How hot is Matt Rhule’s seat?

Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers
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As the Panthers face the strong possibility of  1-3 start becoming a 1-6 hole (the 49ers, Rams, and Bucs are the next three opponents), it’s time to pay close attention to the tenure of coach Matt Rhule.

Rhule was arguably saved by his buyout after a substandard second season. As his third year as an NFL head coach begins to crumble, will owner David Tepper dump Rhule during the season or wait until it ends?

Here’s a reason to do it sooner than later. If Rhule lands a job in the coming NCAA hiring cycle, the Panthers would get a dollar-for-dollar credit as to any remaining buyout. If Tepper keeps Rhule until after the season, the college jobs might be filled.

Rhule signed a seven-year, $62 million contract after the 2020 season. It’s unclear how much of the contract remains guaranteed.

If Rhule is fired during the season, it’s unclear who would take over as the interim coach. Both offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo and defensive passing game coordinator/defensive backs coach Steve Wilks have prior head-coaching experience. Wilks has a current lawsuit against the NFL and the Cardinals; that fact, however, should not be held against him.

The Panthers have a late bye, in Week 13. Their short-week game happens on November 10 against the Falcons, giving them a mini-bye before facing the Ravens.

38 responses to “How hot is Matt Rhule’s seat?

  1. He will be fired before the season ends. He’s the 2nd worst coach in football behind Hackett.

  2. Ruhl getting run certainly seems like a matter of when vs if. He should have stayed in college.
    Ownership needs a fundamentally solid HC, not a flavor of the month or ‘big name’.
    Hopefully their hiring method is better than Ruhls method of finding QB’s.

  3. Well, he’s 11-26 going on his 3rd season. Three is enough to prove yourself. If it doesn’t turn around by the end of this season I’d let him go.

  4. Yet future Hall of Fame head coach Mike Tomlin is sound as the pound with the same record and no playoff wins in the past 5 years.

  5. Carolina is solid everywhere except they have the worst QB in the NFL and the worst coach outside of Nathaniel Hackett. If the hire a solid head coach like Brian Flores or Demeco Ryans and hope for the next disgruntled QB they will be contending.

  6. Oh, it’s very hot!! Rhule will land a college HC Job very easily if fired say, on Monday. I can see McAdoo taking over but my money is on Sean Payton being Tepper’s number one target to become HC next year…I can definitely see them throwing picks to New Orleans, maybe even sweeten the pot by trading them a player or two.

  7. Hot seat ! He deserves an extension. According to the pre-hire hype he’s the greatest football coach in history. They outbid the Giants for him.

  8. I’m not defending Rhule at all, but did he ever get to coach his choice of Quarterback while there? It’s a QB league and without one, you’re screwed. I doubt we’ll ever find out the real answer of whose decision it was the last 3 off seasons to bring in that group of QBs

  9. Pretty clear that Rhule is not a leader of men and is in way way over his head. He is essentially a East Coast chunkier version of Kliff Kingsberry

  10. The OC & DC don’t inspire confidence or better alternatives. Mr. Tepper faces a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

  11. Dude looks super lazy on the sideline. $62M for nothing, coming from Baylor. With virtually no success/plan at QB.

  12. The Ben McAdoo hire was always a head scratcher. Although,I have a sneaking suspicion McAdoo illegally sells cartons of cigarettes on the side to supplement his income. Old bad habits die hard. He’s definitely got the look.

  13. McAdoo was horrible as HC with the Giants.
    He does not have the temperament or the qualifications to be a head coach.

  14. Pretty sure both Darnold and Mayfield were ownership and front office decisions, not Ruhle’s … but he will be the fall guy.

  15. Matt Rhule having a bad QB is no excuse. Look what Arthur Smith is doing in Atlanta. The team plays hard for him. Mariotta can run but is a worse thrower than Mayfield.

  16. He really hasn’t had a quarterback with the right roster, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be fired anyway. If there is serious consideration about firing him later, that usually means it’s time now.

  17. Rhule’s only job security is the lack of a quality interim coach on the current staff. Wilks would certainly be a better choice than McAdoo, who isn’t qualified to manage a shift at a fast food restaurant. You’re not suddenly becoming a contender with a midseason coaching change. Probably best to let the season play out and basically tank by keeping Rhule and then clean house in the off-season.

  18. I think Rhule is a genius. He talked his way into a 7 yr contract for 60+ million dollars. If/when he gets fired his grandkids will be millionaires.

  19. citizenstrange says:
    October 8, 2022 at 3:26 am
    Yet future Hall of Fame head coach Mike Tomlin is sound as the pound with the same record and no playoff wins in the past 5 years
    _______________________________________________. Steelers fans may be the most spoiled fan base in the NFL. 4 of their last 5 seasons have been winning seasons with 3 playoff appearances. Mike Tomlin has never had a losing season, he’s made the playoffs 10 of 15 years, 2 SB appearances, and a Championship. But the fan base is tired of him and his consistent excellence. The season the team losses it’s HoF 2x SB champion QB and it’s time to fire one of the NFL’S top coaches because you might have his first losing season in 15 years. There are some franchises that go 15 years between winning seasons and you’re upset about not winning in the playoffs. Please by all means fire the man, Tepper’s pockets are deep enough to outbid the other 10-15 teams that would be trying to land Tomlin. The only real mistake the Steelers have made was hanging onto Ben too long. They should have invested in a replacement QB 3-5 years ago so they wouldn’t be in this position now. And maybe have replaced Ben and done better the past couple of years. But it’s hard to talk about replacing a guy who thought he had more in the tank than he does.

  20. No doubt the seat under Rhule is hot but Hackett’s in Denver is an inferno!

  21. You know when you get a sunburn and it really hurts?? About that hot but HAckett needs to go

  22. Would be curious if anyonecouldname a coachwith a worse group of starting qbs during their tenure.

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