Report: T.J. Watt’s return will be delayed by knee surgery

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As Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt continues to recover from a pectoral injury suffered in Week One, his return will be delayed by an injury that he suffered in the preseason.

According to, Watt recently had arthroscopic knee surgery.

The procedure traces to a low hit Watt absorbed from Lions tight end T.J. Watt in the preseason finale. Watt brushed off the injury at the time, explaining that he could have kept playing in the game during which it occurred.

It’s unclear whether Watt aggravated the knee injury during his absence related to the partially torn pec.

The surgery reportedly will delay Watt’s return by at least a week or two. He may not be back until after the team’s Week Nine bye.

The hit prompted Watt to wonder what he could do, if anything, to avoid similar blocks in the future. Within the tackle box, offensive players are allowed to administer a block below the waist. Teammate Cam Heyward has asked for more protection for defensive players in those situations.

The knee surgery means that the Steelers could be without Watt for the full extent of an upcoming stretch of challenging contests against the Bills, Buccaneers, Dolphins, and Eagles.

The Steelers are 0-7 when Watt doesn’t play. They are 14-point underdogs at Buffalo on Sunday. If they can’t win without him, they’ll be 1-7 at the bye.

15 responses to “Report: T.J. Watt’s return will be delayed by knee surgery

  1. Assuming he aggravated it recently, otherwise why wait to have the procedure since he was going to be out already with the torn pec?

  2. The Steelers are 0-7 when Watt doesn’t play. That’s incredible. Sometimes stats can be misleading, but I don’t think this is one of those cases. He really impacts the game as much as any defensive player. I’d say he’s right up there with some of the best defensive players ever. If he continues this level of play for a few more years and stays healthy, the chirping will get louder. Hopefully there aren’t many more injuries.

  3. It was a clean hit and part of football. Only QBs have low hit protection. Lots of offensive players have been hit low like Gronkowski, Godwin, and had serious leg injuries because of it and I’d argue it’s much more dangerous to have a high speed collision into your knees as a receiver from someone you can’t see coming than someone tripping you on a low block. Maybe they could take out cut blocks too but wide receivers would need low hits on defenseless receivers added first.

  4. So T J Watt also plays tight end for the Lions and had a low blow on himself. Brillant.

  5. He changes teams, he changes positions, he injures himself.
    What more can this amazing transformer do?

  6. With the Watt brothers,Bosa brothers and Rob Gronkowski throughout his career…when healthy and on the field they give you all-pro production. When you got ‘em,you got ‘em,when you don’t,you don’t. Roll with the punches til they get back. Not much more you can do.

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