What’s wrong with Russell Wilson?

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Yes, Russell Wilson is struggling. Spotting that is the easy part. The hard part is understanding what’s wrong, and figuring out whether it can be fixed.

It’s become obvious over the past couple of years that Wilson lacks the mobility that he once deployed on a regular basis. Either he no longer has it, or he has become reluctant to use it.

We’ve seen flashes of it, primarily during the game-winning drive against the 49ers to cap Week Three. But he doesn’t use it nearly enough. He doesn’t pull the ball down and run like he once did, and he doesn’t use his skills behind the line of scrimmage to extend plays and buy time.

He also doesn’t seem to be going through his progressions, at least not in key moments. Instead, he’s locking onto one receiver and throwing the ball that player’s — covered or not.

Last night, it happened late in the fourth quarter, when the third-and-four play with 2:19 to go was intended (as coach Nathaniel Hackett explained it after the game) for receiver Jerry Jeudy. Wilson instead threw to the end zone, allowing Colts cornerback Stephon Gilmore to make an easy interception.

And then, in overtime, it happened again. Wilson didn’t try to buy time with his legs. He never considered running. He never saw a wide-open receiver K.J. Hamler. He threw again at Gilmore. And that was that.

It’s more than just a couple of lapses. Wilson is becoming before our eyes a fallen franchise quarterback. That rarely happens in football. Once a quarterback becomes great, he stays great until he retires. Wilson’s greatness has diminished to the point that some will now wonder if he ever really had much of it.

But he did. The challenge for the Broncos, who are stuck with Wilson through at least 2025 due to his massive new contract, is to find a way to bring it back. It starts with coaching. Designing and selecting plays to get the most out of Wilson. Coaching him aggressively to do what he used to do in Seattle.

That’s the first order of business. As Sean Payton suggested earlier this week, the Broncos need to look at what Wilson did well in Seattle, and they need to do it in Denver.

Wilson also needs to consider modifying his approach to the media. His well-manicured remarks have always seemed more than a little contrived. Most kept their mouths shut about it, when he was thriving on the field. Now that he’s struggling, it will be open season for folks to say out loud the things many had long believed.

And if he doubles down on his “let’s ride” antics, Wilson runs the risk of becoming a caricature of himself. Last night, his glass-half-full aspirations rang more hollow than ever. It isn’t an aberration. It’s becoming a trend.

The trend can change. But that requires Wilson to change. And that requires the coaching to change. Not a coaching change. A change in coaching. If, however, the coaching doesn’t change, the only thing to do is change coaches.

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  1. He’s overrated played with great d when they were wining in seatttle. He’s now a diva that’s over the hill.

  2. The chants surrounding Wilson have gone from “Let Russ Cook”, to “Russ IS Cooked”! Denver paid a lot of draft capital for a bag of “magic beans”. He is horrible.

  3. He’s like the majority of NFL players. When they get paid and plenty of it’s guaranteed they simply don’t care about whether or not they win. Same with the owners. As long as the owners bank account grows. Jerruh is a prime example. Championships haven’t mattered to him since he fired Jimmy Johnson.

  4. As a 49er fan I’ve been saying that Wilson’s pocket elusiveness that made him a nightmare to defend is largely gone for the last 2-3 years. Early in his career I would dread when the 49ers played Seattle because he made life hell for the defense. Now that he’s not elusive in the pocket the fear of playing against him his gone. He’s definitely better than he’s shown but he’ll never be a top level QB again.

  5. Aging sandlot player who relied on his athleticism has lost a step and had to learn a new more complicated offense.

    Russ looks confused and can’t extend the plays as well with his legs anymore. Quick decisions were never his calling card. He doesn’t know where to go with the ball so he either takes to long or locks onto Sutton and throws it to him no matter what.

    He can’t just tell the receivers to go deep, run around in the backfield, and chuck it up anymore.

    That Reliant Recovery Water scam he was pushing a few years back obviously doesn’t work.

  6. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with Russell’s approach to reporters. “Well manicured” can better described as the proper approach.

    Russell has never been negative and has never thrown his teammates or coaches under the bus. That is exactly what a leader should do.

  7. It’s not what’s wrong. This is who the guy is. He was a third round pick for a reason. He had about a 5 year shelf life on a rookie deal surrounded by some of the best players in football and Pete Carroll’’s plan worked almost to perfection minus the brain fart play call that led to the interception and loss to the Patriots. The mistake was continuing to pay this guy. He’s more concerned about looking cool wearing shades at a night time tennis match at the US Open than playing football.

