NFL, NFLPA agree to new concussion protocol that will be in effect on Sunday

NFL: SEP 29 Dolphins at Bengals
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Sunday’s games will feature an updated concussion protocol, agreed to by the league and the players’ union after the ugly incident involving Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa last week.

An agreement today ensures that the new protocol will be in effect for Sunday’s games.

The change in the protocol is that any player diagnoses with ataxia — abnormality of balance/stability, motor coordination or dysfunctional speech caused by a neurological issue — will be prohibited from returning to the game, and will receive the follow-up care required by the concussion protocol.

Tagovailoa stumbled to the ground after taking a hit in the Dolphins’ game against the Bills, but the doctors on the scene said it was caused by a back injury, not a concussion, so Tagovailoa was allowed to keep playing in the game.

Four days later, Tagovailoa suffered a concussion against the Bengals, and the NFL Players Association argued that the medical professionals had failed to adequately protect him. That led to a review of the situation and the new protocol announced today.

21 responses to “NFL, NFLPA agree to new concussion protocol that will be in effect on Sunday

  1. Maybe I’m not understanding this but since the dolphins said he had a back injury not a head injury wouldn’t this new protocol still not have prevented what happened

  2. “caused by a neurological issue” sounds like a pretty big loophole. How do they, and who exactly determines cause?

  3. Translation for the players: stay down until you’ve “shaken the cobwebs” out of your head.

  4. This is a positive change as is any change that protects the health of all players.

    NFL should expand active rosters and salary cap to permit teams to keep a few more men available for games. It could alleviate some of the pressure some players face when recovering from concussion. Let them rest as long as they need to.

  5. On that play though, tua just stood there deer in the headlights when he had really good protection, wide open field to the left side to either run or throw to his open wr streaking across to the left side.

    Instead Tua neither ran or passed and took a vicious hit. Some, if not the majority of the blame is on him, he insisted no concussion prior game to the game as well. It’s a contact sport.

  6. How is that any different? It allows a return to the game if the cause of the ataxia is not a neurological issue. Tua was allowed back in the game because the doctors determined it was not a neurological issue. The whole idea was to close the loophole so the player displaying ataxia was out of the game regardless of cause.

  7. The “caused by a neurological issue” clause sounds like a giant loophole. Assigning cause was the problem to begin with for Tua. At least it is a start.

  8. The NFL should fine TUA. He lied he got himself hurt he should be fined and potentially kicked/ warned from the ability to use the concussion money for retired players. Make an example out of him for lying.

  9. And just outright making the nfl look bad. How many young parents will stop their children playing american football because of this incident and not see that it was actually tua lying.

  10. David Kobert says:
    October 8, 2022 at 5:05 pm
    Where’s the big headline: “Accusations against Dolphins were baseless” ?

    22Rate This


    Are you honestly this obtuse?

    Oh my god. He just cheated for Miami. I can predict what he is going to do because this isn’t the Patriots, it’s another AFC team that he would like to see go to or win a SB and get money down to Ross.

    His super light punishment for Miami tampering with 3 teams is a joke considering how unprecedented that was an abomination.

    And, now, this completes the obvious cover up I predicted would happen.

    You people are so easily duped as an adult, it’s sort of concerning.

  11. This isnt a “loophole” its a broader set of cases that are referred to the concussion protocol. “neurological issue” is about as boaud as you can make it short of “all injuries”.

    You dont want a rule where if you lose your balance because you hurt you end up in the concussion protocol by rule.

  12. Sounds to me like nothing changed. If a player is woozy and stumbles to the ground, THAT should be the new reason to pull him out of the game and treat him as though he has a concussion and immediately place him in concussion protocol.

  13. mclennon99 says:
    October 8, 2022 at 5:49 pm
    Sounds to me like nothing changed. If a player is woozy and stumbles to the ground, THAT should be the new reason to pull him out of the game and treat him as though he has a concussion and immediately place him in concussion protocol.

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    Exactly. It’s just that teams have been following the rule just fine for years and knew about this senstivity for the league and the NFL lawsuits for CTE.

    This is brazen cheating by Miami, they got stone cold especially after Tua took a light hit in Cincy to cause the 2nd one.

    It’s called SIS “second impact syndrome” where the 2nd, quick concussion can actually occur from very innocent looking hits and it’s really bad because it came so quickly after the first.

    Goodell is a disgrace as is McDaniel, the doctors/trainers, assistant coaches and Ross himself on his couch.

  14. Now all you pundits and arm chair specialists where is your apology to the Miami Organization who did nothing wrong!

    Even with the politics played with leaks and unnecessary firings along with NFLPA unfounded charges. Meanwhile ignoring Tee Higgons same thing.

    And Harbaugh you are a clown.

  15. If the NFL/NFLPA were really concerned about player safety as they want you to think they’d outlaw artificial turf since it is reaponsible for more knee and ankle injuries than all other things combined!

    When running and cutting on artificial turf the weakest point gives first and that is the knee or ankle that’s why sod is so much better, the vast majority of the time it will give before the knee or ankle does and it prevents the injury from happening.

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