contract with another team and then turns into George Wilson, Dennis Mitchells neighbor you know it wont work out in Seattle.the fans said not long ago all we need is a good quarterback to get back to the playoffs,well its obvious they need much more than a qb.good luck with that,eh.

  32. If he had gotten sacked 8 times for holding the ball too long in addition to his bad performance you would have had the FULL Carson Wentz experience.

    Stop your complaining.

    Signed, Washington Fans

  33. Not wanting to see the Broncos in prime time any longer is something that could unite us all!

  34. sabrastang says:
    October 7, 2022 at 10:05 am
    We have to watch this team on MNF next?! How many primetime games did they get?

    Who doesn’t slow down to look at a car accident?

  35. As a life long Chiefs fan who had to suffer through the Elway era (I was at the 97 playoff game when Elway beat my Chiefs and they went on to win their 1st Superbowl) the Manning era and the horrible Chiefs era before Andy came to town, I am loving every minute of the Donks misfortunes. The media pumped you guys up so much before the season, but if you had been paying attention you knew this Denver team who hasn’t had a winning season since 2015 wasn’t nothing more than a .500 team at best.

  36. I have to admit, many Broncos’ fans did question giving Wilson the big extension before he had played a game.

    I bet in the background, team3 was demanding it though.

  37. I’m not going to overreact to Russell’s poor start. There is too much of the season left to write him off, just yet. However, the poor play can only help the Seahawks with better draft picks…….

    I was surprised to hear the home crowd booing their QB throughout the game. Further surprised that as it went into overtime, there was a steady stream leaving the stadium. The one thing Denver ( actually all Teams) needs is support from the fans. Turning on a QB just 5 games into the season is tough sledding. Russell’s contract runs through 2028 with the next 3 seasons already guaranteed.

  38. Wonder if it isn’t too late for the Waltons to re-sell the Broncos back to the Bowlen family & to trade Wilson back to the Seahawks & trade for Baker Mayfield. Mayfield definitely needs a fresh start again.

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