  8. This scenario is similar to what happened with Cam Newton. Mobility is a core competency of each player, and as they have aged, they have moved down from extremely mobile to above-average. They cannot play the way they are accustomed at that level of mobility. Wilson either has to change his game to adjust for this, or he’ll wind up out of the league like Newton.

  9. The same thing that is wrong with Matty Ice; incompetent team is causing the frustration to build. Even when things do go right there’s a penalty or somebody drops the ball, the TD pass that was dropped for example. There’s no rhythm at all with the team, zero. They need to seriously sit down and evaluate their scheme if they want to succeed.

  10. Maybe Pete Carroll is the person responsible for making him look so “great”.

  11. He was never a pure “passer”, just a mobile guy who could throw & whose mobility allowed his receivers to time get open….eventually.

  12. Pete Carroll saw the decline and knew it was time to move on. Denver was too enamored and got fleeced. Multiple draft picks topped off by a bad contract.

  13. Stay the course. No need to change thing now.
    You’re doing great.

    Best wishes,
    John S. and Pete C.

  14. Pete got the best out of him like he is with Geno. And he knew so, that is why he let Russ walk. He was never that good at QB.

  15. Russell Wilson is not a pocket passer; his “Legacy” plan to play until 45 BS requires him to be a pocket passer. He is screwing his Legacy by chasing Legacy that he can’t be. We’ve witnessed this for the last ~30 games. Unless he goes back to being a dual threat QB, utilizing his legs to generate space he is cooked.

  16. Brady DIVA-ITIS.

    Brady, Rodgers, Wilson….And who knows who is next. But, if you don’t think Brady trying to be the MeBron James of the NFL is not trickling down to others who make 30-40 mil per, you’re sorely mistaken.

    There was no way BB was going to allow Brady to become the GM in NE. Wasn’t gonna happen, Kraft agreed and the door was shown.

    Denver made a collossal blunder here. They could be really bad for years with loss of the draft picks and no ability to develop a young QB.

    Mahomes is a possible threat to succumb to the disease as well. We’ll see.

    The stories about Wilson storming out of Carroll’s office 2 years ago are true. Absolutely. All the drama queen Giselle-induced stories we’ve heard and are hearing about Brady’s drama antics are true. It’s not fake, it’s not a mirage. Guerrero exsits, Brady retiring and unre-tiring, the constant documentatries to try to control a narrative, as he’s still playing, etc. I mean, it’s just creepy. Who makes multiple sports documentaries about themselves while they’re still playing? It’s never been done before in sports history and no one in Brady’s life pulls him aside to intervene with the ego. Brady and Giselle think it’s perfectly normal behavior to pretend they’re above everyone in a team sport, unable to be held accountable.

    Once the goes, it goes. It’s right off the rails. Kraft and Belichick saw it and got out from underneath it, wisely so.

    Brady won in a sense that he ended up not being traded to a middling or bad franchise, but make no mistake, this is clearly now an ego diva problem and it was started by Tom Brady.

    Russell Wilson has alreaady turned that corner living in his self induced Russell Wilson World.


  17. Nothing. He will waltz off into the sunset with at least an extra 150 million in his back account regardless of what happens. Let’s Ride.

  18. i am guessing thats a joke of a question, right? the question should be what did the bronco’s see in russ? he was a top tier game manager when he had beast mode and a crushing D. back then they had to stack the box to stop the run and he could use his legs to get yards or extend the plays since there was a lot of man coverage and the advantage goes to the WR when in man and the qb is scrambling so he looked great running around waiting for a wr tog et open. now he is not as mobile due to age, they are not stacking the box, arm strength is going (as you could see last night) and defenses have seen hm play so long they know how to hide coverages and play him. he has a few flashy plays each game but you cant build a winning team around that. i am surprised a qb with his time in the league is seeming to have such difficulty reading d’s and progressing down his options, maybe they should have put a study clause in his new contract. i look at it this way, if a team has had a guy as long as seattle had russ then they know him pretty well, good, bad, whatever they know him as as player and person and when a team is ready to get rid of that player it says something very revealing. it says that team thinks the player is expenddable and usually outlived their usefullness, other teams should take caution but thye never do for some reason. if the packers thought rodgers was washed up they would not have re sogned him, mvp’s or not. seattle felt he was washed up and denver needing to make a splash for the pottential new opwners jumped at the opportunity to get another over the hill peyton manning, but russ is no peyton and they are in a jam going fwd. i think russ thought he was peyton as well and would go out on top a mile high in denver!

