Sean McVay: Rams may need to use silent count at home with big Cowboys crowd in L.A.

Los Angeles Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys
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The Rams are playing at home on Sunday, but it might not sound like it.

Rams head coach Sean McVay said today that his team is practicing its silent counts and working through crowd noise issues with the expectation that a large number of Cowboys fans will make themselves heard at SoFi Stadium.

Noise from opposing fans has been an ongoing concern for McVay at SoFi Stadium. Before the NFC Championship Game in January, McVay urged Rams fans not to sell their tickets, as he was concerned that Rams fans would be outnumbered by 49ers fans. During the teams’ regular-season battle at SoFi Stadium, the visiting 49ers crowd forced the Rams to use silent counts on offense.

The Rams have been playing loud music during practices to get the offensive players ready for the loud noise that Cowboys fans are likely to make on Sunday.

30 responses to “Sean McVay: Rams may need to use silent count at home with big Cowboys crowd in L.A.

  1. I don’t get why they built that stadium when both teams have such a small fan base That’s one problem that’s never gonna go away

  2. LA is not big on NFL. They have dodgers, college football, Lakers and tons of other stuff to do.

  3. Don’t care what anyone says. LA is not an NFL town. When the defending Super Bowl champs has to use a silent count at home is embarrassing.

  4. No matter whose fans fill up the stadium, Kroenke can laugh his way to the bank and spend all their money just the same.

  5. Couldn’t imagine having to use the silent count at home but it is ridiculous this is a concern for a team that just won the Super Bowl.

  6. La has lots of Raiders fans, but even when the Raiders were there it seemed like they didn’t sell a ton of tickets.

  7. Why should LA fans support the Rams? They abandoned LA for St Louis and the money years ago. Now they return for the money. Money doesn’t buy loyalty. They don’t deserve fan support.

  8. All that excessive fan noise is because people are screaming in agony due to lack of AC.

  9. If a team routinely needs a silent count in its own stadium, maybe that city shouldn’t have an NFL team, much less two.

  10. makes all their wins more impressive because they essentially have 17 road games…You have to understand most people who live in LA moved from somewhere else…I can remember going to Angel games in the 70’s and there were always more Red Sox, Yankee, and Tiger fans then Angel fans…no different today.

  11. The Lakers and Dodgers are the only sports that matter in LA, not the RAMS or Chargers!!!!

  12. What happens when the Rams and Chargers play at SoFi every few years? Can they fill a stadium? How are season ticket licenses handled?

  13. It’s not really accurate to say that cowboys fans travel well; 90% of the fan base is leftover front runner fan hood from the 90s, and none of whom are actually from Texas.

  14. Reap what you sow. The NFL was happy to exploit an empty LA market as leverage everywhere to pillage other taxpayers for new stadiums. Same with allowing the Raiders to come and go willy-nilly. And not having any team allowed for 5 games per Sunday help drive higher broadcast contracts to penetrate the country’s #2 TV market. So we have a full generation of NFL fans who chose whatever team struck their TV fancy. Having the Rams and Chargers in LA has actually made NFL Sunday TV worse due to the NFL territory rules. We never get the best Sunday matchups anymore. So what do the locals do? They invest in season tickets in order to resell to all the adopted foreign team fans and then head off to enjoy the SoCal beach weather.

  15. I love it when all those Cowboys fans to come to LA to see the same old sorry Cowboys lose to my Rams.

  16. The Rams have no chance to ever win a super bowl if they’re in L.A. Oh wait. Let me crawl out from under this rock. OMG! The Rams are the current World Champs, and they did it in L.A. Wake up people. Did you hear the Rams are World Champions? Put down the pipe.

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