  19. Wilson plays like he’s afraid of getting hurt. He no longer runs much, makes horrible decisions, and Seattle is laughing hysterically over how they ripped off the Broncos. “Let’s ride?” Seriously? Ride what…the first bus out of town? How much are they paying this guy? If he is as “Christian” as he claims to be he should be giving Denver their money back. Wilson just isn’t very good any longer…if he EVER was. Without all those great Defenses he would have just been an average QB. Now he’s a terrible one, and his coach isn’t any better. Poor Denver fans. Are they SURE Payton still can’t suit up for them again. Even retired, he’d be a better QB than Russ the Diva. And a better COACH than the one they have now, too….

  20. As a 49er fan I’ve been saying that Wilson’s pocket elusiveness that made him a nightmare to defend is largely gone for the last 2-3 years. Early in his career I would dread when the 49ers played Seattle because he made life hell for the defense. Now that he’s not elusive in the pocket the fear of playing against him his gone. He’s definitely better than he’s shown but he’ll never be a top level QB again.______________________________________________________________________________________

    I agree with this 100%. Wilson consistently did the same thing to my Vikings even at their defensive peak in 2015-2017. Go watch him falling down and getting up scrambling throwing what was essentially the game winning TD pass in the 2015 Blair Walsh wildcard game.

  21. Hurts when you don’t have skilled wide receivers like DJ Metcalf or Lockett to catch your passes & get yards after the catch.

  22. Russel Wilson is a tireless self promoter. He has suckered everyone for years with his carrying on about himself as a leader. He’s not great. He’s mediocre. The Broncos have been swindled by him and the Seahawks.

  23. Maybe it’s been the system and not the QB all along. Geno Smith did just win NFC offensive player of the week after all.

  24. We are four weeks into the season and y’all have already talked about a coaching change in Denver half a dozen times.

  25. Somewhere in AZ Kyler Murray is seething right now bc he knows that 3rd contract like RW3 just got became much more elusive ..

  26. He’s not the same player when he’s totally locked in the pocket. And it looks like the late (and usually bad) playcalls from Hackett are leaving him confused. Last night was the first game he looked outright bad. The 2 INTs were horrific. The second one at an absolutely crucial time when not throwing a pick should have been the number one priority and the first one was a totally blind throw into coverage where he overthrew by like 3 yards.

  27. He has the physical tools to be great and says all of the right stuff all the time, but now lacks “the it” that he once had that makes successful QBs successful. That combined with his weird passive-aggressive/aloof attitude that seemingly makes it hard for him to connect with his fellow players, plus the trainwreck that Hackett has been, and things are looking grim in Denver.

  28. As a long time Hawks’ fan there’s always been disagreement as to why he can’t quickly get rid of the ball like many of the great QBs do. Seems like he always struggled to find guys open while those other QBs always had someone open for 5 yards who would then run another 6 or 7.

    One theory was he’s too short and couldn’t see them. Another was he wanted to be a hero and throw the bomb.

    Of course for years his elusiveness and running ability negated much of the need for short quick passes but ages catches up to all of us and he’s lost a step.

    On twitter someone joked that maybe he can’t read defenses very well. Although meant to be funny, maybe he was on to something. Maybe Wilson’s problem is just that – he can’t read defenses well enough to quickly identify who will have the advantage and be open immediately. It explains both his reluctance to throw quickly and that he thrives after the play breaks down more so than before.

  29. He was never a QB that was going to light up the score board. Not every QB is Rodgers or Mahomes and if you value them like you are the rest of the team will suffer. Wilson was great when he had a dominate defense and run game. Lots of QBs look great when they have that and will fool their franchise into paying them like it was all them. Joe Flacco got one of these deals.

    This idea that you have to do everything you can to get a QB causes over spending and the results won’t be good.

  30. Watching Wilson’s regression is exactly why Kaepernick isn’t in the NFL. It has nothing to do with blackballing or kneeling or protests. It has everything to do with a completely ineffectual passer once the legs are gone.

    He was never a drop-back passer even in his best seasons. He made plays with his legs.

    To rely on CK now that he’s relegated to a drop back passer…..no way! He never had the accuracy or the ability to read defenses.

    That is why no team has taken a chance.

  31. IDK. I’m not buying the “Russ is done” narrative.
    He really WAS a very elusive, effective, clutch QB.
    I haven’t been studying him closely in the past couple of years, but he really WAS a franchise QB.
    Seems very “chicken little” to declare him a suddenly totally incompetent QB after 3 losses.

  32. Nothing is wrong with him. This is who he is.
    Whenever they let him “cook” he ends up burning up the kitchen.

    When Seattle did, it was the same results, now with Denver too.
    When Seattle made him play within their scheme, and didn’t change it to let him “cook” they were great.

  33. He always acts and talks like he’s been a Tier 1 (Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes) franchise QB. He was never anything but Tier 2, at best, and these days, he’s barely in that category. Denver is a mess.

  34. Remember when you Bronco’s fans laughed about Seahawks entering QB Hades while you were leaving it?


    If I had said that Denver’s biggest problem this year will be that their offense is terrible and Seahawks biggest problem will be that their defense is terrible, who would have believed it?

  35. whats wrong with russ? its called “i got paid a ton of guaranteed cash so i can phone it in”

  36. Now you know why Aaron Rogers didn’t want to go to Denver. That roster isn’t as “stacked” as everyone wanted you to believe. Plus the coaching is horrendous.

  37. I would add that not only the coaches watch what went well in Seattle for Russ but the OL and WRs as well. In Seattle the play would break down and Russ would find a WR still running. The OL understood that on a pass play there’s a potential for Russ to extend the play so they learned not to hold and to continue their blocks as best they could and allow Russ to escape. It seems the Denver OL and WR are not used to extending the play and continuing to move. Once they all figure each other out they will look better

  38. Seattle saw what they had and knew that Wilson was not the same player. Denver’s defense is good and they thought they were QB away from making a run. I think Denver felt desperate to get a QB after their draft flops and not getting Aaron Rodgers in free agency. I think the desperation led to them to ignore some of issues we have been seeing the past few years with Russ. Mike Lombardi speaks out of both sides of his mouth sometimes, but has been consistent that Russ is not the same player.
    I think with better coaching, which Russ was rejecting in Seattle, Russ can win again.
    I liked the comment last night that Aaron Rodgers got two bad coaches head Coach jobs this year.

  39. Pretty easy to see hes washed up. Huge over-reach for Denver to sign him . Seattle is very happy right now Geno has better numbers than Russ after 4 games.

  40. He has hit the cliff, his best attributes were agility and being elusive to hit those late breaking open players after 5 or 6 seconds. He was never a TB12, Aaron, Drew go through the reads, hit the correct receiver in 2 or 3 seconds type of passer. Now that his quickness has gone his lack of ability to read the field, seems like all his passes are late or too high, is coming to light and why Seattle, basically got highway robbery for an used-up QB, in reality did not want him anymore. Sucks for Denver, but it doesn’t matter what coach they get, Russ is now more of a dishwasher/ table busser instead of the cook.

  41. Wilson will be fine. I think you can point the finger directly at the ineptitude of the coaching staff, an entirely new offense and language, and not having receivers do the 5-alarm scramble drill. Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, Lockett and Metcalf were all well schooled in running around to get open while Wilson was running around buying time. He still can buy time but Sutton and Jeudy appear clueless on how to extend plays.

    The chemistry will take maybe the bulk of this season to dial in

  42. I think everyone sees the problem. Russell is back to his 2012 form, except he doesn’t have the legs to be effective like he was as a rookie. Think about it; back then, everyone was saying that Russell was “nothing more than a game manager”. Russ was barely above good in the passing game and his rushing yardage made up for it. Over time, Russell Wilson has worked very hard to develop as much into a pocket passer as he possibly could. And so far this season, the wide receivers for Denver haven’t been as clutch on the sideline passes as Lockett or Doug Baldwin always were for Wilson in Seattle. Ultimately, this is multiple problems from Russ not being as mobile, not a great supporting cast, and absolutely horrendous head coaching. All of that adds up to Wilson getting off to the worst start in his career. He will play better over the season, because Russell is NOTHING if not stubborn. The only thing that will derail that progress is injuries. And the OL has not been great at keeping him upright.

  43. This is literally the same Russell Wilson from the past few years. He just played in Alaska so eyeballs weren’t as focused on him and Pete knew how to hide his weaknesses.

    He can’t really read defenses, make progressions, too short to throw over the middle, panics and freezes in the pocket, and is no longer mobile. If you can coach around all that, he still throws a pretty deep ball.

  44. Denver’s running game sucks. Many QBs are great with a great RB or two. Russ was with Beast Mode, and look at the insane numbers Tannehill put up going to the AFCCG when Henry was unstoppable. This whole model of running is worthless, QBs are worth $50mill per, is broken.

  45. I’m sure there’s all the NFL offensive linemen didn’t want to play for Russ. Cuz he hold the ball too long and dancing around that make them look bad.

  46. This trend of teams getting fleeced trading for old overrated QBs started w Stafford and will now prob end w Wilson.

  47. Locking in on the first receiver is also a sign that he doesn’t trust his O-line to hold up while he goes through his progressions to find his other receivers.

  48. He’s a soon to be 34 year old quarterback who played in Seattle with an elite supporting cast on both sides of the ball. With skills diminishing, a lesser supporting cast and coach in over his head, the future does not look bright.

  49. What’s wrong? Gianormous head and tiny brain? Gianormous bank account no desire to play? Gianormous head busy planning interviews? Rusty and Untrusty!!! His receivers don’t like him? Why wopuld they? WRs miss Locke!

  50. Sean Payton should watch 2021 Hawks film and try to find things Russ still does well to use in game planning. Denver won’t over react and fire their GM in season, but that was a terrible trade. Clearly the GM didn’t watch any game film.

  51. A running back has a shelf life of 30 while a pocket QB can play a decade longer, like Brady and Brees. Logically a running QB is going to be somewhere in the middle, or more likely closer to the rb. Russ is 33, do the math.

  52. A strong-armed QB who loses his deep toss still has to throw downfield a time or two to keep defenses honest; to make them think it’s in the game plan. Likewise, Wilson has to run early to forces defenses to account for it throughout the game.

  53. Wilson was never the intended QB for this team. They always believed they would get Rogers and they would go back to a Manning/John Fox/Adam Gase formula where Manning was the default OC. Wilson was the back-up plan all along and is miscast with a HC who really (probably) wasn’t all that skilled in GB as it might have appeared.

  54. He’s got CKS (Colin Kaepernick Syndrome – a problem of not being as good as propagandized).

  55. Nothing is wrong with him. He’s what he is. A me first player first and foremost. Hand the ball to Lynch in the super bowl and they win. But lynch would have won mvp so he couldn’t do it. Now that he’s got his contract he seems perfectly content being a celebrity over a football player. He’s aging, which doesn’t bode well for a running qb. They’re like rb’s, you ride them hard til a certain age then dump them. Perfectly played by Seattle. If he were a 6’3” pocket passer he’d be in his prime. But the wheels are getting slower each season. He’ll still have some flashes here and there but he’s going to continue to decline each of the next 5 years.

  56. Wilson’s game is sand-lot football….everyone go deep. He likes to run around until he sees an opening. Wilson’s apparently hasn’t ever been able to read defenses. The running around negated the need to learn about defenses.

    Now, Wilson is trying to be a pocket passer……and he can’t pull it off.

  57. As pointed out (Colin Cowherd show), Hackett wants Wilson to be a pocket, rhythm passer and Wilson thinks that will extend his career.
    But at 5 feet 10 inches, Wilson does not make a good pocket passer and probably never will.
    Quite a mess…

  58. jamaltimore says:
    October 7, 2022 at 10:47 am
    He’s overrated played with great d when they were wining in seatttle. He’s now a diva that’s over the hill.


    How does playing with a good defense helped him have a 106 passer rating when he was in Seattle?

  59. Pete Carroll didn’t let Wilson go without good reason. He figured a Geno Smith could perform better, and he was right. Any team that doesn’t exercise a major application of caveat emptor when trading for or signing an aging QB deserves what they get.

  60. There was a throw during the 4th quarter where Wilson had jeudy open for a potential TD. Instead, he overthrew jeudy by quite a bit. He doesn’t have it. His numbers have always been good, but is there any evidence Wilson could carry an offense/team on his own? Everybody used to point out the bad o-line in Seattle. Other the TB12 in tampa, there is no QB that has perfect circumstances at every offensive position. Wilson needs more help (like a HOF RB) than the other elite QBs. Maybe it’s time to admit Wilson was overrated.

  61. “As a long time Hawks’ fan there’s always been disagreement as to why he can’t quickly get rid of the ball like many of the great
    QBs do…”

    Russ wants to become the all-time leader is QBR like he was in college. That means he chooses to take a sack over throwing the damned ball away more often than not.

    He’s #4 at the moment; wan #2 not too long ago; and he hopes to rebound in the future. If he chose to throw 4-yard passes to outstanding RBs, TEs, and WRs; Russ would easily win more games. He still has an excellent arm and throws a fabulous long ball when he has lots of time. Can you see the problem?

  62. Wilson reminds me of Jeff Blake, who went to the Pro Bowl throwing jump balls to Carl Pickens and had a great RB in Cory Dillon. When that ended, he was just a guy.

    Without Lynch and the Seattle D. Wilson is just a guy…
    Not hating on him, he does a lot of good things.
    He was never one of the top QBs in the league as evidence by never getting one MVP vote.

  63. Chalk up another team that has the QB of the future. Wilson contract runs for 6 years with a dead cap number in 2023 of 107,000,000 and a 2024 of 85,000,000 . He is all yours baby. First Denver sold their sole to try to get Rodgers by hiring Hackett and then the doubled down on it and gave a huge contract to someone who might be over the hill. Don’t look good.

  64. This whole model of running is worthless, QBs are worth $50mill per, is broken.

    People keep SAYING its broken.

    And NFL personnel men keep paying top QBs $50mil/per.

  65. wiijii says:
    October 7, 2022 at 11:09 am
    Somewhere in AZ Kyler Murray is seething right now bc he knows that 3rd contract like RW3 just got became much more elusive ..

    Yeah except for the fact Kyler Murray is much better than Wilson is. Murray hasn’t had a grip of his weapons to start the year and is still getting it done in AZ unlike Russ who’s all of his receivers and just sucks. Murray was a top 5 ranked passer last year and ranked as arguably the best deep passer in the league. Dude is a 2x Pro Bowler his first three seasons and is one of the best QBs through his first three years in league history. Murray will be just fine. Something tells me all these people leaving these kind of delusional comments about Kyler will get real quiet n suddenly disappear in the coming weeks when his receivers are back on the field.

  66. Please now! According to the great Colin Cowherd he thinks he’s a top five QB. Colin thinks he is better than Aaron Rodgers! Who should I believe here? Trending with the Great Herd on this one!

  67. Fallen franchise QBs almost always happen. Very few QBs (or athletes period) quit on top. Heck, Peyton Manning was a shadow of himself in 2015 (mainly due to injuries).

  68. Seems to me guy has mentally moved on from football and is more focused on being a brand and his other efforts outside the field. Dude got his ring and now just plays for the notoriety and cash

  69. Is he even HOFer ?! If so, which ballot ??!!

    If he doesn’t get to 50,000 yards and 400 tds, he has no shot.

  70. Anyone who watched any Russell Wilson the two years who thought this wasn’t inevitable is a fool. The fact that actual NFL people didn’t understand that is absolutely wild. Russ has looked average or slightly below for some time. I think he’s probably not as done as he has looked so far, but I don’t think there’s necessarily a lot of upside there.

  71. Wilson wants to be talked about in the same conversation with Rodgers and Brady. It’s been that way even before he was sitting with Goodell and Ciara at the SuperBowl while Mahomes and Brady were playing in it. Brady and Rodgers are not viewed as running quarterbacks. So Russell does not want to be known as a running quarterback. But Russell’s vision of himself and of his legacy take precedence over teamwork.

  72. Russ is a fraud, he always has been. He was able to pull a rabbit out of a hat for a few years. Now that everyone has seen that trick a million times, they knows how it works. So he tried to change his routine and try something else and now he is getting tomato’s thrown at him (more accurately than he is throwing passes to his receivers). He is also more of a celebrity in his own head than he actually is, which is why no one is defending him. He’s always had an ego and now it’s 200+ million % bigger.

  73. A lot of silly people in the comments. Idk what his problem is, but he’s making mistakes that he he never has before with his reads and forcing throws

  74. Buyer beware also applies to GM’s. Wilson’s star was fading the past two seasons. It wasnt just the team around him but he was part of it as well due to other teams knowing his stick and his lack of mobility of late.
    Seattle was letting him go for a reason. Wish the Packers had shipped out Rodgers and Adams both and used the picks to rebuild quickly with quality players.

  75. Years ago he was bragging how he was going to play into his 40’s too like Brady. Ya he wont make 38 the way he is fading fast

  76. “How does playing with a good defense helped him have a 106 passer rating when he was in Seattle?”

    QBs with great defenses have an advantage. Great defenses keep the score close, so the QB doesn’t have to play hero ball.

  77. Simple really, as learned to talk the talk in this media age but the bod can no longer walk the walk … but he got one sucker team to pony up the big bucks while he goes chuck chuck dang I can’t believe they fell for it with some astounding position necessity n my great luck .. so lets see if it gets turned around in a season or three.

  78. “Murray was a top 5 ranked passer last year”

    Nope. He was #8 leaste year in quarterback ratings and #7 in QBR. He’s a good quarterback, but he’s still not as good a Rodgers, Burrow, Mahomes, Herbert, Allen and others.

  79. There are 4 QBs in NFL history with passer ratings above 100 for their career. Wilson is one of them. He played for years with a bad line and mediocre targets. DK and Lockett were only together for about 46 of his 158 regular season starts in Seattle. He’s a better Drew Brees. He’s not playing well right now. Denver’s entire offense is a mess as well. They don’t have a real preseason so this has to also be preseason with his new team. Pile on all you want. He’s still a first ballot HoF QB on merit.

  80. Cooper Rush is a better QB than Wilson this year and he went unclaimed on waivers before Prescott got hurt.

  81. Wilson has a lost a few steps mobility wise.He always played the sandlot type of football that forced the defense to spy him in case he ran for a first down, but that is no longer the case. Wilson needs to become a better pocket passer. The great QB’s that play into their late 30’s and 40’s are able to throw from the pocket. Wilson has good weapons in Denver with Sutton and Jeudy but he needs to focus on his 3rd and 4th options.

  82. Most of these commenters need to acquaint themselves with profootballreference.com; they’ll discover a few facts that contradict much of the above. Wilson was always surrounded by a great supporting cast and top notch defense: really? Over the last five seasons with Seattle, their defense was atrocious! For about half the seasons Wilson was in Seattle, their running game ranged from average to rock bottom. In 2016 they were 25th in the league in rushing yards; in 2017 they were 23rd and had only 4 rushing touchdowns! The Seahawks front office was pilloried for taking years to rebuild what was a horrible offensive line. And there hasn’t been any noticeable decline in his play after his rookie contract expired. His qb ratings (I know these are imperfect, but they do show trend lines) have been steady from his rookie year through 2021. Also, he’s no more than a 1/2 inch shorter than Drew Brees, and he was primarily a pocket passer. I don’t know exactly what the problems are in Denver this year, but it is too early to write Wilson off.

  83. You’re making it sound easy to change teams and play well. Actually, it’s rare for an offensive skill player to change teams and thrive. The few that have done it — Brady, Brees, P. Manning, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss (1 for 3?) — are all time greats, the rarest of the rare. Okay, Stefon Diggs has done well and Tyreek has been looking good in Miami.

    But the number of good players that change teams and don’t thrive is just about everyone else. Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, OBJ (think Browns, not last 4 games with Rams), Matt Ryan, Devante Adams, AJ Green, Allen Robinson, Joe Flacco, Jarvis Landry, Baker Mayfield, and so on. I bet Deshaun Watson is disappointing on the field too, when he gets there.

  84. Anyone not believing the “Wilson stormed out of Carroll’s office” 2 years ago isn’t paying attention.

    That was the first sign the Diva-itis that Brady was showing in NE, was taking over. Brady avoided not getting dealt to some team he didn’t want to go to, even though I don’t believe BB would do that to him, but the media is glossing over the Brady, Rodgers, Wilson, diva behavior with their SB rings and big contracts, and “status” as an NFL QB.

    In other words, Brady acting the way he did in 2018 and 2019 in NE, is now WHY Rodgers is toying this the Packers fans and why Seattle had to quietly deal Wilson away.

    Rodgers and Wilson weren’t doing this stuff 3 years ago, but they are doing it now. Their prime focus is their image and Brand. That’s why Rodgers does his stuff, Wilson his and Brady is constantly using social media to over-promote himself. As if Tom Brady needs to even do that? That’s why Kraft/BB walked. The obsession of himself and his brand became the priority.

    Make it someone else’s problem. GB made a huge mistake with Rodgers. He won that battle and now will be an enabled pain their butt from here on out.

    Denver is porked for years and years.

  85. There is something horribly wrong with Wilson and his chemistry with his WRs. Russ sees one thing while the WR reacts differently. Likewise, Hackett’s offense doesn’t play to Russ’s strengths. Quick timing routes over the middle isn’t exactly his thing. The routes need to be simplified. A running game needs to set it up. And shelve the shotgun looks until you can get the under center stuff rollin. We all know that the shotgun look is going to yield a screen or a crappy throw, so just stop.

  86. He has been sacked 443 times in his career… in 163 regular season games.

    Tom Brady has been sacked 550 times in his career… in 322 regular season games.

    The hits are taking their toll.

  87. Pete Carroll’s MO is you keep it as simple as you can for the QB (meaning systema and scheme); they have SO much more going on to process, that the last thing they need to do is try to implement an over complex scheme. Some of the greats have done both, but that is very rare.
    What we are witnessing is that Russell is/was a VERY GOOD QB when playing in a simple scheme when he could focus on defensive reads and just making plays. Now, he’s trying to be GM, OC, QB, and manage his brand; no time to read Ds and make plays. Very Sad……

  88. Jeff Blake is a great comparison..btw the the Jets had him and he looked great in the pre season and then let him go..Russell Wilson is still a really good qb as long as they don’t let him cook..run the ball and let him create on third downs if necessary..he’s 5’9 he can’t be a pocket passer

  89. Without Lynch and the Seattle D. Wilson is just a guy…
    Not hating on him, he does a lot of good things.

    He was the 2nd team All-Pro in 2019 (voted the 2nd best QB in football)

    He’s the 4th highest rated QB in NFL history.. only 4 guys are over 100… he’s 1 of them.

    That D fell off in 2017. Lynch wasn’t Beastmode after 2014. Russ’ numbers have been the same since 2015.

  90. Looks like Denver not only can’t draft a decent QB, they can no longer even figure out which one out there on the trade block is worth buying either…..oops!!!

  91. He’s lost the eye of the tiger. Pete Carrol saw the beginnings of it which is why Wilson isn’t in Seattle anymore. Wilson needs his wife to wake up from a deep sleep, look deeply into his eyes and heartfully say “Win”!

  92. Jeff Blake is a great comparison..

    Really? Would you like to explain that??

  93. Answer? He sucks.

    As a Chiefs fan, I find it priceless that all 3 teams in the West added all these superstars in an attempt to end the Chiefs domination over them. How’s that working out? Wilson to the Donkeys. Adams to Faiders. Pass rushers to the Light Bulbs in LA. The Chiefs are inside their heads and own them. All these high-priced moves did was sink all 3 even further behind the Chiefs as they’ve started a rebuild while still on top.

  94. Good thing for wilson that pft.com ran articles that said Broncos need to extend his contract and give him more money.He never even took one snap and pft.com was printing
    articles ;lock him up now to 2050 and give him the billion dollars he deserves.Unfortunately
    the bronco fans are stuck with him.Fans of the thirty one other teams are celebrating that this deadbeat is off the market.

  95. It’s not complicated. His mobility was the key. And his willingness to take risks with that mobility. Now he’s old at least at football terms. He refuses to adjust his game. This happens to pretty much every mobile quarterback there is.

  96. Nathaniel Hackett’s decision to go for the 60+ yard field goal instead of trusting Wilson on 4th and 5 not looking so ridiculous after Sunday! Maybe he already had his doubts earlier in the season?

  97. You’ve got to give Wilson and the new coaching staff time. The media and fans overreact a lot. Some coaches have said the same thing. He’s been great for too long to decline this quickly. He’s saved that moribund franchise in Seattle.

  98. It’s called complacency, made worse by wealth accumulation. It happens to the best of them.

  99. russel doesn’t really want to be in Denver, come on now. He’s trying to play his way out of there. Just wait though, the nfl narrative will change and he’ll appear good again.

  100. Not a Seattle fan. But have to give props to Seattle front office. Remember in 2018. They offered tussle to browns for 1st overall pick so they can draft Josh Allen.

  101. If the Broncos would have won, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Watch the last play of the game. Gilmore grabs Sutton with both hands and holds him. Had he not grabbed him, Wilson throws the game winning touchdown, and the conversation changes. If the refs get the obvious call correct, it’s first and goal at the one yard line. Does anyone watch the game? I realize it was perhaps the worst football game ever played, but if you don’t watch the game, why do you make comments about it? I guess that’s the world we live in.

  102. Look at Wilson’s stats last year vs this year.

    A QB doesn’t fall off a cliff like that because “they’ve lost it”.

    The scheme / coaching / receivers have to all be considered if you want him to play better. But letting him cook to sooth his ego is NOT the answer.

  103. You have to look at the entire package to see how the Broncos?Wilson got here. One, Wilson’s added hip/leg weight and associated loss of quickness. Two, Wilson’s getting older. Three, it’s a new team, new players, new scheme. Four, too much of what Hackett’s done and not enough of what Wilson’s had success with in the past. (When’s the last time you saw a P/A boot from under center with a long toss back against the grain?) Five, an offense that isn’t nearly as skilled at other positions as people thought. Six, a lot of coaching mistakes. Seven, a lot of QBing mistakes.

    Put it all together and this is what you get. Three, four, six, and seven are correctable enough to get you some wins this season IF the entire team and coaches are willing to buy-into immediate changes without pointing fingers. The others you overcome by adding enough talent around Wilson that he doesn’t have to be the twitchy scrambler he was. That will take some good draft picks, which the Broncos won’t have until 2024.

  104. When the Wison trade was made Denver fans were making super bowl plans. Now they are wishing the Broncos could talk Seattle into taking Wilson back for Geno Smith.

  105. There’s a reason Seattle was shopping Wilson before this trade happened and it wasn’t just about money. Pete Carroll and John Schieder knew things others didn’t know.

  106. Russell Wilson six indeed a pocket passing QB. He just isn’t over six feet tall and some grasp that. The first thing a pocket passer needs is a pocket to pass from. A QB can only get beat up for so long.

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